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This is a really random AU thingy. Baisicly it takes place in an alternate universe where Maddie is in charge of the large Fenton works lab, wich is in constant competition with Axion, owned by Vlad Master's.

When a supposed weapon created by Axion, named Phantom, breaks in, things change for him, and for the Fenton's as well..

There we go. Plot bunny. This was never meant to be posted, but...ok...


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The world around him blurred as he fell to the ground, a large gash in his side. The boy's white hair hid the pain in his eyes from view.

He was too weak for his master. Too weak to fulfill his destiny. The sirens blared all around him hurting his ears. People ran out, and took him by his arms, lifting him roughly to his feet.

"I say we kill him right now." Snarled a voice.

"No." Said another. "Think of all the things we could learn from him. He's a genetic marvel. If we could just study him…"

The boy just wanted to die.

He could feel his power slipping, and soon twin white rings traveled over his body, changing him to a boy with raven hair, and clothes to match. They hung loose around his limp frame, darkening with his blood.

"We should at least treat his wounds." Said yet another voice. "He may be a weapon created to use against us, but he is still a person, and should be treated as such."

"You're such a softie Maddie." Snapped the first voice.

"It's the right thing to do." The other voice insisted.

The boy groaned as his feet were dragged across the ground, his large black boots scuffing the metal floor.

The only thing he could think of was how he had let his master down.

And how he had failed his destiny.

When the boy opened his eyes, he was in a metal room, strapped to a panel, lying on his back. The alarms had silenced, and his ears felt better now. The boy tried to relax, but found himself unable to. There were people in lab coats and goggles all over the place, looking at charts, and machines. The boy tried to phase through his bonds, but was shocked. He gritted his teeth, and tried to bare the pain. A woman with light brown hair in a lab coat approached him. The boy tried to shrink away from her, but found himself unable to.

"It's ok." The woman said. "My name is Maddie. I'm not going to hurt you."

The boy remained silent, glaring at her with his ice blue eyes.

"Can you talk?" She asked. "If so, tell me your name."

There was a pause and then, in a raspy voice that hadn't been used much, he replied,


"So those people at Axion didn't even give you a proper name." Maddie said. "Those monsters."

Another person in a lab coat glared at the woman.

"If you haven't forgotten Maddie." The person snarled. "He is a monster. Phantom suits him very well. A freak like him doesn't deserve a real name."

Phantom was silent.

Was he a monster?

He was raised to do only one thing: Obey his master.

Before all this happened, his master, Vlad, had instructed him to steal an experimental ghost controlling device from Fenton works. He had made it inside, but the security was heavy.

The device had been in his hands. He had held it. He had felt it.

Then a blast from a ghost laser had forced him to run for it. Along the way, he dropped the device, and when he went back for it, he was struck in the side.

It had been so easy for them to capture him. And now, Phantom was property of Fenton works.

From ever since he could remember, he had always followed Vlad Masters' orders. Vlad's word was law, and Phantom had learned the hard way what would happen if he disobeyed. The master had a glowing whip that he would use frequently on the boys bare back. He had permanent scars from it.

Vlad also rarely permitted Phantom to speak. He was to be the silent warrior, only nodding when he understood, never shaking his head in confusion. That would result him being beat.

But when anyone asked him his name, he was always to respond.

He was Phantom, plain and simple. He didn't have a proper name, as Maddie put it.

He had never really felt fear before. Not like this. Sure sometimes Vlad would become very angry, but he wouldn't ever kill him. That was something that Phantom could always rely on, but now…

These people would probably dissect him.

He struggled against his bonds again, pulling with all his might. Panic swept over the boy, as he looked wildly around. He wanted to shout out, but he wasn't sure if he could. There was someone in a lab coat coming at him with a syringe. Phantom tried to phase out again, but the same thing happened. He had to get out, but how?

"No!" He finally shouted. Then the boy closed his mouth. He wasn't supposed to speak.

"Wait a minute." Maddie said, pushing the other person aside. She came closer to the boy, who shut his mouth even tighter.

"It's ok for you to talk here." The woman said. "Talking is the very thing that could save your life.

"I'm not supposed to." The boy whispered. "I'm never supposed to talk. The master wants me to be silent."

