It has been over a year since I was able to come back to Shin Makoku. When I left with Shori and Murata after defeating Shinou, I thought it would be the last time that I would be transported to Shin Makoku ever again. During the time I was back on Earth, I reminiscence about the adventures and the people that I left behind. I missed Greta, Conrad, Cheri, Gwendal, Gunter, Anissina, Yozak, and believe or not even Wolfram. Don't get me wrong, I was glad to be back on Earth, I was able to spend time being a "normal" teenager again, but something was always missing. Maybe it was the fact that I was too normal. Everywhere you turn in Japan, almost everyone had black hair and dark black eyes. I was totally normal, which made me a little sad. I know, I just contradicted myself. I want to be normal yet I don't really. Maybe this is just part of growing up, figuring out where and how I belong. That was me back on Earth, a teenager figuring out how to live my life out with the masses. But it was a different story in Shin Makoku; I was the 27th Maou, the upholder of justice, the only person with my black hair and dark black eyes. I was special.

I was more than relieved with Murata pushed me back to Shin Makoku once more. Why did he wait so long, who knows, but I was glad. If it wasn't for him, I would have never figured out that I had the power within me to transport back and forth from Shin Makoku to Earth. I have family and friends in both places. I can't imagine myself giving up either of them. Call me selfish, call me whatever you want, I just call myself lucky.

Currently I am neglecting my studies with Gunter to watch Greta play with her various toys that Wolfram had spoiled her with. I still can't believe that at my age I have a daughter and a jealous fiancé no less. Seeing Greta happily smiling at me, I can't help but believe I made the right decision in adopting her. I know I am not the perfect father to the girl. I leave way too often, leaving her in the care of her other father. Speaking of him, I haven't heard him yell or scream at me for being a cheater or whatever he would comes up with at the spur of the moment. You would think after all this time I would get use to it, but hearing the blond rant and rave still gets on last nerve especially when he uses "Wimp". Just thinking about the word makes me shiver.

The blond has become one of my closest friends, maybe even closer than Murata. Since the first day I saw the blond, he brings out another part of me that I didn't think I had. He actually forced me to slap him across the face due to his ill manners regarding my mother. I always thought that I was a pacifist until that time. I didn't ever think that anyone could make me strike them physcially, but it happened, effectively tying me to an engagement that I am unwilling to accept even till this day. Many times I have tried to explain to the blond that it was impossible for us to be together, but he never listens. One day, I promise myself, I will be able to make him understand why we should never be.

"Wimp, what are you doing?"

Speak of the devil. "Wolfram."

It still amazes me how much Wolfram actually resemebles a female. He features are delicate, skin milky white and probably soft to the touch, narrow waist and if I haven't mistaken, his hips actually a little more flared out than most men. Sometimes it hard to believe the beautiful blond is actually a bonifide soldier. Trust me when I say that he is a bonifide soldier, he had landed me on my rear end more times than I can count. But at the moment, he doesn't look to please with me.

"Gunter has been looking all over for you; he has been bugging me to find you. Aren't you studying Mazoku wedding rituals today?"

I almost forgot that was the reason why I snuck away. I didn't want to learn about something that I currently had no interest in. By learning this stuff, it will only give the blond another excuse to have me marry him. At least for know, I can still use the excuse that I know nothing about how we should get married.

"Oh, really, I thought it was just another boring lecture on a previous Maou."

"Yuuri, how are we going to get married if you know nothing about our customs? Come on Yuuri, you need to learn this and the sooner the better."

"Wolfram don't you get it, for the millionth time, I can't marry you."

Wolfram actually looked a little stunned from what I said. But that looked quickly faded from his face. Damn he still didn't understand. Why must he make things so difficult?

"Wolfram don't you get it, I don't want to learn about the marriage customs because I have no intention in marrying you. You are a dear friend to me and that is all. I love you Wolfram, but I am not in love with you. As a friend, I am asking you to forget about the engagement and let us move on. Don't you think this farce of an engagement has gone on long enough?"

"Farce of an engagement? Is that what you really believe, Yuuri?"

"Yes, it is time you accepted the truth Wolfram. No matter what you do, I can not change who I am. I will not be able to love you the way you want me to. There are just some things that can not be changed."

Wolfram didn't say anything else before walking away from me. I can see unshead tears in his emerald eyes, but due to his pride, he will not let them fall. I know that I hurt him deeply everytime I rebuke our engagement, but this is the only way I can get through to him. He deserves to find someone that will love him unconditionally. I know that I am not the one for him and he is not the one for me. I only hope he can accept this quicker so we both can move on.

