Three Dad's and a Little Rini.

The Baby.

Andrew, Darien and Seiya are best friends living in a two story apartment. They each have their jobs to pay rent and have very good social lives until one day…A baby carriage appears at their door step.

Andrew Hansford is a handsome blue eye blonde who works at a café called the Crown in town, which he owns with his sister, Elizabeth. The café has been in the family for years and he wouldn't give it up. He also works as a volunteer at the local hospital where his best friend Darien works saving lives as Dr. Darien Shields.

"Can I take your order?" asks Andrew to one of his customers. His incredible smile and crystal blue eyes put a smile on any girls face but he only has eyes for one lucky lady. She is tall, has brown hair with intense green eyes.

"Yes, I'll have a large chocolate shake, two muffins, and a cup of water to wash it down," says the lady. Andrew's eyes rise up then he realizes why she's ordered so much. The lady is seven months pregnant.

"Right away," says Andrew with a smile. He thinks to himself that someday he'd like to have a family of his own with a special girl in the near future. Andrew walks over to Lita, a girl who has work with him since she move to town about two years ago. The two became inseparable and have been going out ever since. "Two muffins, chocolate shake and a water." Andrew kisses Lita on the cheek, which still makes her blush even though they have been together for two years.

Darien Shields deals with different people. The rowdy, the obnoxious, and even the dead. No matter what troubled him each and everyday, he is never in a bad mood. It has already been tested. He has had quite a few flings with some of the nurses and couple of interns, but now his interest had strayed away from the OR.

"Dr. Shields," calls a woman as Darien makes his way to the exit of the hospital. He turns around. "You heading out?"

"Yeah, tomorrow's my day off," says Darien. The woman walks over to him. She has dark brown long hair and is wearing dark color clothing expect for a red rose pin on her collar. "When do you get off?" Darien grins at her.

"What a coincidence," says the woman. "Tomorrow's my day off too." She begins to fix Darien's collar. "I'll see you tonight."

"Pick you up at nine."

"I'll be waiting. I'm feeling Italian."

"Sounds good." Darien smiles then leaves the hospital. He passes by a room where new parents are seeing their new born baby and looks in for a bit on his way.

Seiya Kou is a flirt, a romantic and a rock star with band that are staying local for their big fan base in their home town. He and his brothers, Yaten and Taiki are striving hard to get a real big hit to expand their fan base world wide. Their record company is just starting to get a name for itself thanks to The Three Lights, Seiya's bands.

"I think that's enough for today," says Seiya. He places his guitar down on its place and turns to his brother. Although they don't live together, the three are very close they just can't stand living with each other. It is something they promise themselves to never ever do when they became a band.

"So, Seiya," says Yaten. "Who's your date tonight?"

"Molly, from the book shop," says Seiya putting on his jacket.

"Molly?" says Taiki. "From the book shop. Why were you in a book shop?"

"They got magazines there Taiki not just books," says Seiya.

"Well, good luck with this one," says Yaten. "You doing anything special tonight Taiki?"

"Nope," replies Taiki. "Just sitting down to dinner and then reading a good book by the fire." Yaten and Seiya both raise their eye brows and think that their brother must be the most boring-ests person in the entire world.

"Hey, what about that girl you met at the concert," says Seiya. "Didn't you get her number?" Seiya nudges Taiki who bows his head.

"Yes, Amy," says Taiki with a dreamy look.

"Then how about calling her."

Taiki blushes at Seiya's suggestion. Seiya nods his head and heads to the exit.

"You've got live life Taiki. Who knows what surprise it might bring you."

"For once he's got a point," says Yaten.

As Seiya waits outside for a taxi, he sees a woman with a baby trying to catch one, too. She seems to have no luck. Seiya flags one down quickly and calls the lady over.

"Thank you so much," says the lady as she and her baby enter the taxi.

"No problem," says Seiya with a smile. The baby giggles at Seiya and he waves to the baby as he closes the door.

