Since returning to Earth a month ago, Wolfram had been haunted by their faces causing many nights lack of sleep. Even with prescription sleeping pills sleep did not come easily. He was haunted with Greta's crying face pleading with him to stay. She looked like a shatter child in the arms of her husband. The sadness that reflected in his mother's green eyes broke his heart which help impaled the knife already stuck in his heart further. She was going to lose her youngest child for a third time. Conrad and Gwendal remained calm and collective on the outside, but he knew the pain that lurked inside both of them. Even Murata eyes clouded over with uncertainty and regret. He wanted to turn back and ask for their forgiveness but one look at Yuuri he knew he was doing the right thing. Yuuri did not let out so much as a whimper out during the final moments of departure. No take care, see you around, nothing. Oddly enough that had calmed the raging storm inside him as he stepped into the watery portal. Within seconds the blond was engulf and pulled back to Earth and the last image he saw was a single tear that slid from the dark hair king's eye. Deep down he knew he made a mistake.

The young man constantly had to remind himself that leaving was the right choice. It was better for all of them. Wolfram von Bielefield died; he is now Wolfram Evolym. It didn't matter that he had all the memories and feelings of the prince, or that he look exactly the same, he was a different person from before. They needed to understand that; he also wanted to give them time to absorb everything that had happened in the last couple of weeks. Who was he fooling; he did this for himself.

Wolfram desperately needed time to become whole again. He been through a roller coaster ride the moment he stepped back to Shin Makoku. His past memories came back to him but at the same time caused more chaos than he would like. It was hard for the young man to accept and make sense of the love and deeply buried resentment toward the one and only man he had ever loved. He didn't know how to deal with it. One moment he wanted nothing more than be with the man and the next moment he wanted to cut off his head. The boy couldn't trust his own tumultuous feelings anymore than he would believe in Yuuri's love. The memories of what happened between the two of them were too intense and fresh. They needed time away from each other to sort out their feelings and hopefully the rift that exists between them will mend. The only way to allow that to happen was for Wolfram to leave behind everything and everyone and allow them time apart to clear their heads. If Wolfram stayed, Yuuri would continue his endless pursuit of him only to end up driving the blond further away They both needed time to let things settle and hopefully something good will come out of this.

"Heika, my brother made his choice."

"I know Conrad, but it doesn't make it any easier."

"With time, both your hearts will heal, maybe then he will come back to us."

"It's highly unlikely."


Many around the Evolym Corporation had noticed the subtle personality change in their young CEO. The young man had never been keen on small talk but always maintained friendly relations with the people he worked with. Lately the young man avoided any sort of small talk. He would easily snap at minute things, sometimes even resorted to throwing his cup across the room. There has been more than one occasion his personal assistant had exited the main office with tear filled eyes. Most around the office saw the change as a teenage "phase" and believed that he soon will grow out of it.

At the moment, Wolfram was ready to rip out all his hair. He requested each department to prepare an impromptu budget report summarizing the spending for the last six months. He didn't realize the amount of paperwork he had to look through. The blond had been skimming through the numbers presented for the last four hours. His eyes were beginning to cross and a throbbing headache started. Wolfram did not like what he saw. In his mind, too many unnecessary funds were going to company yearly celebrations. How can each department have their own budget for a yearly party when the company itself held an annual ball to celebrate the hard work of department and recognize the individual standouts? This is ridiculous the amount of money spent of the parties. Wolfram was not amused at the moment and made a note to correct the oversight.

Wolfram's personal assistant was hesitant to knock on the door while she could clearly hear loud snorts and grunted noises coming from within.

"It's alright, I will go in myself. Thank you for showing me the way."

The middle age woman quickly apologized to the handsome man and excuse herself from the scene.

The dark hair man let out a smile when he heard profanity come out of the blonde's mouth. He slowly opened the door being careful of flying debris. Without incident the man closed the door behind him only to be greeted with the most amusing sight. The usual combed sun color hair stuck out in all directions. The boy's eyebrows were almost stuck together with the tension that marred his face. The jacket thrown haphazardly on the floor, sleeves rolled up, several button undone on the dress shirt, while the elegant silk tie hung loosely around his slender neck. Wolfram's dishevel look resemebled a lost puppy caught in a windsotrm, which was was quite cute. Still no matter how cute, this was not the way a top grossing company's CEO should ever look.

