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Ratings: PG-13

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Yaoi/shounen-ai

Pairing: MurakiXOriya

Additional Notes: I don't own the song, either. It's "Nothin' Good About Goodbye", by Hinder.


"Falling, falling harder

You're falling apart

There's nothing good about goodbye

I can swear I saw you cry

I always knew you'd wind up falling

Falling harder" – Hinder, "Nothin' Good About Goodbye"

I'm sorry Oriya. I could see it in your eyes, just not until it was too late to change my plans. I knew you always felt some strange need to protect me, but I'd never even considered why. I'd never thought to. You should at least understand that, Oriya, you know me well enough. I'm not one to seriously think of others—perhaps I did once, but not anymore. I've been cold for too long now. I'm sorry Oriya, but even then, as I looked into your eyes and told you I would never be back, I was cold. It wasn't until now, immersed in these black flames of Touda, that I'm began to melt, only to find that what is underneath is hollow and withered.

I smile when I think that I could have flourished under your touch, like your precious flowers, Oriya. Somehow, I guess I've always suspected this. But I've gotten off topic, I'm afraid. I remember watching you from the corner of my eye as I left that night. Were you crying, dearest Oriya? I'm so sorry now. I'm sure you'll cry so much more now that there won't be a chance for me to change my mind and come back to you—and I would have, my good friend. I could never go long without your presence. I would come up with schemes, just to see you Oriya. Not the other way around. Don't you see? I may have been cold, but some part of me wanted to see you.

I'm sorry Oriya. I hate to say it, but there's nothing more that can be done. It would take more than a miracle to save me from these flames—even if I were to escape, I don't believe that this burning in my skin would ever cease. Please, Oriya. Try to understand. I may have hated Saki, and this may have started out as nothing more than revenge, but it has changed—I've changed. I no longer burn for revenge on Saki. I now burn only for you Oriya. Why? Because I would have destroyed you, dear friend. I would have used you until you broke beyond repair—and I would have discarded you then, as I discarded Tsubaki. You see, I'll burn for you. I'll burn to save you.

I'm sorry Oriya. But there's not much left of me. Please, take care of Ukyou, and take care of yourself. Sayounara, my dearest friend. Goodbye, Oriya.


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