As expected, Wolfram was already in bed. Even when I tried to make this clear to him regarding our "relationship" he still doesn't get it. This always happens after our discussions. Wolfram leaves looking deeply hurt. He ignores me for the entire day, but I would always find him snuggle into my bed when night came. Tonight is no different. I wasted no time changing into my pajamas and position myself under the covers. Not long after the warmth enveloped me, my eyes slowly drifted close.

"Yuuri, I'm sorry. I release you."

Cracking open my eyes when I heard the quiet whisper.

"Wolfram did you say something."

"Nothing, just go back to sleep."

My body stiffened when I felt him pressed against my back. I tried to move away from him only to have him moved with me. Deciding that I didn't want to fall off the bed, I let the blond do what he wanted. My body quickly relaxed into he embrace, I soon fell asleep not even noticing the silent trembles eminating from Wolfram's body.

I rolled away from the sunlight that has filter its way through the window. It would seem like the blond was out of bed early today. His side of the bed was cold indicating just that. Forcing myself to sit up, I stretched the sleepy muscles awake; I couldn't help feel like something was out of place. I looked around the room; nothing that I could see was different. Deciding that is was definitly my imagination, I climbed out of my cozy bed, grabbing the nessisity for my morning routine.

It wasn't long after my morning routine that Gunter's voice could be heard coming towards me.

"Heika, there you are. I've been looking all over for you. There a documents that needs your approval and signature."

"Gunter, can't you just give me a day off. You or Gwendal signs the documents when I am back on Earth, why can you do it now?

"Heika, we only did that because you were away. Now that you are back, we can't ever take your place. I, Gunter von Kliest is only your humble servant. Heika, no one can replace your dedication and time you put into the documents."

"Oh come on Gunter, you have already sorted out what should be approved already, all you need is to sign them. Come on Gunter, please for me."

"Oh, Heika, how can your humble undeserving servant refuse your request."

This always works on him. All I have to do is put a little whine in my voice and look at him with my puppy dog eyes and the man will go to the end of the world for me. I almost feel guilty using him like this, but still I hate having to sit down and put my signature on every document. Now that I have the day free, what should I do? I should go find Wolfram to see how he is doing especially after yesterday. Now if I remember correctly he should be training his troops.

"Did you guys not have breakfast this morning? Why are you so slow? Harder! Faster! Move!"

Just as I thought, Wolfram is training his troops. I still find in funny that out of all the squadron of troop in the castle, Wolfram's troops seems to resemble a group of pageant contestants. All of them are good looking in their own rights. They all sort of resemble Wolfram in a way. Not just because they are clad in blue, but most of them exude a feminine quality about them. Maybe it just because Wolfram chooses troops not only on skills but also on looks as well. I know how vain Wolfram can be, so it's not surprising for him to surround himself with good looking soldiers.

"Wolfram, can I have a moment of your time?"

"You will have to wait."

"Alright, take your time."

It never cease to amaze me how grown up Wolfram looks while training his troops. When he commands his troops to do something, I hardly recognize the voice. Gone is the whiny high pitch voice he always yells at me with, but replace with a stern yet calm voice that only can be heard here. The intensity in his eyes is memorizing. The control that he has over his troops is amazing. No matter how harsh he is towards them, they will follow him to the end of the world if Wolfram so chooses. He is a sight to behold when he is like this. When he acts like this, it's hard to believe the boy is no older than me in equivalent age. I have been reminded many times by the boy himself that he is much older than me, but if you look at the two of us, many will say that I am the older one.

It didn't have to wait long for Wolfram to finish up his training with his soldiers.

"Yuuri, what is it that you want to speak with me about?"

Before I answered his question, I pulled Wolfram to the nearest secluded hallway that I could find. I can tell Wolfram was getting annoyed with me. He never did like being lead around like a child. I could feel him trembling within my grasp. I quicken my steps in order to not get fried by the short temper boy. Finally arriving at my intended destination, I let go of Wolfram's wrist. Looking at the boy in front of me, I can still detect the sadness from yesterday. Looking at him up-close like this, I can see his eyes were slightly on the red side. It was a little unusual for the blond to not sleep well, but after what I said to him, it's understandable.

"Wolfram about what I said yesterday, do you understand?"

