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Chapter Nine: Part I

As Shay and Jude enjoyed their lunch together everyone around them was curious as to whom the woman was with him. Everyone knew Shay Shay and who his uncle was, including the contribution Darius Mills gives to the university. People were intimated by Shay because of that one fact. Sure, he had friends and people to hang out with, but sometimes he wondered if they were really friends with him or just trying to get to his uncle through him.

Jude and Shay's lunch date finally came to an end when Shay made Jude laugh so hard some soda came out of her nose. She was extremely embarrassed when Shay laughed at Jude's predicament. Her face turned the same color as her hair and she tried to hide her face from the onlookers.

Shay and Jude walked out of the cafeteria after Jude's little episode and just walked around for a while. Jude had finished her classes for the day and Shay had as well.

"Shorty you don't have to worry about what happened in the cafeteria earlier." Shay said as he put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him in the process. Jude shook her head and blushed some more.

"You don't understand Shay. That was mortifying for me. Everyone was already looking and then you had to go and make that joke while I was drinking. You know what happened next." She said, smiling at the fact that he called her 'shorty'. Shay chuckled.

"You've just got to chill. Who cares if everyone is looking? What matters is that I thought it was cute and made me like you even more. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks." Shay replied, running his hand down her hair. Jude closed her eyes for a brief second before looking over towards Shay and giving him her widest smile.

"You're just too good to be true, Shay." She replied, leading the way to her dorm room.

They slowly made their way back to Jude's dorm, trying to savor their time together. They haven't talked about what they were to each other or if there even was a 'we' involved. Right now they were just enjoying the moment and hoping it would last forever.

Jude and Shay finally made it to Jude's door after about 20 minutes of extra walking. They stopped at the closed door and faced each other. Shay stared into Jude's eyes waiting to see if it was alright for him to kiss her. Once he saw her eyes migrate down to his lips he knew she wanted it as bad as he did. He kept staring as he moved closer, only about 90 percent of the way in, letting Jude move that last 10 percent. Jude's eyes kept moving back and forth between Shay's intense stare and his mouth. Jude smiled right before she moved in and let their lips connect. It was a beautiful moment. The kiss was just perfect. Shay pulled back a little and looked at Jude's face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was just a little pink and swollen from the contact. He smiled.

"You're beautiful." He whispered as his hand reached out and stroked her cheek ending at her jaw line where it just laid. Jude's eyes fluttered open and she smiled slowly. She leaned into his hand and ran her fingers over his lips.

"So are you." She whispered. Shay smiled and leaned in to kiss her again.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Jude." He said as his thumb caressed her cheek. Jude nodded and watched him walk down the hall.

Jude sighed and leaned back against her door. She was the happiest she had ever been and it was because of Shay. She stood upright and turned to unlock the door but before she had the chance, Speed's door opened and an arm grabbed Jude and dragged her into the room.

"Speed, what the hell are you doing?" Jude asked as she rubbed her arm where he grabbed. Speed's face was priceless. His eyes were wide and he kept starring at Jude as if she had a third eye in the middle of her forehead.

"Did what I think just happen, happen?" he asked, continuing to stare. Jude looked surprised at what Speed had just asked her.

"I don't know. What do you think just happen?"

"I think that I just opened my door to go to class and what do I see happening next door? Jude Harrison macking on Shay Mills." Speed said rapidly.

Jude's mouth dropped and her eyes narrowed. "You were spying on me?"

"No, um not really. I just happened to open my door when you leaned in to kiss him. I closed my door right away, I swear. No spying, just coincidence." Speed explained, pleading with his eyes for Jude to believe him. Jude tried to decide if she was going to believe him or not. The look in his eyes told her he wasn't lying.

"Ok Speed. I believe you. I do have to say that I wasn't macking on Shay. We had just come back from having lunch and it just happened. I don't know why it happened, but it did. And, it was wonderful." Jude said, going off into a dream like state as she talked about the kiss she and Shay shared.

"Jude, come back to the light. Focus, now what does this mean? Are you and Big Shay dating or what?" Speed asked as he plopped down on his couch, watching Jude daydream. In the beginning Speed was attracted to Jude and maybe had a little crush on her but as time went on he thought of her as more of a sister more than anything else.

Jude seemed to contemplate the question for a moment before sitting down beside Speed and leaning up against him for support.

"I don't know Speed. I like him and everything but I feel like I don't really know him all that well and I'm not too sure if he likes me enough. I'm just so confused." Jude said. Speed put his arm around Jude's shoulders and helped her find a comfortable place on his chest to rest her head.

"I don't know what to tell you Jude. I'm not really close friends with Shay so I don't really know much about him. What I can tell you is that since you've met him, he doesn't have any booty girls around him anymore and he seems to have toned it down some. I don't know if that means anything, but it's something right?"

Jude sighed and nestled into Speed's chest. So many things were running through her head at the moment. Shay was great. He was everything she thought she wanted in a man and then some. He seemed to like her which was a plus and she had fun when they were together. Laughing was a major part of their relationship, whatever that said relationship is.

"Do you think I should talk to him about it? He's the one who initiated the kiss so that means he likes me, right? Or I don't know, Speed. Guys are just so confusing sometimes."

Speed tried to think of what to say. He knew that she really didn't have any girl friends, minus Patsy. He didn't know what to say to make Jude feel better. He knew what to say from a guy point of view but he doubted that Jude wanted to hear about that.

"Jude, I once again don't know what to tell you. All I know is that if he kissed you that means he felt something at that given point of time. I didn't see the entire thing but from what I did see, he's into you." Speed replied, nodded at his answer. It sounded good enough to him, but by Jude's expression he couldn't tell if it was good enough for her.

"Speed, you're the greatest. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have you as a friend." Jude said as she stood up to head out the door. Speed also stood up and grabbed her into a hug before opening the door for her and waiting until she walked in her room before closing his door.