He wasn't sure why he told her. Maybe he wanted to live. Maybe he just wanted to use his voice. But still he told her, and she frowned and said, "If you help us, we can make sure that all the people at Axion are punished for their crimes."

"Crimes?" Phantom asked, curiously.

"Well yes. Even you are a crime. There had to be numerous illegal experiments involved in your creation. All of the powers you have. They made you like this. The question is…were you once a human, or did Axion create you from scratch?" Maddie looked at the boy, lost in thought. Phantom was scared by the whole thing. His eyes were wide in fear.

He really wasn't sure what he was. He'd never thought about it. All he ever thought of was obeying master. That's all he could remember. But then…

There was that time of pain.

Phantom tried to block it from memory from coming back, but found it impossible. The entire thing was hidden in a blur, but the boy could make out certain scenes. There was the thing that Vlad always called 'Punishment.' A circular metal tube that would fill with green liquid, preventing the boy from breathing. He would cough and choke, involuntarily swallowing the fowl substance. After what seemed like eternity, the boy would be removed, and returned to the padded white room where he was forced to stay.

'Punishment' wasn't the only torture. Sometimes there would be the needle, filled with a glowing red substance. He would be placed in a strange white suit that would prevent him from moving. The second the liquid left the syringe, an uncontrollable shaking would come over the boy. His vision would turn crimson, and everything would go blank.

"Do you know what you are?" Maddie asked, abruptly jerking Phantom out of his memories. He looked at her with his ice blue eyes, and shook his head.

"I didn't think you would." She sighed, "Oh well. We'll find out."

Phantom's eyes followed her hand, as it moved over to a metal table. He panicked as the woman's fingers closed around the plastic cylinder.

"This is just going to hurt a little bit." She said.

Visions of violent shaking, and out of control convulsions plagued the boy's mind. He could see himself hunched against a padded wall, his head whipping back and forth, his hair switching from black to white.

Now as the metal needle came near him, the boy struggle to get out once more.

"No!" He shouted again. Tears came unbidden to his eyes.

Maddie paused.

"It's just going to sedate you for an hour so we can run some tests. You won't feel a thing. Maybe a small prick, but it's nothing compared to that ectoblast you took in the side."

Phantom shook his head.

"No!" The boy screamed, tears rolling down his cheek.

Maddie drew her hand back. Phantom's eyes were still wide with fright.

"What are you doing Maddie?" One of the scientists demanded. "You shouldn't pity an enemy weapon!"

"Be quiet!" The woman snapped, throwing the needle back on the table. "This is my lab, and I will do what I want! Phantom is obviously more than we thought! He's a person, and right now he's afraid! We'll find out more if we're kind to him!"

Phantom frowned.

She wanted information. That was the only reason she was being nice. The second she got what she wanted, he would be killed. And for one moment…he thought someone cared about him.

Maddie turned back to the boy.

"I'm sorry." She said. "But it's important that we get those tests. It would be much easier if your were asleep for the whole thing. It's either the needle or the mask. To me the latter would be more frightening." The woman then took a strange triangular cup attached to a long rubber hose, off a hook on the wall. She flipped a switch, and gas began hissing through. Maddie lowered the mask closer and closer to Phantom's mouth. At the last moment, he panicked, a new memory flashing through his mind.

There was a man, dressed all in black, holding a fowl smelling cloth. It covered the boy's nose and mouth, making his senses fuzzy, and causing him to black out.

Was that happening again?

He lost something last time. Something important. He knew that his life was changed forever that moment.

The boy begged to be let out, but this time, Maddie did not listen. Phantom groaned as the mask covered his face, the gas getting into his nose and mouth. Once more his senses weakened, until everything was swallowed up by black.

Phantom felt something soft underneath his body. It wasn't like the padded room at all. This thing wasn't rough or hard. It felt soothing. The boy rolled over, and pulled some more soft material around him. He only had a slight pain in his side from the ecto blast, but his systems were quickly healing it. Phantom didn't feel bad at all. He'd never felt better.

For the first time in his life, he wasn't really afraid. Maddie was right. He didn't get hurt.

Maybe he had been wrong about her. What she said could've just been an act. Something inside the boy so wished it to be true.