I swore his body started to shake a little and the sadness in his eyes increased. It must be my imagination, Wolfram and I have gone through this before and he never let it affect him in the slightest. But there is something different about him today that I just can't put my finger on. Why is this bothering me? It must still be the fact that I hurt him. I don't like causing hurt to anyone especially him. I was getting a little nervous standing in silence waiting to hear the answer to my question. Finally he is looking up at me. Thank goodness. But what I saw disturbed me even more. Wolfram actually smiled at me. Something was definitely wrong; he never smiled after one of my declaration to end the engagement. What was wrong him? This isn't right. Why is my own body trembling a little?

"Thank you."


Why is he thanking me? He should be shouting and yelling and calling me a wimp. This is not normal. All the other times, he yelled at me and told me the engagement was set in stone and that was that. One time he even said that if I wanted to end the engagement, it will be over his dead body.

"I understand, Yuuri. Last night was the last night that I was to be your fiancé. You are free to do whatever you want from now on, as long as you are happy."

Why is my body trembling this much. Is it out of joy that I am free? It has to be. I have waited so long for him to accept this and he finally gave me what I wanted. But still something is not right. Wolfram again smiled at me.

"If there is nothing else Yuuri, I need to use the baths."

"No nothing, thank you."

Wolfram turned and walked away from me. I felt strange somehow. It almost felt like a lost something important to me. Of course, idiot, you just lost a fiancé. But remember you never wanted him that way in the first place. Now I can start a new with Wolfram just as friends.

"Murata, did you hear?"

"How can I not, news travel fast around here."

"Yes, I can finally start talking to girls without him breathing down my neck."

"Shibuya, before you go wild and talk to every girl in the kingdom, I suggest you think about this a little harder."

"Why, I waited for eternity for this. I am free to do what I want from now on."

"What is it that you want to do exactly?"

"I want to start dating."

"Well, since you are the king, you will have females lining up in front of the castle waiting to meet you. Shibuya, if you decide to do this, there is no turning back."

"No regrets."

"None what so ever."

I thought things would be drastically different once the engagement was called off, but to my surprise nothing really changed between Wolfram and me. He still tells me what I poor king I make. He follows me everywhere claiming that it is his duty to protect me. Much to my dismay, he still stays in my room. But one thing did change between us; the world wimp and cheater disappeared from Wolfram's vocabulary. I guess since we are no longer engaged, he can't call me a cheater anymore. But I still have no ideal why he stopped calling me a wimp. I know I haven't change my ways at all. Since I never like being called a wimp, there's no need to think about it.

"He doesn't love me."

Hearing the sound of Wolfram's voice, I headed towards the direction it came from. The closer I got, the clearer I can hear the conversation. To satisfy my curiosity, I hide myself around the wall so they wouldn't be able to see me. I know this is wrong of me to spy on them, but I wanted to know what this is all about.

"Wolfram, are you willing to let go that easily?"

"I have no choice. I told you before; he doesn't love me and never will. I shed too many tears for him, I have none left. Don't you think he seems so much happier without our engagement hanging over his head? You haven't seen the look he gives me every time I throw out that I am his fiancé. I have known for a long time that no matter what I do he can't see pass what I have between my legs. It's my destiny to be his friend and protector just like you with Julia. The only thing I hope for is his happiness. I will stay by him until he finds someone else to give his heart too.

"Wolfram you have grown up so much."

"I am not the selfish, bratty, loafer everything takes me for."

I haven't even realized how much I had hurt him. My hands clutched painfully at the corner of the wall listening to Wolfram confess his feelings to Conrad. Why haven't the blond been able to come to me so we can talk things out. Did I really make him cry for me? Why haven't I notice the hurt in his eyes? Wolfram deserves much more than I can ever offer him. Someday Wolfram, you will find the love that you deserve.

"Yuuri, what are you doing?"

Damn, when did those two notice me?

"Heika, you are far to inexperience to start spying on people."

Conrad took his leave of us, leaving us by ourselves. I swear I saw Conrad brushed passed Wolfram and gave him a concern look.

"Wolfram, what you said earlier, it is true?"

"Yuuri, you are such an idiot. Do you think that I would really say those things? It was all an act since we discovered that you were spying on us. You would think that after two years of knowing me, you would have discovered that I am really as selfish as I look. I would never let the one I love go that easily. The truth is Yuuri; I sought after you not because I love you, but because my pride depended on it. I have never in my life been denied of anything. When you did not recognize our engagement, it only made me mad. I made it my goal to make you fall in love with me so I can cast you aside. But I guess sometimes things don't always go the way I want them, no matter how hard I tried. That is the real reason why I clung to you all this time. Don't think any more of it."

