Chapter 48. Three Dad's and a Little Rini.
Open Your Eyes

At the hospital, Mina was falling asleep in the seat next to Yaten's bed. She had dozed off after Lita had brought her some of her things for her to stay the night at the hospital. Lita insisted on staying but Mina wouldn't have it.

Later that night, Yaten began to stir in the bed and he opened his eyes. The room was dark but a light from underneath the door lighten the room. The curtains on the window behind where Mina was resting had a little snag that brought the brightness of the moon inside the room. The small amount of light glowed around Mina making her look like an angel. Yaten looked at Mina who he knew was totally uncomfortable on the chair she was sleeping on. He tried to move closer to her but regrets his move when he his head started pounding.

"Ow!" Yaten mumbled under his breath. He decided to lay back down and closed his eyes until the pounding of his head lessen. He re-opened them again to look at Mina who was slouched back on the chair with her head leaning on her shoulder and her left hand on her stomach. He took a deep sigh before he drifted back to sleep.

Darien left his apartment along with Luna and Setsuna without saying a word. Neither of them said a word as they entered Setsuna's apartment. Luna headed into the kitchen and began to serve dinner. They all sat down to eat and still no one spoke.

Setsuna could not take the silence anymore and stood up leaving the apartment. Darien quickly went after her leaving Luna alone in the apartment. Setsuna was at the elevators and wanted to touch the button but something stopped her. She turned around and saw Darien walk over to her.

"I'm not in love with Serena," said Darien. Setsuna was surprised that he knew what she wanted to know. "I just can't help feeling if I paid more attention to her or if I…She wouldn't have had our baby away from her family and friends." Darien ran his hand through his hair. "I made her think that my future was more of a priority than hers." He sighed as he walked closer to Sestuna who had not moved the instant Darien began to speak. "Serena was my first real love and I'll always love her in a way I can't explain. She's the mother of my daughter and I love her because of that. She's my best friend and I wasn't there when she needed me the most. I'll regret that for the rest of my life and finding out that someone took that position from me is heart wrenching."

Setsuna looked at Darien who was almost at the break of crying. She was confused inside because she wanted to yell at him for acting the way acted in the apartment in front of her mother and not saying one word after leaving the apartment. She wanted him to plead to her that he was wrong to have done what he did and be on his knees with his head down, but he exposed his heart to her.

"I'm sorry I exploded the way I did. It wasn't right to…" Setsuna interrupted Darien by walking up to him and silencing him with a kiss.

Seiya and Diamond were walking out of the apartment building. The two stop at the side walk and turn to each other.

"You don't know her," said Diamond partly laughing.

"What?" asked Seiya confused by his question and his laughing.

"Don't you ever wonder why she picked you over the love of her life?"

"She hasn't."

"She's the best thing you're ever going to get, so don't lose her for this stupid reason." Diamond walked down the street over to his car. Seiya watched him go then looked up to the apartment building.

Back in the apartment, Andrew lead Serena to the sofa as she told him about what happen. At first Andrew was mad at both of his friends for making his sister cry but he listen to everything that she said.

"He never was suppose to know," said Serena. "Everything was perfect." Serena wipes her tears and looked at Andrew with her teary blue eyes. "I guess I'm not meant to have a perfect life."

"That's not true Serena," said Andrew. "A lot people love you and you can't help it, but do you really know why they love you."


"It's not because your pretty. It's because you are you. You're kind hearted and sweet to everyone you meet and people can't help but love you for that wonderful quality that you have."

"Okay, so what." Serena got up from the sofa. "So everyone loves me cause I'm nice to people. I'm not. I'm selfish, I'm a liar and I abandon my daughter because I was overwhelmed about coming back home. What crazy person would think that I'm nice?"

"Serena don't say that about yourself. You're not perfect I give that and you made mistakes. Who hasn't? But your biggest mistake will be letting stubborn Seiya win this fight." Serena laughed at her brother's comment. She knew Seiya could be stubborn jus like Darien. Maybe the two have some things in common after all.

"Every time we fight he always comes back." Serena drops down on the sofa. "I don't think he's going to come back."

"Then don't let him go." Andrew grabbed Serena's hands and looked into Serena's baby blues. Determination crossed through her mind and she quickly got up and ran to the door.

"Watch Rini for me." Serena rushed to the elevator's but they seem too slow. She then ran to the stairs.

