The Promise That I Made With You

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Chapter 1

Cherry Blossoms Return

Sakura's POV

"Sakura… Kinomoto?" said the principal as she read her report. "Age: sixteen, graduated from Tomoeda Elementary and Eriol Academy… your brother went here too as well…"

"Yes…" I said moving uncomfortably in my chair from uneasiness.

"I am pleased to meet you Kinomoto-san, my name is Mizuki Kaho," said the principal.

"Nice to meet you," I said as I gave a mini bow from her chair.

"Ah, Kinomoto-san… your brother was an idol to all… smart and he was great at sports… you must be proud…" said Kaho. "By knowing about his time here at Seijyu, you know what is to be expected?"

"Yes…" I repeated. Boy, do I sound stupid…

"Hmm…?" said Kaho. "You came from Osaka?"

"Yes," I said. "I went there for two years and then I wanted to go to my hometown from where I grew up and attend the high school my brother graduated from."

"Where is your family working?" asked Kaho.

My chest became tight from those words. The answers had disappeared, but I was determined to not let that have a hold of me. Then I opened my mouth and…

"After… I finished elementary school… we… uh…" I mumbled.

"Oh… I'm sorry," said Kaho sadly. "Am I intruding something?"

"No… it's alright," I said.

"That's good…" said Kaho smiling a little. "You don't have to answer me if you don't want to."

My chest began to release from tightening. I was relieved.

After a few more simple questions…

"Well… I hope I don't get in anyone's way and do the best I can here!" I said bowing.

Kaho beamed. "That's good, Kinomoto-san… I'm sure you'll do well."

I returned the smile.

"Thank you… Mizuki-sensei…"

I sighed in awe as students poured rushed out towards the cafeteria and the campus.

I looked around myself and saw vivid blurs stream around the school… students moving everywhere. Laughing and talking…

I missed that in elementary… before…

"Ah, are you a new student?" asked a kind female voice behind me. I turned around and saw a girl with long dark hair. She smiled and offered her hand.

"My name is Daidouji Tomoyo," said the girl. "Nice to meet you."

I took her hand. "As well as I," I said happily as excitement went through me. "Kinomoto Sakura."

"Well, I'll show you around!" said Tomoyo. "I'll buy you breakfast too if you want!"

"Okay!" I said.

She was one of the kindest people I have ever met… well…

I knew someone before… but I don't remember who it was. Whoever that person was… made me feel happy…

Anyway, I also met Tomoyo's friends who instantly became friends with me as well.

"Wow, you came all the way from Osaka?" said Naoko who nudged her glasses up.

"That's amazing!" said Chiharu.

"Oh… yeah… I guess," I said smiling.

"Here you go Kinomoto-san…" said Tomoyo as she offered me a fresh bun.

"Thank you," I said. She smiled wide.

"Hey, hey Kinomoto-san," said Rika. "May we call you Sakura-chan? You can drop the formalities for us too. After all, we're friends!"

"Okay!" I said happily. Okay, okay… this word…

I sound retarded.

"Sakura-chan… you have a pretty name…" said Tomoyo. "Cherry blossoms…"

"Thank you," I said.

"Cherry blossoms are coming this spring!" said Rika. "You should see our school campus filled with cherry blossoms… it's so beautiful…"

"Yeah…" sighed Chiharu.

They continued to talk about the school events and more about themselves. I was happy that they would instantly befriend me.

Wow… these people are so kind to me. I wonder if everyone is like this at this school…

However… something behind me made me believe that kindness was just a choice.

"Hey you little punk, gimme your money!" shouted a voice behind me.

"Huh…?" I said as I turned around. A twinge of fright engulfed me. But it was…

I saw a big bulky junior grab a little smaller guy by the collar. People crowded near to watch, but gave a fair distance.

"Oh no…" said Tomoyo.

"He's probably a new student as well," said Rika.

"The newbie's dead…" sighed Chiharu.

I stared.

The huge guy looked so mean and buff… but the other guy just smirked.

"That big guy is going to beat up the new student…?" I whispered.

"What?" said Naoko. "That guy isn't a new student. That big guy is."

"That big guy is a new student…?" I said shocked. "What do you mean by…?"

"Just watch," said Tomoyo as she held my hand to silence me.

"So you're being tough?" said the big guy. "I'll show you who's tough!"

"Shut the hell up," said the held guy quietly.

"What…?" said the big guy.