"So this was all just a game to you Wolfram?"


Why did this hurt so much? Even though I don't love him, his words still cut me deeply. Does that mean our friendship that I believe that we have, been all built on lies? Does that mean, if somehow I fell in love with him, he would just cast me aside like he said for his on wicked pleasure. That's too much. To play with people's feelings like this.

"Yuuri, control yourself."

I can feel the Maou raging inside of me. I am losing control of myself.

"Wolfram von Bielefield you have done a great injustice to me. You have mocked the deep friendship that I have for you. You broken my trust in your, worst my heart. You will not be forgiven."

What happened, I feel horrible. My head is pounding and my body feels like it had been run over by a car. I slowly opened my eyes to be greeted by Conrad, Gwendal, and Gunter worried looks.

"Heika, you are finally awake."

"Gunter, what happen to me?"

"Your Maou power released itself. Everything is fine now."

He is not looking me in the eye. Conrad and Gwendal looked a little angry. Why is Wolfram not in the room? Last thing I remember was Wolfram telling me that everything is just a game to him. No, it can't be. I couldn't have.

"Where is Wolfram?"

"Wolfram is fine. We didn't think it would be such a good idea to have him here since he was the one that cause the Maou to make an appearance."

"Conrad, what did I do when I turned into the Maou?"

"Nothing really, just an extremely damage hallway, nothing we can't fix."

"Rest Heika, we will bring you your dinner later."

How could you Wolfram von Bielefield? You have no right to play with other people's feelings. I will be punished for you crimes.

What in the world is this, why is Wolfram's body encase in water tendrils? I can feel it, I started to apply and more and more pressure onto his body until I heard several of his ribs crack. He is struggling to get lose, but the harder he struggle the more I squeezed. Wolfram was pleading for me to stop. I couldn't stop myself. Why, why is this happening? Someone stop me. The ground shook beneath me. I stood there bewilder as to where the wall of earth came from. But I still had the blond within my grasp. I recognized this person, Gwendal. I can see the desperation in his face. I looked back at the blond; he had stopped struggling. I looked back at the man in green, he started attacking me, but I felt no malice towards the man rather I turned my attention back to the blond. See that he stopped struggling; I flung him into the wall. The impact was so hard it cause the bricks to break apart. I could hear more bones being broken. The raged in me subsided turning me back to Yuuri Shibuya.

It can't be true. Please don't let it be true. How could I have done something like this? Even if Wolfram was pretending to love me; he didn't deserve to be punished like this. I ran as fast as I could to find Wolfram. Frantically, I opened every door in the castle to locate him. Finally what seems like an eternity, I pushed opened a door to see all the familiar faces directed towards me.

All of them turned towards me. I can see the sadness in each one of their eyes. Cheri was crying. Gwendal eyes looked upon me with murderous intent. Conrad had to stop Gwendal from coming closer to me. I can see Gisela shaking her head at Murata. With trembling legs, I slowly made myself to the foot of the bed. My heart clenched painfully, while hot tears streamed down my face. Wolfram's body was battered and bruised. His beautiful face was bruised on the left side from the contact of the wall. Both arms encased in a cast. His torso was wrapped, no doubt ribs broken underneath. Ugly black, blue, and green bruises marred his entire body. With so many injuries I almost overlooked his head being completely bandage. Wisp of golden hair can be seen under the wrapping. I felt cold, numb, and an uncontrollable tremble racked my body. This is my fault.

He won't last the night, Gisela had said. The damage to his brain has been too severe. No amount of healing power would bring him back. All she could do was make him comfortable.

I couldn't comprehend what she was saying. Wolfram can't leave me, not like this. We were going to work things out. We were going to see each other find someone that we loved. He was going to watch over me. What have I done? How did all this happen? Everything has gone wrong. Before I knew I was shaken the sleeping boy. Murata came behind me and held onto to me to stop me from hurting the blond even more.


I cried onto the shoulder of my friend. My heart felt like it was being stabbed over and over again. I didn't want to let him go. Why haven't I realize this sooner? It's too late now. I will have to live with the fact that I killed the most precious person to me.

"No, Wolfram!"

I didn't want to look up, I knew what was happening. I can hear Wolfram's lungs desperately fighting to get air. Each breath became shallower than another. I couldn't help myself but looked at him. I felt like my life is being taking away from me. I was dying with him. My friend, my love, killed by my own very hands.

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