In Retrospect

Synopsis: Before going off to university, Kat discovers a scrapbook of Casper's own school days.

Kat Harvey was bored. The newly eighteen year-old sat on one of the red velvet armchairs in Whipstaff's parlour, drumming her fingers on the arm of the chair and staring off into no place in particular. Her father, the renowned parapsychologist Dr. James Harvey was off on business seeing a patient, and Kat suspected only God knew where the Trio were. Casper was busy cleaning the house, insisting that Kat relax, as she had been under a lot of stress from applying to various universities around the country. While musing on this, Kat was struck by an idea. "Casper?" she called, her voice echoing around the room. "Casper…" she tried again. Shrugging his lack of reply off, Kat decided to go and find out the information she sought for herself.

Kat trudged up to the attic. She decided to explore it--after all, there was so much she hadn't seen. Kat felt guilty in the back of her mind, as she was going through other people's possessions, but decided her boredom must be relieved as soon as possible. A steamer trunk decorated in various Maine hotel stickers in the corner caught Kat's eye. She grinned at the possibility of what she might find. This was going to be fun.

Kat walked over to the trunk and crouched down to examine the single clasp holding the lid shut. It was heavily rusted, no doubt the effects of both time and disuse, and luckily did not have a lock. She tugged on the metal clasp in vain. Gritting her teeth, Kat gave a final tug, and flew backwards as the trunk opened in a cloud of dust. After catching her breath from coughing, Kat settled down on the attic floor to go through the trunk.

She sat cross legged on the floor of the attic, flipping through pictures of Casper McFadden as a young boy. There he was, a toothy blue-eyed blonde, dressed in a velvet Little Lord Fontleroy suit that was so en vogue back in the early 20th century. The next picture showed him in front of a large stone structure which vaguely resembled an English manor house. The sign in front read "Saint Malachi's School for Boys, Guilford, Maine". Kat had never inquired about Casper's education--she always figured either he couldn't remember, or he didn't want to talk about it. Kat had originally wanted to explore the trunk she saw last week when she was up here last, searching for a new light bulb for her father's lamp, but with Casper by her side. She decided she wanted some answers. With Casper occupied, she would have to find them out for herself.

Once downstairs, Kat was disappointed--or was it relieved?--to see that Casper still wasn't around. She didn't want him knowing she had gone through the trunk. Kat went into her father's study, sat down in the comfy leather chair, and pressed the "On" button to start her father's ancient Macintosh computer. Cupping her chin in her hand, her eyes slid out of focus during the excruciatingly long wait. Finally, the start screen came on, and Kat eagerly clicked the internet connection button. It, too, was slow to load. Throwing up her hands in frustration, Kat let out an angry growl. After a few incredibly slow minutes, the computer was connected to the internet. Kat went to a popular search engine and typed in "Saint Malachi's School, Guilford, Maine"…and was thoroughly discouraged by the lack of results. She clicked on the first link, which was about the school's history. Kat learned that the school was established in 1850 by a Father Patrick McGee, an Irish immigrant and was now used as a boarding house. There was a link to the boarding house's website, now called simply called The Manor. After clicking on the link, Kat went to the contact information page, and scribbled the address on a piece of paper lying near the computer. It was time for a road trip.