If one were to look at the moon you would never believe that it was a place full of excitement. The moon was home to Queen of what is known as the Silver Alliance. The Silver Alliance was an alliance formed between the rulers of the planets, during the Silver Millennium, a time of peace throughout the solar system.

Each planet had its own ruler but the queen of the moon was ruler over all. The planets were split into two groups: The Inner Planets and The Outer Planets.

The Inner Planets consisted of Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. The Outer Planets were Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto. Earth was what is known as the missing planet because the rulers refused to join the Silver Alliance. So the Moon Queen, known as Queen Serenity, did the only thing she could do to ensure the peace and safety of her kingdom, she banned any king of contact with Earth.

The rulers of the planets all met in a hidden room inside the moon palace. In this room was a table with 10 seats. Each seat had a different symbol saying which ruler sat there.

Currently there were five women sitting around the table. At the head of the table was Queen Serenity herself. To her right was Queen Tranquility of Mercury and Queen Julia of Jupiter. To her left were Queen Ariel of Mars and Queen Aphrodite of Venus. The other five chairs stood empty. The two next to Queen Tranquility and Queen Julia were for the Queens of Neptune and Saturn; Queen Raine and Queen Darla. The two chairs next to Queen Ariel and Queen Aphrodite were for Queen Alexis of Uranus and Queen Melinda of Pluto. The last seat was for the Queen of Earth if they ever decided to join the Silver Alliance.

"Shouldn't we wait for the Outer Queens to get here before beginning this meeting?" A black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead asked from her seat on the table.

"No Luna, I have already spoken to them and they are in agreement," Queen Serenity replied.

"Yeah Luna pay attention," A white cat with a crescent moon on his forehead replied with a smirk.

"Artemis, be nice, you were going to ask too," Queen Aphrodite said to Artemis and he grinned sheepishly.

Luna was about to say something when Queen Tranquility said, "You two are like an old married couple."

"I couldn't agree more Tranquility," Queen Ariel said.

"So when is the wedding?" Queen Julia couldn't help but ask.

Luna was about ready to explode so Queen Aphrodite said, "Are our daughters to know?"

"Yes but we ar3en't going to tell them to whom," Queen Serenity said.

"How are we going to explain their arrival then?" Ariel asked.

"Simple, they aren't the only people arriving that day," Serenity smirked.

"You're a genius, who's all arriving?" Julia asked.

"My nephew and his inner generals will be returning from Saturn that day, plus the outer generals will be arriving also and finally the transport from Earth containing their Crowned Prince and his Generals. With all of these people arriving I'm hoping our daughters will not figure it out.

"They shouldn't," Aphrodite said. "The only one I would worry about figuring it out is Tranquility's daughter Amy."

"Don't worry if she does find out she will not say anything," Tranquility said. "She would come to me first."

"Good, then its all settled we shall tell our daughters about Serena's betrothal and about everyone's arrival on Monday, as soon as we are done," Serenity said.

"We should give the scouts a power upgrade while we are all together."

"That's a good idea Aphrodite."

"That's why I was the leader when we were active scouts, Ariel."

"You were only the leader because Sailor Venus has always been the leader throughout the generations." Ariel said.

Julia groaned, "Let's not have this discussion again, please."

"I agree with Julia, we've been having this conversation since the beginning of our scout days," Tranquility said with a chuckle.

"Shall we go?" Serenity asked.

"Yes, Luna, Artemis, would you go retrieve our daughters?" Julia asked.

"Yes, your Majesty," the two cat advisors replied in unison.

"Stop with the formalities you two; you know better," Chided Julia.

"Sorry," Luna and Artemis said as they left the room.

Serenity turned to the other queens and said, "Shall we head towards the throne room and wait for our daughters?"

All the other queens nodded in agreement and they left the secret meeting room.

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