"What do you want?"

"Is that any way to address the Maoh of Earth and your brother in law."

"Yuuri and I were never married Shori Shibuya. Why are you here?"

"Have you considered my proposal?"

"I don't plan on going back."

"Don't be so sure, Wolfram. You don't belong here. Yuuri and the others are waiting."

"I made up my mind, I won't be going back," the blond said a little dejectedly.

"What if I order you back to Shin Makoku?"

"That's quite laughable, Mr. Shibuya. I don't answer to you. You are not my king."

"Did you forget your position Mr. Evolym you are a Mazoku and if I remember correctly all Mazoku on Earth is under my rule," the older Shibuya said assertively.

Wolfram could not rebut that fact, he only gave his usual glare to the man who reminded him too much of the younger Shibuya.

"Don't worry, its not my place to send you back. Even Yuuri and that stupid friend of his cannot force you back if you are not willing to go. Who would have thought that man would do something so stupid, even with all his wisdom and knowledge, that friend of my brother was too hasty. What was he thinking transporting you back to Shin Makoku without so much as briefing you about your past? It amazed me that you assimilated your all your own memories and feelings so well. I believe if it were anyone else, they would be housed in mental institution by now. I commend you for not breaking under the immense trauma that they put you through. I am beginning to understand why Yuuri is so hung up on you even after all these years."

Wolfram looked up at Shori with a wide-eyed expression on his face. Shori could see the emerald orbs fill with tears and the corners of the pink lips quivering. Before long Wolfram lowered his head on the table and began to sob. The older Shibuya let out a sigh and walked over to the boy and lowered himself next to Wolfram. The boy instinctively moved and hugged the older man crying on his shoulders. Shori gently rubbed the back of the boy's back trying to calm him.

"It's alright Wolfram, let it all out."

The young blond clung to the older man and cried until all his tears dried up. Wolfram moved away from the man after a solid twenty minutes of crying. Shori pristine suit was probably ruined, but Earth's Maoh did not mind. Wolfram needed this outlet. He was so caught up in being the old Wolfram that he forgot that in this lifetime he was only a 16 year old kid. There are times even a soldier needed comforting especially if you just found out the person you loved more than anything in the world drove you to your own death.

"Thank you Shori."

"Anytime Wolfram."

After Shori left, Wolfram did not have the energy to concentrate on the paperwork that covered his desk. He reclined in the soft leather of his chair and started to message his temples. The subsequent conversation and emotional breakdown with Shori took a lot out of him, but he felt much better. He really needed a shoulder to cry on. Who would have thought that the older Shibuya could be so understanding.

Shori seemed to be the only one to understand Wolfram's dilemma. Wolfram von Bielefield was raised on the notion that his life belongs to the kingdom. The prince dedicated his life to protect and serve his kingdom at all costs, but and eventually he fell in love with the king, and his priority from the "slap" onwards was no longer the kingdom but his king. The young blonde swore to always protect his king, never to cause harm to his king, to give anything to make him happy, even die for him. Yet the young man he is now, they way he lived his life was quite different. There is no person or thing that is above your own life. One made sure to take care of oneself first and things and people will eventually fall into place. Of course there are the few people in your life that are lucky enough to get to know one true self and get to share the memories and love of friendship and maybe even love. But even those few people had to earn the love and trust. Don't forget if someone wrong you, the punishment should equal the crime. Here lies the emerald beauty's predicament. Yuuri was the man that never truly earned his love; the prince gave it all to him. The prince in him long forgiven Yuuri for everything, yet the Wolfram Evolym cannot understand how he could forgive a man that had wronged him for so long. Forgiven the king was out of the question for Wolfram Evolym, yet not forgiven him was out of the question for Wolfram von Bielefield. The internal struggle within himself is tearing him apart.