The three guys live different life styles, have different taste in women and all have hope for a family someday with the right girl. Right now, they are living life and leaving the worrying about the future for the future.

After work, Andrew always walks Lita home. The two are holding hands as the arrive in front of her apartment building.

"This is the end of the line," says Lita.

"Yep," replies Andrew as he releases her hand. He then caresses her cheek and kisses her on the lips. "See ya tomorrow."

"Yeah." Lita nods her head as she licks her lips and smiles. Andrew turns around and heads down the street. Lita sighs then heads into her apartment. She lives with her two best friends Raye and Mina who have a rule in the apartment, no guys allowed. It was more Raye's rule but the girls abide by it.

Darien gets into his red convertible, puts on his black sunglasses, and drives off. He needs to make a couple quick stops before he gets home. First, the flower shop for some roses; second, make reservations for ten o'clock dinner at a nice Italian restaurant; and third, pick up the bracelet he had bought for his date and sent it to be engraved.

After that, he heads home for a quick shower and back to the hospital to pick up Rita for their date. He parks his car and heads upstairs to his apartment. None of his roommates are home and so the one bathroom is vacant. He quickly makes his way to his room then heads to the bathroom.

The front door opens and in comes Seiya. He sees Darien's suit case and knows he got to the hot shower before him. He curses himself for not driving faster. Seiya heads to his room and looks into his closet.

A couple seconds later, Andrew comes through the door and already hears the shower and movement in Seiya's room. He knew his roommates had beat him to the hot shower. He nods his head and sighs.

Neither had time to chit chat. Darien steps out of the shower and Seiya rushes in. Darien changes his attire and heads for the door, waves goodbye to Andrew and is gone for the night. Minutes later, Seiya exit's the bathroom and changes. He combs his hair back into his long pony tail and heads for the door.

"See ya Andrew," says Seiya as he exit's the apartment. Andrew waves goodbye as the door closes and all is quiet. He walks over to his room and checks his messages. One is from his mother asking him for something. He quickly skips it. The next is from Elizabeth telling him she wouldn't be going to work tomorrow cause she had study buddies with her friends and the third one is mute. Someone is on the line but whom ever it isn't speaking. Andrew can hear the person's breathing then they hung up.

At the Italian restaurant, Darien's plan work perfectly. The roses come first before the dinner then some cocktails to smoothen the mood, and around desert time he pulls the bracelet out. By the time the two were in the car, they were seriously in make-out session.

"Darien," says Rita breathing heavily. "This night has been so wonderful. I'll never forget it."

"Neither will I," says Darien with a grin.

As for Seiya, he meets his book shop girl at small café. She is a sweet girl with red hair and turquoise eyes. Seiya likes girls like that, sweet and simple. Very down to earth. He needs a girl like that cause of his career.

Back at the apartment, a girl leaves the building crying. She looks at the apartment one more time then gets into her car and drives off. A couple minutes later, Darien and Seiya both arrive from their dates. They both say hi and enter the elevator together.

"So how was your date?" asks Seiya always curious.

"It was good," replies Darien. "I think Rita's a keeper."

"I thought you were giving up on hospital staff."

"Yeah, but I could change my mind."

"Right." Seiya nods his head.

"How about you?"

"It was interestingly…" Seiya stops there to think. "...Boring." Seiya bows his head. "I fell asleep on half the date when she was ranting on about something or other. I don't remember."

Darien laughs at Seiya as the elevator doors open. The two exit and walk over to their apartment. They both stop at their door and see a baby bag and a baby carriage covered with a light blanket.

"Um, who is this?" asks Seiya. They look left then right and don't see anyone.

"There's a note," says Darien grabbing it and reading it. The note has their apartment number on it. They both peer closer to the carriage as Darien lifts the blanket and uncovers a baby girl with rosy cheeks and blue eyes. The two look at each other.

"Andrew!" the both call out.

AN: I hope you like the start of it. Another remake movie. It's going to be fun. Sailor Moon style. LOL.