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So Squall and Rinoa..it took them a while but they got there in the end. Well this chapter takes place a year and a half on from the end of the last one and fills some of the time between this and the sequel(which is coming soon I promise!) it is just short and sweet

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The relationships we form when we're teenagers are only temporary. Each love is an experience that we learn and move on from .Young love never lasts.

Squall Leonhart had heard this so many times. And it actually made him laugh. Few things made him laugh, this was one of them.

For him young love had been going strong for over a year and a half. Contrary from when he was a little younger, love was now the thing Squall had faith in. His reason to believe, his reason to smile had been the same for so long. Rinoa was his reason for smiling. And she was the only one who made him happy.

Squall thought of this so many times, thought about how lucky he was to have met Rinoa. Sure it all started out a little strange, but things ended up perfect.

He was graduating as a SeeD tonight, top of his class. He would have graduated sooner, but he took a lot of time out to spend with Rinoa when they first got together. She was worth it. The graduation was a huge, formal celebration and Squall had decided this would be the perfect night to ask something he had wanted to ask for a while now. He knew they were young and he knew what people would say, but he didn't care. He loved Rinoa more than anything and was pretty sure she felt the same way about him. It was just one of those forever things.

In the year and a half since they first got together, so much had changed but they had always remained the same. And now Squall was ready for the next step………

The Quad was decorated grandly for the prestigious occasion of Graduation and almost everyone in Garden was there, some graduating, others just guests. Zell and Selphie were graduating along side Squall, while Irvine had chosen not to become a SeeD, instead training as a sharpshooter, and Rinoa had taken a course in Medicine as she decided SeeD was not for her. Seifer, on the other hand, had left Garden all together and hadn't actually been seen for quite a while. Not that anyone was unhappy about this, all he had ever done was cause trouble. And Squall was just glad he wasn't there to ruin this night.

After all the official business of the night was over Squall decided he would finally chose his moment and take his chance. He spotted Rinoa chatting with Selphie over by all the drinks and attempting to calm his now raging nerves he headed over there

"Hey Rinoa" he said "Can I talk to you please"

"Sure, what is it baby"

"umm…its nothing…" Squall suddenly realised that he hadn't actually thought were he was going to do this, it was not exactly something he could do in front of everyone "..but would you just come outside with me".

Rinoa nodded and he grabbed her hand and lead her to the first place that came into his head; the balcony. But as he crossed the dance floor, Headmaster Cid approached them

"Squall, hello"

"Evening Sir"

"Congratulations. You're officially a SeeD now. Now there is some business I would very much like to discuss with you. We have just received word of a mission from one of the guests and I think you would be the perfect candidate"

"Well I…"

"I'm sure Miss Heartilly wont mind if we borrow you for a just a few minutes"

"Not at all" Rinoa said, smiling. Sure it was fine with her now, but is this what being a SeeD was going to be like? Constantly putting his life aside for missions. SeeD is what he wanted his whole life, but now he wanted Rinoa more.

And a few minutes slowly become an hour and then before he knew it two . He was still standing discussing something or other with Cid and these clients when Rinoa came over. Squall felt incredibly guilty, he had left her alone all night

"I think I might head off hunni" she said to him

"No, I…" he turned to the men he had been talking to "I just need 5 minutes"

"Squall, this is important" Cid sighed

"So is this" Squall muttered to himself. Then he took Rinoas hand and lead her outside to the balcony of Garden which looked out into the night sky.

"Squall what is it?" she asked him "is everything okay?"

"It's fine. I just… I have to ask you something"

He hadn't prepared what he was going to say, but the night was nearly over, and he had to do this.it was a little rushed and maybe a little sudden and not exactly what he had had in mind but it would have to do."and this isn't exactly how I planned to ask you, and this isn't how I wanted the whole evening to turn out. But…I just have to ask you"

"Ask me what?" Rinoa asked sounding slightly puzzled

"Rinoa….will you marry me?"

Rinoa just blinked at him a few times, and then looked as if she was going to faint

"I know it might seem a little crazy, but it feels so right. And I think I sort of left the ring back in the room….but….please say you'll think about it"

It had never occurred to Squall there was a chance she'd say no. He hadn't prepared himself for that kind of heartbreak. Thankfully he didn't have to.

"Yes.!!!!I wanna marry you!!!"…………..

Squall pulled Rinoa into his arms and kissed her, knowing it would be one of many kisses that they would share when they spent the rest of their lives together. They stood out on the balcony for a few minutes just staring into the stars and both thinking exactly what this meant. They both knew that there future was being laid out now, their future was together. After that Squall decided not to return to whatever business he was dealing with and they spent the rest of the night dancing, just letting the hours slip by unnoticed.

Rinoa was so sure that there was actually no one more perfect than Squall. She considered herself to be the luckiest girl in the world. She was the one who had found the person of her dreams, the type of person she had always dreamt of. Someone who really and truly loved her. And as she danced with him, she felt completely at peace, like she could stay in that moment forever. It was like they had their own little world together. A world they were only drawn out of when Irvine started suggestively coughing loudly.

Looking around the room, Squall and Rinoa realised that almost everyone had left. There were one or two other couples dancing and other than that it was just Selphie and Irvine standing there watching them, next to Zell and his date who neither Squall nor Rinoa recognised

"Hey" Rinoa smiled at her friends

"Hiya. Oh by the way, This is Kala, shes new, I don't think you've met" Zell said

"No. Hi Kayla" Rinoa said

"Nice to meet you guys" she mumbled a little shyly

"It's um kinda late you two…." Selphie said grinning

"Yeh, but we were all thinking of maybe taking this night over to Balamb, have a little celebration on the town!" Irvine said

"oooh, that sounds so fun!" Rinoa gasped

"yeh, okay sure" Squall said "Lets go out. Celebrate being engaged to the best girl in the world" he said before leaning down and kissing Rinoa

Irvine let out a low whistle "oooooh. You might want calm it a down a little, loverboy" he laughed

"Shut up" Squall sighed with a small laugh "it's not like I havent already promised to make an honest woman out of her"

So the whole gang, headed over to Balamb town. As the friends walked through the night Kala walked along side Squall and Rinoa while Zell Selphie and Irvine argued over where to go first.

"I'm really happy for you two by the way, even if I don't really know you" Kala said blushing a little

"Thanks" Rinoa grinned

"I mean it. You guys are so sweet. How did you get together?" she asked

Squall and Rinoa exchanged glances and then both broke into smiles

"You know what" Squall said, wrapping his arm around Rinoas waist "It's kind of a long story"

xx The end xx

squall is right, it was long. 20 chapters lol and nooo I am going to miss this story so much it is unbelievable. Hope you liked the little ending.Once again so many hugs and thanks to everyone and like I promised the Sequel 'the love of your life' will be coming soon. Much love guys.