For those of you who I promised a oneshot... sorry, but I got a bit carried away. I kept telling myself it was just a long oneshot...but no, it's a story, and it's five chapters long. I've already got it all typed up so updates should be fairly frequesnt. I hope you like it! This story is different from all my other one's because...well, you'll see why. R&R!


"I love weddings!" he yelled happily, looking towards his friend who was rolling his eyes.

"I'm still not sure how you know this kid," his friend said warily.

"I already told you; he's my son's wife's cousin's son." He replied quickly.

"Oh I don't see how I could have forgotten that." The two men were cut off by a loud shout.

"Hey Dad, I'm glad you could make it!" Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce embraced his thirty eight-year-old son warmly.

"It's been too long, Danny," The old man said quietly.

"Don't I know it!" Danny then turned to the man standing behind his father. "Uncle BJ," he exclaimed happily, giving him a firm handshake. "I'm glad you're here." Danny's bright smile faded and he sighed. "I was so sorry to hear about Peg."

BJ smiled sadly and nodded. "I miss her terribly, but at least we had forty-three wonderful years together."

Danny squeezed the old man's hand and smiled encouragingly. There was and excited shout behind them and Hawkeye laughed loudly.

"Grandpa!" six-year-old Michael ran to Hawkeye, almost knocking him over as he gave his grandpa a bear-hug.

"Hey Mike," Hawkeye greeted, ruffling his grandson's light blonde hair. "Where's Caren?"

Mike frowned and crossed his arms. "She's nine," he said firmly as if that explained everything. Hawkeye squatted down so he was at eye-level with the boy.

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"She says she's a lady now, so she has to sit at the table like a lady." Hawkeye laughed at the obvious disgust on the boy's face. He stood and looked towards BJ who smiled broadly.

"Well, let's go say hi to the little lady."

"Ben!" Laura cried happily, as she hugged her father-in-law. "I'm so happy you came!"

"So am I," he replied, a distinctive twinkle appearing in his eyes. "Weddings are the perfect place to meet pretty girls."

"Can you meet me, Grandpa?" a young voice piped up from the table. Hawkeye grinned and moved to give his granddaughter a hug.

"I've already met you," he replied as he sat down beside her "But since you're the prettiest girl here, I think I can meet you again." Hawkeye stood up and bowed slightly to the little girl.

"Hello Madam," he began, with a thick English accent. "Benjamin Pierce at your service." He picked up her hand and kissed it as she giggled. "And since you're too busy giggling to tell me your name I will simply have to call you Princess."

Caren beamed happily as Hawkeye sat back down.

"It's a shame we missed the service," BJ stated simply.

"Oh don't start!" Hawkeye whined, "I told you my alarm didn't go off!" Danny and Laura laughed as BJ rolled his eyes.

"His alarm didn't go off because he purposely didn't set it." BJ informed them mischievously. "I finally had to use a bucket of ice to wake him up."

Caren and Michael began to laugh loudly. "He put ice on you, Grandpa?" Michael asked between breaths.

"Well it did save me the trouble of taking a shower," Hawkeye replied, winking towards his granddaughter who had a shocked expression on her face.

Music began to play and Hawkeye bowed once more towards Caren. "May I have this dance, your highness?" Caren smiled broadly and slipped her small hand into her grandfather's as he led her to the dance floor. Hawkeye promptly began to twirl the small girl around, happily watching her golden curls dance about her face. As the music ended Hawkeye picked the child up, gaining an excited squeal.

His eyes flicked over the crowd and his smile faded. A mellow jazz song began playing and he sat Caren back down.

"Go on back to the table, Princess. There's someone I want to say hello to." Caren disappointedly made her way back to her parents as Hawkeye fought through the crowd in the other direction.

Her back was to him so he couldn't be certain that it was her, but there was something so familiar about the way she was sitting, about the way he had seen her flip her silvery-grey hair over her shoulder.

She was talking to the bride and groom and he heard her laugh. His heart unexpectedly skipped a beat at that sound. There was no mistaking her laugh, he would recognize it anywhere.

"Uncle Ben," the groom jumped up and made his way towards him. The woman continued talking with the bride.

"Hey," Hawkeye greeted the young man and they shook hands warmly.

"I'm so glad you could make it," he said sincerely. Hawkeye nodded and smiled affectionately. This boy was like a grandson to him. When he was little he would spend his summers with Danny and Laura in Vermont. Hawkeye would often visit them for a few weeks at a time.

"I'm so happy for you Jason," he said, hugging the boy. "But I'll let you get back to your wife so long as I can have a dance with the lovely lady she's speaking with." Hawkeye said it teasingly, but he watched the groom closely for and indication of whether a dance would be welcome.

The young man laughed gaily and nodded. "You can ask her but I doubt she'll accept."

Hawkeye frowned slightly. "Oh, her husband wouldn't appreciate it?"

Jason shook his head. "No, she's not married, but she'll quickly see you as the seventy-one year old, perverted womanizer that you are." He laughed as Hawkeye jabbed his side roughly.

He was standing directly behind the woman now and he laid a warm hand on her shoulder. Her head whipped around and Hawkeye smiled. A few more wrinkles, and a few more pounds, but she was still that beautiful woman who he long ago realized had stolen his heart.