Wolfram didn't even want to think about the proposal right now. All he wanted was fall asleep and forget everything for just one night. As soon as he closed he eyes, images of his past played like a movie in his mind. Of course the loudest and brightest images were always of the black hair king. In the beginning it was easy to force the memories back to the recesses of his mind, but as more time pass it was getting harder and harder to ignore the yearning that the prince has. It was affecting every part of the boy. Wolfram rolled and flopped in his bed but nothing helped. It looked like sleep will elude the boy for another night.

Time had passed painfully slow for the 27th Maoh. His days were occupied with reviewing documents and strategic alliances. As each day pass the atmosphere became more and more stagnant. He and the others were losing hope that Wolfram would decide to return to them. Wolfram had been gone for more than 3 months now, without any sign of the young prince's return. The king had asked Murata many times to let him just glimpse at what the young blond was doing, each time the sage refused the request. Eventually Murata for the sake of his king had closed the viewing portal completely. He no longer needed to look after the young boy, that job was now left to Shori.

"Shibuya, I told you before I will not open that portal," the sage said irritably.

"I'm not here for that today."

The sage was mildly shocked with Yuuri's response. Almost every other day the king would request to see the blond boy on Earth. It somehow had worried him hearing that the king was not asking about said subject.

"Oh, what brought you here today, your majesty."

"Very funny, Murata." The king was not amused one bit.

"I'm tired Murata. I don't know how to fix myself. At this rate the entire kingdom will suffer. I can't concentrate on my work. Everything seems so lifeless. I don't want what happen to me 16 years ago to happen again, but I feel powerless to stop it from happening. I need help, my friend."

"Conrad, don't tell Shibuya that I left."

"Of course your highness."

"Take care of him that stupid king of ours, Conrad."

The maid heard the front gate buzz. She quickly went to the intercom system to see who was at the front gates. She did not recognize the man standing there.

"Who are you looking for," the maid asked.

"I am looking form Wolfram Evolym."

"May I enquire your name sir?"

"Ken Murata."

"Sir it will be a couple of minutes. Please wait."

The maids was unsure who the man at the front gates was, so she went into Wolfram's study and ask if she should let him in. When she mentioned the man's name she could see that the young boy notably tensed up. She was about to walk out and dismiss the man front the gates when she did not get a reply.

"Let him in."

"Wow Wolfram this is some place you have here. This place must cost a fortune. I wish they could have found me a family as rich as this."

"What do you want your highness," Wolfram ask agitated.

"Why else would I come here, Wolfram? You are a smart man, figure it out if you haven't already."

"So are you going to tell me what's wrong with him or just continue to admire my house."

"Well I am glad that you still care for the poor man. That fiancé of yours had already paid for his sins against you. There is no need to punish him anymore. Sixteen years of longing for a person is a punishment enough."

"You still haven't told me what is wrong with him."

"Why are you so concern, there is nothing that you can do here while he is there."

"Stop going in circles, just tell me what is wrong with Yuuri!"

"Now, now, Sir Bielefield don't get your undies in a bunch I haven't seen you in a while, so how is life treating you?"

"If you don't tell me, I will find out myself."

"How do you suppose you do that?"

"I, I…"

"It's killing you not knowing isn't it? Since I am such a nice guy, I will tell you."

Murata Ken turned deadly serious while Wolfram listened on.

"He is afraid that he will revert back to the person that he became after your death. For many days and nights he found comfort in drowning himself with liquor and sought physical comfort with countless unknown faces. He even tried to seek out comfort in your brother's arms. He doesn't want to become that person again, yet he can't escape the pain in his heart. This is his redemption Wolfram."

"I said all that I came to say. I will be leaving in 3 days, think about it. Three months has already passed over there."

Wolfram was deathly mad, if he still had his element under his command the room he currently stood in would have been burnt to cinders.

"He sought comfort in your brother's arms."

"Damn that stupid no good cheating, wimp. What the hell was he thinking? Of all the stupid things he could have done. Going to Conrad of all people. I am going to kill both of them. No, I am going to kill Conrad first, ripping him from limb from limb, then I'll do the same to that king."

