"How long is this ride?" Ken asked.

"2 hours," Jupiter replied not bothering to open her eyes.

"Look I'm sorry about the way I acted in the training room."

"Whatever," she replied not bothering to care.

"Wow, that was cold. I was just trying to apologize for my rude behavior and here you are acting like a child."

"Whatever General Ken; I only have to deal with you until we reach Jupiter then you become Princess Lita's problem. Know this though, if you try to harm Princess Lita in anyway, I will take care of you personally."

"You Scouts call us Generals ignorant and arrogant but here you are acting as if you are superior to us in everyway."

"We are superior to you," Jupiter replied finally looking in at him.

"Your powers may be superior but your attitude and everything else is inferior and just sucks overall!" Ken replied. He knew he was antagonizing her but he couldn't help it she was just so infuriating.

Jupiter leaped up and moving quicker than Ken expected pinned him to a wall, "You dare say that to me?"

He just glared at her as he replied, "Oh I dare say it and I'll say it again your attitude sucks and clearly I am superior to you in that department because at least I can admit when I am wrong."

She hesitated for a moment but it was just long enough for Ken to turn the tables on her and pin her to the floor.

"You are going to pay for that," Jupiter said before she flipped them again. "No one speaks to me that way, especially not some weak and pathetic Earthing like you."

"Well this weak and pathetic Earthing just did," Ken retorted. "So just deal with it; you selfish arrogant Sailor Bitch."

Jupiter saw red and just as she was about to do something rash a voice sounded behind her, "Sailor Jupiter."
She turned around to see Princess Serena on the communication screen with a cold look on her face. "Yes Princess."

"Is that only way for a representative from the Silver Alliance and the Planet Jupiter to behave?"

Jupiter bowed knowing Serena was right, "I am sorry Princess my temper got the better of me. I will do my best to not let it happen again."

"And General Ken you are a guest on the Moon as well as on Jupiter when you arrive and you will be wise to remember that."
"Yes your highness," Ken replied bowing. "My apologies for my behavior."

"Accepted, now the purpose of my call is to tell General Ken that upon his return to the Moon, the Princess of Earth will be arriving the same day."

"Terra is coming to the Moon?"

"Yes she will arrive soon after your return in 2 weeks," Serena replied. "Now have fun."

As soon as Serena disappeared from the screen Jupiter turned and said, "You are damn lucky my Princess called when she did or you will be hurting right now."
"Whatever," Ken said and sat down in one of the chairs.

Jupiter laughed and said, "Pathetic," before she went into her room on the ship and shut the door.

Hour and a half later the ship touched down on Jupiter. As soon as Jupiter stepped off the ship she turned to Ken and said, "Well find a guard and tell him who you are and they will take you where you need to go."

"Isn't that your job?" Ken jabbed.

"Nope you are no longer my problem. Have a nice stay on Jupiter," Sailor Jupiter said and she disappeared.

Ken looked around dumbfounded. He was on a foreign planet and he was told to pretty much fend for himself.

A young girl walked up to him and said, "I'm Sergeant Liam, sir. Are you the General from Earth?"

"Yes," Ken said.

"Please follow me I'll show you to your chamber," she said sweetly.

"Is she always like that?"

"Like what?"

"So self-centered, arrogant and for lack of a better term, a bitch."

"No she's usually quite sweet unless in battle; you must have done something to really make her mad."

Ken smiled, "Well I did kind of taunt her a little bit."

"Well General, maybe you shouldn't do that. Just a little advice."

"Please call me Ken. I'll take that under advisement Sergeant."

"Very well Ken, I'm Jamie."

"Maybe you can show me around later Jamie?"

"I don't know Ken, you are here under Princess Lita's care that will be up to her," She smiled. "Well here are your chambers Princess Lita should be along shortly. She is finishing up some of her duties."

"Thank you and I do hope to see you again," Ken said and entered his room in a little better mood.


On her way to the throne room Sailor Jupiter detransformed and became Princess Lita again.

"Mom, dad, I missed you guys," Lita said running up to her parents and embracing them.

"We missed you to my darling," Queen Julia said.

"So where is the Earthling that was supposed to be arriving with you," King Justin asked. "I hope you didn't kill him."

"Well," Lita started out.

"What did you do to him dear?" Julia asked. "You didn't kill him right?"
"Of course I didn't kill him or actually harm him in any way," Lita replied.

"Then where is he?" Justin asked.

"Hopefully he's in his chambers," Lita said grinning.

"Hopefully?" Julia asked. "Lita stop acting like your father and just tell us already."

"Well I left him on the landing pad and told him to find someone else to show him to his chambers, actually Sailor Jupiter did."

"Lita, that is not how a representative of Jupiter behaves," Julia chided.

"Stupid Earthling probably deserved it," Justin countered.

"He did daddy, he was being obnoxious," Lita said giving her dad the innocent eyes that always ensured she got her way.

"See honey, our daughter was provoked and can't be held accountable for the actions that resulted from that."

"Oh you two are incorrigible," Julia huffed. "Lita be a good hostess and go get him so you can introduce him to us."

The innocent eyes never worked on her mother, "Yes mother," and she left the room with a smile.

"Must you always encourage her that way?" Julia asked her husband.

"Of course I don't want any guys attempting to take advantage of my little girl."

"She'd electrocute them first," Julia shook her head. "I used to think she acted like me but the older she gets the more of you I see in her."

Justin smiled, "At least she got your looks."

"Flatterer," Julia said then leaned over and kissed her husband. "It will get you everywhere."

"Oh I know darling," Justin said smiling.

Just as Julia was about to reply the heard Lita's voice, "Hurry up General you don't want to keep the King and Queen waiting."

"Yes," Julia said looking at Justin, "Acts just like you."

Upon entering Lita said, "I'm sorry we are late. Mom, dad this is General Ken from Earth. General Ken these are my parents, Queen Julia and King Justin."
"It's an honor your Majesty's," Ken said kissing Julia's hand and shaking Justin's.

"It's a pleasure to meet you young General," Julia said.

"Welcome to Jupiter," is all Justin said until his wife discreetly nudged him. "If there is anything you need please feel free to ask. My wife and I hope you have a pleasant stay."

"Thank you your Majesty's. From what I have seen you have a beautiful planet."

"Thank you General," Julia replied. "Now Lita please show your guest around before dinner."

"Yes mother," Lita replied. "This way General."