Back outside, Seiya was about to walk down the street when someone spotted him from across the street. Seiya was surprised to see her again as she crossed the street and walked over to him.

"What a surprise," said Kakyuu with a warm smile. "I think it's fate that we meet again."

"No, not really," said Seiya.

"I never stop thinking about you when I left. You always made me feel safe." She intertwine her arm with his.

"Kakyuu I…" Kakyuu placed her fingers on his lips to silence him.

"I never should of left. I was happiest with you." She bowed her head and looked into Seiya's intense blue eyes. Kakyuu caressed his face and lean in to kiss him lightly on the lips.

Serena out of breath made it to the ground floor and rushed out the door. Approaching the entrance of the building she sees a figure that looked like Seiya standing outside. She was thrilled that he hadn't walked off as she pushed the door open. When she got closer she saw some red head kissing him and stopped on her tracks with the entrance door half opened. She saw Seiya push her lightly away from him.

"Kakyuu no," said Seiya.

Kakyuu felt sad that Seiya rejected her then she saw Serena at the entrance of the building. She had a confused and fluster expression. Seiya noticed that Kakyuu's attention suddenly fell on someone else and he turn around.


Serena was in shock but that didn't stop her from darting down the side walk. Seiya quickly pushed Kakyuu aside and rushed right after her calling out to her. Kakyuu watched Seiya leave her with her heart broken and realizing that she was no longer the apple of his eye. A small tear fell down her cheek and she watched Seiya chase after Serena. She composed herself and return to her apartment across the street.

Seiya was relief when Serena had stopped running. He felt like he was running for miles after her. After he caught his breath, he noticed that Serena still had her back to him and he could hear a little whimper coming from her.

"Kakyuu, she was my first love," said Seiya talking about the red head Serena saw lip locking with Seiya. He took a deep sigh and bowed his head. "I felt guilty for saying what I said earlier. It bothered me that you cared what he thinks." Seiya rolled his eyes and was a little ashamed that he showed his vulnerability to Serena. He took a deep breath and continue his speech.

"You make feel like I'm not worth being with you and that I'll never live up to your expectations cause I'll always be compared to Darien. I'm not Darien and I'm not taking his place. I just hope that you can find a place for me in your heart that…"

"You are in my heart," said Serena still with her back to him. "In a special place. Since the night at the Halloween party I had a deep feeling in my gut that you were the type of person I've been looking for all my life. I realized it later but fate seems to be a bit stronger than I."

"Serena." Seiya walked over to her and turned her around. He wiped a couple tears that were still streaming down her cheek. "Am I not enough for you?" He fell to his knees and grabbed her hand kissing it. Serena wide eyed looked at Seiya looking like he is begging her to respond sincerely.

"Seiya." Serena began to cry even more then grabbed him and hugged him tight. "You're enough and so much more. Don't ever think I don't appreciate you because I do. I can't help it with these mood swings. I'm just a complicated girl. Please forgive me." Seiya still holding unto Serena smelling the aroma of her shampoo smiled because the answer to his question was answered perfectly. The couple stayed there hugging each other for a while. They didn't care that it was cold out because they were covered in each others warmth both body and soul.

The next morning, Mina woke up at the hospital and almost jumped out of her chair when she didn't see Yaten laying on the bed. She ran to the door and was about to yell when Yaten exited the bathroom fully dressed. He looked at her with a strange look.

"Yaten," she called his name and hugged him tight. Yaten rolled his eyes then wrapped his arms around her. "What are you doing up? You'll hurt yourself."

"I'm fine," said Yaten. "I was awake since last night."

"You were." Mina pulled away from him and stared at him.

"Yeah." Yaten walked over to the bed so he could put his shoes on. "You were sleeping like an angel. Weren't you uncomfortable in that chair?"

"No, it's good for my back." Mina looked away and rubbed the back of her neck. "What are you doing? Where are going?" She saw Yaten get up from the bed and reach for his jacket then head for the door.


"You can't."

"Why not?"

"Because you're not well."

"I'm fine."

"No, you're not. Yaten." Mina pulled him and he turn to face her. "Please, I almost lost you and now you're trying to be all macho leaving the hospital." Mina looked at Yaten with watery eyes and Yaten gave in to her worried expression. He grabbed hold of her and pulled her close. He soothed her back and felt her cry on his chest.

"Okay, I'll stay."

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