The smaller guy grabbed the big guy's hand. Then he brought the big guy to the ground and slammed his foot on the upper arm of the big guy. There was a sickening crack and the big guy screamed and fell.

(A/N: Big guy, small guy…vague for words eh?)

His arm was oddly shaped and bloody and he lay there gasping in pain.

The smaller guy stood up, dusted off his uniform from his hands and took out a cigarette. He took out a lighter from his pocket and inhaled the smoke as he lit the cigarette.

"You should watch your fucking mouth little boy," said the smaller guy. He stepped on the big guy's bloody arm. He screamed and the other classmates drew away uneasily.

I was horrified.

"'Give me your money?' Huh, you're very brave for a guy with no guts…" he said as he blew the smoke at the big guy's face. "Say that to me again and I'll give you more than a broken arm."

He turned around and walked to the exit with a few guys following him. I guessed they were his friends.

"Who was that guy?" I asked staring.

"Li Syaoran," said Tomoyo. "A junior… but he's eighteen…"

"His mother is really rich because she owns a fashion company," said Naoko.

"He's so…" I started.

"Brutal?" said Chiharu. "That's how he always was here… no one messed with him except for new students who don't have a clue who he is…"

"Anyway… you should watch out for him…" said Rika.

"You make him sound like he's a virus," laughed Tomoyo.

Hmm… he's more like a show-off.

Lunch ended with murmurs about Syaoran. The new guy was hospitalized because the nurse said his hand was severely broken.

But I decided to avert this problem from my head.

"Oh Sakura, you have the same Physics and Math class as me!" said Tomoyo. "I'm so glad."

"Me too," I said.

Physics was… okay…

It wasn't so bad. I mean, at least I had a friend with me, so I was good. But…

Math… Trigonometry… was bad. I had no clue what to do… but Tomoyo helped me with some problems so I had a better understanding.

The school bell rang and the students hurried away to the exit.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow Sakura-chan," said Tomoyo waving as a limousine arrived.

"Oh wow!" I said amazed.

"Tomoyo-chan is rich too," said Rika. "Her mother owns a toy company."

"But unlike some people, she chose the side of being unbitchy," said Naoko. Chiharu laughed. Tomoyo snorted.

"Well bye!" I said waving.

"Bye Sakura-chan!" said the rest as they waved. "See you tomorrow!"

I wore my skates and went towards my house. The wind felt good as it rushed through my face. I was happy.

However… that happiness turned to fear.

I walked on the crosswalk where the light turned to my favor. But there was a speeding car that screeched the street and drove towards me.

I was so stupid. My body froze in shock until I felt someone grab me around the waist and pushed me out of the way.

The guy sped away and I stared at the man who saved me. I couldn't believe it.

It was that Li Syaoran.

"You okay?" he said as he stood up.

"Y-yes…" I stammered.

"You freaking idiot," he said suddenly as he stood up. "Why did you just stand there?" He began to walk away as he took out another cigarette.

"Oh wait!" I said.

He stopped and turned to me. "What?" he snapped.

Whoa… big fat angry tornado coming underway.

"Thank you…" I whispered. Er… I was scared.

"Next time do yourself a favor and move those damn legs… it could really help the people around here," he said sharply as he walked away.

I heard him mutter, "People these days…"


"Hi, Toya," I said as I opened the door.

"What happened to you?" said my older brother Toya as he looked at the scratches on my arms.

"Oh… I fell," I said. "Sorry…"

"Whatever…" said Toya sighing. "Hey, let's prepare dinner."

"Okay!" I said. See? Goody too shoes… Is the word "okay" bothering you?

"I want okonamiyaki…" said Toya. "I'm into fried stuff today…"

"What, I want noodles and soup," I said.

"Okonomiyaki has noodles squirt!" said Toya. "Be satisfied with that."

"Why you… son of a…" I said raising a fist.

"You know…" said Toya nastily. "That bitch is your mom too…"


Next Morning

Syaoran's POV

"Good morning," said Eriol Hiiragizawa as he waved.

"Yo," I said inhaling my cigarette.

Eriol coughed as the smoke reached him. "Can't you do that outside? It's gonna kill us dude…"

"If I do it outside it won't irritate the teachers…" I mumbled as I inhaled again.

"You're such a bastard…" laughed Takashi Yamazaki. "That's what so funny about you… oh, and your face..."

"Man, whatever…" I said as I threw my eraser at his face. He caught it and placed it on my desk.

