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Chapter four: Forever

After that day, the trainer stopped bothering them for a while. Something had changed on him, and he had noticed. Anyway, no reason could stop the training, and little Kai was making stronger.

Kai was lying on the room's bed, looking at the roof. "I think they might need some painting…" complained, as he laughed at his own comment.

The abbey had always being a naughty place for him. He hated the people in it, he hated the rooms in it, he hated everything. But now he was free there. He had already explored it three times, as no one could see him, while the little one was at the trainings. Nothing had changed much… in ten years time.

He could hear the cries of some kids on the abbey, in the training room. But he knew his other self no longer cried… quick learning had done well on him.

The chibi had, in fact, learned not to feel, not to smile… in front of those who would punish him if he did so. A complete change of personality took place every time he went through the room door to the outside. Happy looking, love and innocent expressions were eradicated from his now tattooed little face.

Oh yes, tattooing had been a painful experience for both too. Kai himself had lost every memory about that horrible day. Whereas the little one had always asked him where he had made him those blue triangles on his face, and if it was a uncomfortable thing. Kai had completely forgotten.

Chibi Kai had grown up. It was November 9th, Little Kai was going to be 7, and Kai, 16. And it was that day, at the afternoon, that Kai told him the thing that was a must, and could not be evaded.

The door opened slightly as little Kai came back from training.

"Happy… birthday." Came from the bed, where the oldest was lying, apparently completely lost in his thoughts.

"Happy birthday to you too!" exclaimed the kid, with a bright smile that wento out when he looked at Kai's eyes. The most caring look could be seen on his orbs.

"Are you… leaving…?" asked the little one, trying to hold back tears.

"I… I… yes. You must understand, I'm not from here."

"I know…" the kid tried to, but couldn't help crying.

"Don't cry.- He knew he was lying himself, he wanted to cry too. But fought back the tears and continued.- As you said before, you have Dranzer."

"I have Dranzer but…I'll miss you Kai…"

"I'll miss you too, Kai." still sitting in the bed of that room, the room he had shared for a long time with his youngest copy, he wrapped little Kai, and received back the most welcoming embrace from the most innocent creature.

It wasn't long before Kai stood up. "Remember, I'll always be with you my little."

"I'll miss you!"

"me too!… Kai." Kai started to glow, he was surrounded by a dark aureole. He closed his eyes, and his body started to disappear. A light center formed in the middle of the room, and it got into Dranzer.

The little kid wiped away the tears in his eyes, and walked to the shelve where the oldest Kai had put his blade minutes before, to see Dranzer. It was glowing white and red.

"Dranzer... Kai..." whispered the little kid.

"Kai…" answered the phoenix back. Dranzer had never talked before. But now, with Kai's voice, was telling something to Kai. Something he wouldn't forget for a long time.

Kai appeared in a warm room. His blade was glowing. He looked at Dranzer.


"Don't care, Kai, I'm with you, forever."

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