A funeral was held for Sayu Yagami shortly after she died. They claimed her death was the last stand for Kira. They said that her death had been planned, and that Emi had nothing to do with it. She was loved by many people, and will be missed.

Three days after Sayu's funeral, her father was shot and killed at a convenience store. Two armed men demanded money from the clerk. Soichiro Yagami bravely took the bullets, six shots in total, and took the two men down himself. He was pronounced dead st 10:41 p.m., Thursday, January 18, 2009.

Sachiko Yagami died of breast cancer years later. She never remarried and lived alone until the day she died, staying fateful to her husband.

Mogi and Aizawa continued to work on the police force after the Kira case. They are both successful police men.

Matsuda however, resigned after Soichiro's death. He became a chef, and visits the graves of the Yagami family at least once a week, leaving peach colored roses at Sayu's grave and Gardenia's at Raito's.

Emi Nakata lived a normal life. She became a marine biologist and wrote mysteries' in her spare time. She married her college sweetheart and has three kids.

Misa committed suicide and wanders the Shinigami aimlessly. Kasumi and her hang out often, and talk about life and death.

Raito proposed properly with an actual ring. L, of course, said yes and now sports a white gold band with a light blue sapphire with two tiny diamonds on each side.

The wedding was held months later, after Raito's father had forgiven him. Watari escorted L down the aisle, and then passed him on to Raito. The ceremony was simple but beautiful, with a few new friends attending. Sayu and Mr. Yagami were there.

They earned their halo's and spend most of their time on earth, watching the people and the world go by, remembering their own lives, but not regretting their decisions, and loving every moment together.