The school bell rang and first period started. (Ugh… Japanese) Five minutes after the teacher took roll, a girl ran to the class.

I stared.

"Please forgive me, I was lost!" she said as she picked up her Japanese book.

That… girl… I saved next to the street yesterday.

"Kinomoto Sakura… it's alright… you may be seated," said the teacher. The girl bowed and sat next to Eriol who sat at the upper right desk from me.

"Okay… here is our lesson…" said the teacher as she wrote on the board.

That Kinomoto girl was not as stupid as I thought she was. She was good at reading Japanese as well as writing it.

By the way, I had no clue what was on the board.

After the stupid lesson the bell finally rang and I saw Kinomoto bump into Meiling…

Great, it's Meiling the bitch who tears any girl's hearts. Heh…

"Watch it you idiot!" she snapped at Kinomoto.

"I'm sorry," said Kinomoto.

Geez… to a new student too…

I walked to Meiling. "Hey Meiling… what are you doing here?" I said lazily.

"Li-kun I brought you a snack!" said Meiling in a sweet voice.

"I'm not hungry," I said taking out my lighter.

"C'mon Li-kun let's eat together!" said Meiling.

"Oh, you were the one who saved me…" said Kinomoto suddenly looking at me.

"What…?" said Meiling.

"Yeah whatever just don't kill yourself next time," I said.

Kinomoto said nothing. "Let's go eat together Li-kun!" said Meiling ignoring… uh, the other… girl.

"Fine," I said sighing.

"Yay!" she said as she pushed Kinomoto and grabbed my shoulder. We walked to the lunchroom.

I didn't touch the food Meiling brought. Then she began ratting her ass off about her other friends and crap…

"And the she said…" started Meiling.

"Hey Meiling, I'm gonna go," I said as I stood up from the chair

"What? But you didn't even eat…" said Meiling.

"I told you I wasn't hungry… just listen to me for god's sakes…" I said irritated. I gotta admit that Meiling is thicker than that Kinomoto girl.

"See you later…" I said as I walked outside. Meiling just stared at me.

I walked to the cherry blossom trees. Winter will come… and after spring… the cherry blossoms will come. I sighed as I touched the trunk.

This place… calmed me down… no matter what happened.

I looked up at the sky. "Second period probably started…" I muttered. "Heh…"

I took out another cigarette and sat by the tree…


"Syaoran… I'm getting you a tutor," said Yelan (my mother).

"What?" I exclaimed. "I don't need one."

"Look at these grades… your Japanese is far behind failure and you're barely passing your other grades!" said Yelan as she placed my report cards on the desk.

Familiar grades of failure met my eyes.

I sat back on my chair. She sensed my careless and added, "If you refuse to raise your Japanese class grade to a 'C' I'll send you to military school."

"NO!" I shouted. "You can't do that to me!"

"Yes I can and I will," snapped Yelan. "By the end of today, I will find you a tutor."

She stood up from her chair. "Now, I'm going to call Sonomi and ask if her daughter can help you," she said.

"I'm not getting tutored by Daidouji," I snapped.

"Fine, then another person…" said mother and she went to her room.

She shut the door as I stared after her. DAMN IT!

Out of POV

"Oh it's been so long, how have you been?" said Sonomi as she heard the voice of her old friend.

"Oh… I see… Syaoran needs a tutor?" said Sonomi. Tomoyo came to Sonomi.

"Mother?" she said. Sonomi gave Tomoyo a sign that told her to be silent.

"Oh… I'm sorry… Tomoyo is so busy this year, after all she's the leader of the choir and band… I'm afraid she won't be able to help him…" said Sonomi. "I'm really sorry."

"Oh, okay… I'll help you look, alright?"

"Oh, of course."

"Yes… yes… your welcome… okay… bye…"

Sonomi placed the phone back down. "Mother, what was that all about?" said Tomoyo.

"Oh… you know Li Syaoran… he needs a tutor for Japanese… but because you're so busy I thought you couldn't help him…" said Sonomi.

"Well I pretty am… I'm sorry…" said Tomoyo.

"No… it's alright… we just need to help find one…" said Sonomi.

"Oh wait, I know!" said Tomoyo. "I have a new friend who is great at Japanese! I bet she can help him…"

"Your friend?" said Sonomi.

Sakura's POV

"Me? Tutor someone?" I laughed. "I'm not even smart…"

"You're great in Japanese!" said Chiharu. "You had the highest grade on the test!"

