Title: Desperate

Summary: Sam and Daniel are trapped on a planet with a race of people whose civilization is dying out and the Goa'uld in charge is desperate to prevent it. Will be S/D later.

Rating: T for later chapters

Spoilers: Seasons 2-5 are fair game

This is my first SG-1 multi chapter fic. I'm not the best with those so please be nice!

I don't own anyone or anything except the villagers and Captains Roland and Kelly.


Sam stood near one of the villages rickety old houses, watching SG-1's former archaeologist speak avidly with one of the villagers. The language was a dialect of Spanish, like it had been in all of the other villages on the planet they'd visited, so it had been easy for both Daniel and Sam to pick it up.

Ever dince the Goa'uld, Camaxtli, captured SG-1 and sent the scientific half to one of his many planets, they had been trying to find a Stargate to return and get back up to recue Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c.

According to Daniel, these people on the planet had a mixed culture. Everyone they encountered had blonde hair and blue eyes like the people of northern Europe. They worshiped Aztec gods, Camaxtli in particular, and spoke a dialect of castillan Spanish. Their huts and villages resembled that of a village in Ghana.

The worst part was, the villages were so far apart that she and Daniel had to really "book it" to get to all of the ones they had come to so far.

The man to whom Daniel had been speaking with stood up and walked by Sam, not even acknowledging her presence. 'The Shavadi all over again,' she thought bitterly before walking up to Daniel, whose bent head said the news that they had been dreading, but come to expect.

"No gate, Colonel O'Neill or Teal'c, huh?" she asked.

"Sam, what are we going to do?" he asked despairingly, lifting his head up wearily. "This is the twenty-eight village we visited in the past three months! We were on Camaxtli's ship here for at least a week and captured on his other planet for at least another. The SGC must think we're dead by now."

"We have to keep looking," protested Sam.

"I never said I intended to," Daniel shot back. "On a different note, is it possible that Camaxtli removed the Stargate?"

"Well, according to what we know about the Goa'uld, it's possible but not likely," answered Sam. "I assume that Camaxtli would want a Stargate on this planet to 'pay their respects to their god.' Or possibly even to take people through it for new hosts. Then again," she said, sitting down next to Daniel, "they could just as easily do that by ship."

"I don't see why he would want to go to the effort to fly here when he might have a gate at his desposal," Daniel pointed out, ever opptimistically. Sam leaned into him, showing a rarer vulnerale sit, and Daniel put his arm around her.

"Are we ever going to see them again?" Sam asked quietly. She knew it sounded silly, but she wanted the reassurance.

"I'm sure we will. One way or another. We'll think of something," he said wearily. "We always do."


Three Months Ago:

"Unscheduled off-world activation!" rang throughout the halls of the SGC as the klaxons began going off.

General George Hammond descended the stairs into the control room. "Sergeant?"

Harriman answered the General's unfinished question. "Receiving IDC. It's SG-1. sir."

"Open the iris," ordered Hammond.

The iris opened and Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c stumbled onto the ramp.

"Close the iris!" Jack shouted.

Hammond nodded to Harriman who quickly complied. Hammond then proceded into the embarkation room.

"Colonel, what the hell happened? You're three days overdue," berated Hammond, though not unkindly.

A loud thud on the iris before that wormhole finally shut down distracted them for a moment.

"Where are Major Carter and Doctor Jackson?" he continued.

"We--we don't know," choked Jack.

All right, you can tell me during the briefing," said Hammond, understanding that now would not be the best time for explanations.

A half an hour later, Jack, Teal'c, and Hammond began the briefing.

"We went to the planet and it wasn't even ten steps away from the gate that we were surrounded and out numbered by Jaffa," began Jack. "They took us to one of those pyramid ships and threw us in a holding cell. Teal'c thought it might have been a kind of summit for the lesser System Lords."

"Are you sure?" interrupted Hammond.

"Indeed," replied Teal'c. "On our way to the holding cell I noticed large quantities of Jaffa warriors each belonging to different sects. Though it is possible that the Goa'uld system lord, to whom the ship belonged, may have gathered many Jaffa followers from his enemies."

"I see. Continue Colonel."

"Well, sir, then the ship took off. We figured the summit thing lasted for about a day, or at least, what was left lasted for a day. Anyway, after Carter calculated that a day went by, a couple of guards came and took Carter and Daniel away. We didn't see them after that," said Jack, pausing before continuing. "Some time later, the same guys came and got us. We were interrogated, the bad guy introduced himself, it was something like camelti."

"Camaxtli," interrupted Teal'c.

"Yeah, that's right," said Jack, "then Camel told us that Carter and Daniel were gone and it was too late to save them. Then he sent us back with the same two guards and we managed to kick the crap out of them then get away from there."

"I see," said Hammond again. "Teal'c have you heard of...Camaxtli before?"

"I have not," replied Teal'c.

"Alright, dismissed," said Hammond after a pause, then, "Colonel."

Jack paused. "Yes, sir?"

"Don't beat yourself up over this. You did what you had to do."

"Yes sir, but I don't believe that that was all I could have done. I figured that when we got to the gate, we could go back with reinforcements," said Jack.

"Colonel," said Hammond regretfully. "You know I can't do that. The president won't authorize me to go after two people and risk many more in the process."

"Yes, sir," replied Jack again. He'd let this go for now, but come tomorrow, he would use all of his power of persistence to get his kids home again.


Three months later-Earth:

Jack was waiting impatiently outside General Hammond's office. Ever since Carter and Daniel were labeled KIA two months ago, he had become a shadow of his formal self. The "kids" where the ones here at the SGC who kept him young and pulling his greying hair out. Without them, the hall were quieter and the coffee suppy somewhat more stocked.

He was also still reeling from the za'tarc incident a couple of days ago. Martouf had ended up being the za'tarc and it tore him up to have to be the one to kill one of the few reminders of one of his kids.

It had almost been worse to break the news to Jacob. Hammond had dialed the Tok'ra and asked if Jacob could come back to Earth for some news. Naturally, Jacob was suspicious that no one came to tell him anything and he had to go back to hear it. Not that he was complaining much. Jack could see Jacob getting angry (basically reacting how Jack had reacted the day after the briefing) but when Hammond informed his old friend about Carter, Jacob just sat there.

He knocked on Hammond's door, as usual, prepared for the briefing to one of the knew planets found on one of the planets on the Abydos cartouche.

"Come," called Hammond.

"Hey, sir," Jack greeted and took his seat.

"Nice of you to join us," returned Hammond. "Captain, the readings please," he said to SG-1's knew astrophysics expert.

Captain Terry Roland happily obliged. "Well sirs, simply put, the planet is almost Earth-like atmoshere-wise. There were no signs of life near the gate so it looks like it sound be an in-and-out mission," she reported.

'Great,' thught Jack. 'I can't wait.'


I know I left off on a cliff hanger but I'm having trouble with the next part. I know where the story's going, it's just getting it down. R&R BTW, if anyone has any good ideas, I can probably use anything I get.