"So it's done?"

"...It's done."

Hatake Kakashi nodded a little bit, more to himself than to Genma, who was beside him. The two were sitting on top of one of Konoha's taller buildings, watching the sun slowly dip beyond the horizon.

"It's funny, he went through all of the trouble and blackmailing to get the scoop for his book, but Jiraiya never got to see a thing. While he was out, I gave him one of the pills, too. He's not gonna remember a thing. That means that what was really going on when all the women lost it will be known by only you and me." The copy ninja was ready for life to go back to normal. The mating aura had run its course, Naruto had survived, and he had used the hell out of his camera, and that had gotten him not only an unbelievable new introduction video for his site, but he had been able to jack admission up to the sky. He almost wished he hadn't seen half of what he had seen, though.

Genma took his turn to nod a little, wondering if that was a good thing or not. But... "What about all of the men in the village? Don't you think that they're gonna want to know what was going on?"

Shaking his head no, Kakashi sighed, "We'll all be better off if we just forget about it. To us men, this day will be known as the day that never happened. Understand?"

"Yeah, I get it."

After a few seconds of quiet, Kakashi finally had to ask, "So who was with the real Naruto?"

Genma turned red, but couldn't help but snicker a little bit, "Oh man, you would have had to seen it to believe it..." And he indulged the details to Kakashi...

-One week later-

"Ugh, you guys...this is boring..." Naruto groaned, sitting upside down on Hinata's couch as the shy girl was busy trying to figure out how to get her new computer working the way she wanted it to. Hiashi had been unusually kind to her, as of late, and this gift was yet another way of his showing it.

The Hyuuga heiress had called all of her friends over to check out the new piece of equipment, and to just hang out for a little while.

Neji caught Shino looking in Hinata's direction, but shrugged it off as simple interest in the computer.

Ino was sitting so close to Shikamaru that almost everyone in the room (except Naruto, who has a hard time with these things) was wondering why she didn't just climb up onto his lap. Even the chuunin himself was beginning to wonder why she didn't just hop on and get it over with. He was a little sad that Temari was gone, but he knew he'd see her again, someday. Hopefully soon.

Kiba was wondering why his mom was so angry, this morning. He had asked, but it didn't seem like even she knew what her problem was. He had welcomed the chance to get out of the house to come to Hinata's, as she always had something good to eat. ...He was starting to sound like an Akamichi, he had to admit. Choji noticed that Kiba was looking at him funny, but decided it was probably just hunger.

Lee was trying to confess his love to Sakura, but she kept saying that it would take some sort of incredibly powerful love aura, or something, to give him even a prayer. The youthful teen refused to take 'no' as an answer, though, and continued to try his damned best.

Tenten was trying to master the skill of duct tape, but couldn't seem to get it together. The tape was stuck all over her fingers and forearms, and the little pout she had on her lips let everyone know that a mess wasn't the intended effect.

In this moment, surrounded by all of his friends, Naruto knew that they'd all be ok, no matter what happened in the future. It was the times like this, when they were all just together for the hell of it, that made things seem-

"I did it! It's working!" Hinata exclaimed happily, pointing at the screen.

"Internet?" Shino asked.

"Internet!" Hinata confirmed.

"Look for something!" Kiba urged her.

"Uh, ok. What should I put in?"

No one had anything to say, so Naruto opened his mouth, "Look for ramen!"

"You idiot, no one cares about that! Look for something cooler, Hinata," Sakura interjected, smacking Naruto on the head.

"Like what?"

The pink-haired medical ninja shrugged, "I don't care. Just...put in Kakashi, or something. He's pretty cool. Maybe there's a picture of him without his mask.

Hinata did as she was told, and was amazed to find an immediate match! "Oh, you guys, come here, look! Kakashi-sensei has his very own web page!"

Ino and Shikamaru, along with everyone else, was now looking over Hinata's shoulders, "Well what are you waiting for? Click it, woman!" Ino urged her friend on.

Hinata did as she was told, and the intro video started playing.


-----Author's note: Before you guys get mad and decide to lynch me for not explicitly saying who got what, you should know that I have very subtly eliminated couples to the point where you should be able to guess, yourself. Don't ask me, because I'm not gonna tell you who wound up getting him. There are only two viable pairings, though, based on the five that there were. If you didn't catch the hints (yes, they are obscure and vague, and some are in the last two chapters), then, oh well. Just imagine what you will.

Well, never before have I created so many scenes and images that people no doubt wanted me to expound on in every last minute detail, only to leave it all undone. So many opportunities for lemons, but I just don't write them. Setting up dominoes, but never knocking them down. I'm just good like that.

Thank you for sticking with me this whole time, and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing. This story's been plagiarized, had a fan club opened and closed for it, had the ending drawn out like nobody's business, and no doubt people are pissed with how it turned out. Would I do it all again? You bet your ass I would.-----