Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Well here is the third chapter, hope you like it.

"Why are you following me?"

Lenne stood there shocked, unsure of what to do. Her mind was desperately trying to find a way around her current problem. Unfortunately that same problem didn't much like the lack of response to his question.

"Why are you following me?" He repeated, this time with a hint of annoyance edging his voice. Still Lenne didn't say anything, she just stood there frozen to the spot.

"Look, I'm not in a very good mood right now so just tell me what you want so I can go home"

Lenne not wanting to get him too angry blurted out the first thing that came to mind "Who the hell are you"

'Oops, probably not the best choice of words' Lenne looked at him apprehensively to see how he would react to the not-exactly-polite question.

She watched as he quickly turned to face her, and clearly quite surprised and annoyed at the question.

"Who am I?" He asked incredulously "You're the one that's stalking me, normally people don't stalk other people and then ask them who they are, it's usually the other way around."

"I know" Lenne started shyly "It's just I heard that guy, 'Axel' you called him, say your name in the bar and I needed to know…are you Shuyin…from the Abes?"

Her question was met with silence. She fidgeted a bit, starting to fell a bit nervous. If he was Shuyin then she didn't know what would happen, but if he wasn't then this could become pretty awkward.

After waiting a few seconds, she decided that she didn't much like the silence. "Look would you just say a simple yes or no so that I can go home and get some sleep already?"

To Lennes' surprise the man burst out laughing. Laughing!! Seriously, here she was standing in the cold, waiting patiently for some kind of response to her perfectly reasonable question, and he starts laughing! What was so funny about this anyway?

"Ya…I'm Shuyin" He finally elaborated, giving Lenne a funny look, "And you are…?

"Ummm.. My names Lenne" She squeaked, overcome with excitement. She was talking to Shuyin! And he was talking back! Was that awesome or what?

Shuyin let out a small chuckle,"Wow, you really get excited don't you?"

"I'm not excited", Fattest lie EVER.

"Uh huh, I can tell"

"Hey! I'm just a little… ok I'm excited" She gave in, "What of it?"

"Nothing I guess, just a little funny how a name makes you so happy is all"

"It's not just a name!" Lenne blurted out. 'Woops. He's going to think I'm a total creeper. She started to cry inside.

Again Shuyin burst out laughing, "You're a funny one aren't you? Well it is late and I need head beck to my place for some much needed rest. Lenne was it?

Lenne nodded.

"Well I'm going to go now, I'll see you some other time maybe, Bye.

And with that he turnedand walked away. He made it about ten feet before he stopped suddenly and turned to face her. Concern etched on his face.

"Let me walk you home"

Lenne was shocked. It was hardly a question but still she had to ask. "Why the sudden…?"

He gave her a look as if to say 'duh', " I'm not just going to leave you to walk home by yourself"

"Why not?" She asked, still confused.

"It's the middle of the night and we're in some back alley on the outskirts of the city. I'm sure there are plenty of guys who would enjoy the company of an attractive young girl walking home all by herself". The message sank in.

"Oh", Was all she could say. She hadn't even thought of that, "Thank you"

"Yeah no problem", A pause, "Lead the way"

Lenne turned and started walking back the way she had come. A smile crept up on her face when she saw Shuyin follow her. She had never thought it possible that she would even talk to him, yet here he was walking her home out of concern for her wellbeing. Then she remembered. He said attractive!

Her smile only got bigger.

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