"Your point?" I said nervously.

"You're going to get paid Sakura-chan, the guy is really rich," said Naoko.

"A… guy…?" I said nervously.

"Ahaha…" said Tomoyo as she pinched Naoko. "Well… er… he's really…"

"At least you'll be helping your family and it won't bring much stress," said Rika. "And besides, it's like a job, except you might make friends with him."

"You're… you're right…" I mumbled.

Tomoyo and Naoko sighed.

"I'll… I'll try…" I said.

"Great!" said Tomoyo.

Well… they were pretty right about me and Japanese… it's easy a bit for me… but I'm really bad in math…

Oh well… at least I have some talent besides living.

I grew uneasy during first period as I finally noticed that Syaoran sat near to me. I tried to avoid him, but as I turned he looked at me and I quickly turned away.

My second and third period was my physical education and music class which was not fundamentally a challenge to me. My fourth was history, following fifth and sixth, physics and trigonometry (which I had no idea how I got to that level).

Lunch was the most I looked forward too. My friends were so kind to me as though they had known me for years, yet I have only known them for two days, including this one.

School had ended again, quicker than I thought.

"Hey Sakura-chan," said Tomoyo as she held my arm. "I'm gonna take you to your student okay?"

"Uhh… well…" I stammered.

"My mother already talked with your brother… he said it was alright…" said Tomoyo winking. "C'mon."

I went inside her limousine and we drove to an exceptionally large house. "Wow… Tomoyo-chan is this your house?" I said.

"No, but it's similar," said Tomoyo giggling. "This is your student's house."

"He really is rich!" I said in awe.

"We don't lie to you Sakura-chan," laughed Tomoyo.

"Tell the mistress of the house that Daidouji Sonomi has sent you," said Tomoyo. "That's my mother."

"Okay…" I said as I took my backpack.

"Good luck!" said Tomoyo as the driver closed the door and drove away.

I gulped and gave myself a deep breath.

"Okay Sakura… it's for our family… I won't back down!" I muttered to myself. "Be smooth Sakura, smooth… do anything to get it right… even if… even IF IT SENDS YOU TO HELL GOD DAMMIT!!"

I walked to the large house and rang the doorbell.

"Who is there?" said a female voice.

"Ah… uh… Kinomoto Sakura…" I stuttered.

"You may come in," said the voice as the gate opened.

"So much for being smooth…" I muttered angrily to myself as I walked in the door.

"Hello…?" I said as I removed my shoes and wore the slippers.

A beautiful lady at the age around her forties appeared before me. "Kinomoto Sakura… you have come from the request of my friend Sonomi?" she asked, her voice deep, yet kind.

"Yes… Kinomoto Sakura, I am pleased to meet you," I said as I bowed.

She bowed to me as well.

"Li Yelan, pleased to meet you," said the lady.

I stared. Li… you don't mean… that Li…

"Would you join me for a cup of tea?" said Yelan. "My son will arrive shortly."

"Yes ma'am," I said and we sat facing each other on the table, drinking tea.

"May I call you Sakura-chan?" said Yelan. "I hope you won't mind."

"No, it's alright Li-sama…" I said. "It's perfectly fine."

I smiled.

"You are so cute," said Yelan smiling. "You know, you remind me of an old friend I had long ago…"

"I do?" I said blushing.

"Yes, both of you are very bright and pretty," said Yelan.

"Well, I'm not really pretty…" I said. "More like…"

"Beautiful," finished Yelan smiling again.

"Oh, thank you," I said blushing harder.

She beamed. Wow, Yelan is really kind… maybe her son is like her… or well… I hope he is…

"I hope you enjoy 'teaching' my son Japanese," she continued. "He's been struggling for some time on that subject… not really good…"

"Yes, I will try my best to help him," I said bowing.

"That's good," said Yelan. "I will pay you 50,000 yen each day, is that alright?"

"Yes, that is fine," I said surprised from the partially huge sum.

"Hey I'm home," said a voice. It was definitely a guy's voice… maybe it's the same guy I have to tutor.

But wait a minute… that voice… it sounds so much like…

"Welcome home Syaoran," said Li.


My eyes widened. "Your tutor is very bright and she will help you well in your Japanese," said Yelan.

"To hell with her," said Syaoran. "Tell her I don't want her pathetic charity."

He looked up and stared at me.

"This is Kinomoto Sakura…" said Yelan. "She will be your new tutor."

To Be Continued…

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