Murata stood outside long enough to hear the rants of the boy and his mouth quirk up with a sadistic smirk before leaving.

Wolfram was beside himself hearing that Yuuri slept with Conrad. The help were getting concern hearing the loud screams and shouts, even wicked laughter coming from the young man. Wolfram didn't know why he is responding to this news so profoundly. It wasn't like Yuuri was cheating on him, hell they are not even together. He just couldn't control how he was feeling at the moment. It was like a child getting his toy taking away from him and now that child is throwing a tantrum. Wolfram wasn't going to calm down until he got his toy back.

Wolfram picked up the phone and dialed.

"Shori, I accept the proposal."

After Wolfram hung up the phone with Shori and was able to calm down he realize that he had made a rash decision.

"Why am I reacting this way? What the hell is wrong with me? He can do anything that he wants. I don't love him; Wolfram von Bielefield loved him. Damn it that man is driving me insane. I don't care anymore! I'm going to kill him when I see him!"

Shori and Wolfram completed the paperwork within record time handing over the Co-CEO position to Shori. Of course there were rumbles in the corporation but they quickly accepted knowing that Shori Shibuya, one of Japan'a finest young president was taking over the company until the young Wolfram Evolym had grown up to take over the business completely.

"So Murata how did you get our young friend here to go back to Shin Makoku?"

"I hit a nerve."

The older Shibuya didn't expect a straight answer from the man, but no harm in trying.

The day quickly came for both Murata and Wolfram's departure. The house staff was told that Wolfram had suddenly decided to study abroad and will only return occasionally. The staff was use to Wolfram's father being away for long periods of time on business trips and didn't think any of it when Wolfram decided to study abroad. After giving out last minute instructions, Wolfram went to meet Murata at the transport destination, which happens to be fountain in front of Wolfram's home. Murata waived his hand encouraging the young man to step into the fountains. When hesitation crept into Wolfram's face, Murata quickly yank the blond with him and opened the portal back to Shin Makoku.

Be it Conrad good or bad luck, he was the only one around when the sage and the blond returned. Upon seeing his brown clad brother, Wolfram lunged at the stunned soldier who still stood frozen from the shock of their return and grabbed a hold of his sword and pulled it out of its sheath. Without any second thought Wolfram continue his angry assault on the man. Between dodging Wolfram's attack Conrad could see the sage's amused look.

"What did you do to him," Conrad shouted.

"Oh I suggested you slept with Shibuya."

"What! I did no such thing." Conrad shouted back.

Upon hearing that Wolfram immediately stop his attacks and fell to his knees and started to laugh uncontrollably. Conrad's face etched with concern. That was it, Wolfram had finally snapped.

"I'm such a fool," the blond said underneath his breath.

News of the prince's return spread like wildfire. Yuuri immediately went looking for the young Mazoku. He finally found him looking a painting the blond once did of him. The prince didn't give any indication that he knew Yuuri was there until he spoke.

"You know Yuuri, this painting is very reminiscent of you of us. There were to many obstacles in our way, be it your own belief that you can only love a woman or my overly sensitive behavior regarding you and other people. Our relationship was always clouded, jumbled like this painting. You really need to stand for a long time and look at it to see the beautiful colors, shapes, strokes that form the picture. I don't think any one of us took the time to see it as a work of art. Just like us, we never took a step back to see what "us" really meant"

I realized you are a huge part of my life, past and present. There would be no Wolfram if there weren't a Yuuri. I want you to give us some time to clear up our relationship. I still see to many unknowns between us. The relationship is not define enough for me to agree to anything. All I know is that no matter if I am Wolfram von Bielefield or Wolfram Evolym, you haunt me."

"I love you Wolfram. That all the time you need. If and when the picture finally comes into focus for you, I will be waiting.

Wolfram finally directed his gaze away from the picture and looked into the deep dark pools that only belong to one man and smile and genuine smile.

"I'm glad to see you, Yuuri. I truly am."

"Welcome home, Wolfram."

"Wolfram,"my love", I will wait for you always." Shibuya Yuuri.

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