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"Aren't you going to eat tonight?" asked Takao, looking disappointed at his leader, who stood up and left the table in silence, in his plate the food he hadn't eaten.

"I'm tired." Was his quick response.

"Kay… kay…" the teen saw how the blue haired made his way upstairs. "Kai has being acting strange recently… don't you think?" he asked, turning to his teammates.

"What's wrong with him?" added Ray

"Maybe it's just he needs some peace and quiet…" complained Max.

Kai closed the door behind him. '…Peace and quiet…' he overheard the conversation between his friends. 'They didn't even remember tomorrow… It's my fucking birthday. That's good. No remember, no presents, no party. Good. Very good. Just peace and quiet.'

The guy lied himself on the bed, and looked at the roof. 'We need some painting.' Replied.

His sight narrowed a little bit to see a glow. Yes, a glow. It was coming from…

'Dranzer?' the guy took his blade in his hand. "What's happening Dranzer?"

The glowing went stronger, lighter, and brighter. Kai's eyes opened wide when it was all dark.

'Where am I? I was supposed to be in my room… when Dranzer… Dranzer shined… and…' Kai looked around him. It looked familiar… too familiar he could say…


'I know this place…'


'And… I remember… I heated this place… as much as I hated the people here.'


Kid's voices…

"….mum… dad… I… miss you… so much…"

Kai listened carefully. He seemed around six, not older. He was talking to someone… but when he caught his sight, he was alone.

The room where the kid was in was dark. The door was not completely closed, and some wind was over the place.

Kai decided to follow the voice. Definitely, he found a child, who was standing in front of a small, wooden box. His blue haired, lighter in the front and darker in the back, was a little wet. He had reddish eyes, and was wearing a short, white scarf. 'Wait. –Kai said to himself. –the blue marks are missing.' Definitely, the youngest was identical to Kai, except from the triangle marks on both sides of his face, that the kid didn't have.

"Where am I?" asked to the kid.

"Wahh! You scared me! –the chibi hided the box. -Who are you?"

"My name… is Kai" answered the older, still looking astonished at their similarity.

"My-name-is-Kai." Replied the kid.

"Don't joke."


"Where am I?"

"Who are you?"

"I told you my name is Kai." Repeated the teen.

"No! MY name is Kai."

"STOP IT!" shouted Kai. This was getting on his nerves.

"I'm not joking."

Kai sighed. "Hmpf."

After some minutes of silence, in which Kai was trying to find a way to return to normal life, finally the smaller spoke: "Hello Kai."

"Can you please tell me your name? and also… why are you so equal to me?"

"I don't know."

"you don't know your name?"

"No! I'm Kai; K-A-I; Ka-ai; Ka-i; K-ai, Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai"

The teen glared at him. But at this the little one pretended to cry, so the elder kneeled. "No no no no please stop crying please don't cry if you're a Kai you shouldn't cry please, please stop crying" was the teen's plead to a laughing kid. Kai sighed.

"I wasn't crying. I was just making fun."

"Damn kid. So you're Kai?"

"Aha." He nodded.

"Kay… - Kai was trying to process all the information that his senses were getting, which was something difficult even for Kai. "Where are we, Kai?" he asked to the teen."

"In the Balkov Abbey. Don't you speak Russian? If you do, you should have read the letter over there, if you don't, I'm sorry but… wait, at your age you should have already taken Russian Lessons…"

"Kid, I DO speak Russian, and I don't know which letter you're talking about, as I appeared inside this building in some magical way, and I'm still wondering how… you said the Balkov Abbey? Russian? Are we… in… Balkov's Domain?"

"Yup. What's the problem with that?"

"It… doesn't matter. Who were you talking to before I found you?"

"Eh? Ah… the people in the box."

"…Excuse me?" 'Kai, he's just a kid, he must be playing' his little voice remarked.

"The People inside the little box."

"Who can get into this box?"

"You don't believe me, do you?"


"I'll show them to you. But don't say a word to Mr. Boris."


And curiosity killed the cat. The little one picked up the box, and spoke in a very loud voice. "Please don't get scared, I have a friend, and he wants to see you!" Then he opened the container, and smiled.

'Fucking kid.- thought the older. - He really made me doubt about it. There is nothing in that box. Yeah, just childish games.'

"And tell me… who's in there?"

"no one… I mean, Angels." Kai felt like a knife had just went through his heart a thousand times. He breathed slowly, and closed his eyes.


"Yes… mama and papa. Grandpa…"

"Stop. It's ok… forgive me… for not believing you." Kai felt as he was about to cry.

"Don't you want to sleep? It's late." Suggested the little, surprisingly changing topic, for Kai's relief. He returned the wooden box to it's place.

"What time is it?" asked Kai, who had completely lost knowledge of time and space.

"I don't know, but Mr Boris told me that it is late."

"I know him."

"you do?"

"Well enough I think. You may say… I already went through this."

"I see…"

"And… if this is the Balkov Abbey I know, you better go to sleep, as far as I know here all is training and punishment." The kid smiled at this, and Kai walked closer to him -come on, go to your bed."

"yes." the child walked to his bed, and got into it. Kai got closer, and sat on the bed. He looked at his younger version, and smiled. The child smiled too.

:Chibi's POV:

I liked that guy. He was friendly, nice, a little stubborn, and… similar to me. But… in every bad there's some good, and in every good there's some bad, right? And the bad on Kai, was when he placed his hands on my shoulders.

I remembered everything then. His hands were big, as his. He was trying to hold me, hug me or something like that… like him.


:Normal POV:

"…I …I understand, I'm sorry. Please, forgive me." 'Fuck. I had completely forgotten.' stated Kai.

"I should be the one who says sorry… because of the way I reacted…"

"No. Now go to sleep" The teen was almost giving orders, but anyway the kid was soon fast asleep. Kai sat on the floor, his back resting against the kid's bed. He looked slightly at the wooden box.

'Mama… papa… if it's true you're there… I want to be able to see you as he is.' A shy tear ran by his cheek.

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