"Phantom?" Asked a familiar voice, as the door creaked open. The boy rolled over, and sat up, looking at the woman intently.

"It's good to see you're awake." She smiled. "See? That wasn't so bad."

Phantom returned the smile, and nodded.

"It'll take a while for the results to get back." Maddie continued, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Until then, you'll have to stay here."

"And what after that?" The boy asked, once again turning his blue eyes to the woman.

"That all depends on the test results." She replied. "If your powers can be removed, then you can most likely be reintroduced into society. But if they can't…"

"You'll get rid of me…" Phantom whispered.

"No." Maddie said hurriedly, waving her hands. "We won't get rid of you. You'll just have to stay here. It's not much of a life though, but having powers like that would attract the attention of the guys in white. If they were to discover our existence, we'd all be arrested, and you would most likely be dissected."

The boy looked away sadly.

"But I'm not going to let that happen to you." Maddie smiled, placing her arm around Phantom's shoulders.

"We've been keeping this a secret for a while. They haven't found us yet. And even if they did, I'd make sure that you'd get to safety. I promise."

Maddie shut the door behind her softly as she left, careful not to wake the sleeping Phantom. She smiled to herself, and began walking down a metal hall and over to a door that said, " LAB."

Before she could open it, it flew open with a whoosh, and a tall muscular man wearing a white coat emerged.

"Why did you put Jeyna in charge of the boy's tests? You know I'm better at that than she is!"

"This is my private home!" Maddie snarled, pushing the man back through the door, and following him. "You're not supposed to go there! That's why I put Jeyna in charge! You never listen, Rick!"

"You're keeping that thing in your house!" Rick snarled with contempt. "He'll kill you in your sleep. He should be in the cells with the rest of our subjects!"

"He's different." Maddie whispered. "He's like a person. I feel that we'll get more information if we're kind to him."

"Or we could just force it out of him. You weren't there when he broke in. He was tense! He ran around like he knew just what he was doing, getting rid of our defenses, like he was just swatting flies! We're out of robo guards now, and all the lasers are gone. The one that got him was from a scientist's gun. It was luck that he was around. Phantom just ran in, got what he wanted, and started to run out. It was like watching a machine."

"Did you see him do all this?" Maddie asked suspiciously.

"I saw the footage from the ruined cameras. It was downloaded into the computer. Watch it yourself. Maybe you'll see him differently." And with that the man walked off.

Maddie stood for a moment, watching him go. She knew that Rick was usually hot headed…but…

Maybe he was telling the truth.

The woman found herself walking the path to the security room, and standing before the computer, typing in the date and time Phantom had broken in. The computer asked her for a password. She typed on the keyboard again, and waited. There was a bleep as the hallway appeared on the large screen. Maddie looked at it a few moments, before an explosion ripped apart the wall sending debris everywhere. Phantom emerged, his hair snow white, eyes green. He wore what looked like a white baggy long sleeved shirt, and pants. A black belt was placed over one shoulder like a sash. In is ear was a strange black device.

"I never saw that." Maddie whispered to herself. Then a siren began to sound, and Phantom cringed, placing his hands over his ears. Then he ripped the device out, breaking it to pieces with his white boot. Then he seemed confused that the noise didn't stop. A laser flew past him. The boy reacted by firing an ecto blast blindly in the direction it came from. One of the guards exploded. Then Phantom stood erect for a moment, his eyes glassing over. He whipped his head to the left, and took off. A hoard of guards was coming his way. The boy snarled like a beast, and blew them all apart, without even stopping. The alarms still seemed to be bothering him, but the boy plunged onward. Soon he came to a door. He placed his hand on it, and sent an ecto pulse through it. The door melted. Phantom walked in. In a second, he was out, holding the device in his hands. The alarms grew even louder. This seemed to confuse the boy. He stumbled into a wall, and then took off running again. Maddie noticed that he had dropped the device. Phantom realized it in a second, and went back to get it. That's when an ecto blast flew out, hitting the boy in the side.

Maddie shut off the computer, and walked from the room. It wasn't as bad a Rick made it sound, but the way he destroyed the guards…

It was impressive. And scary at the same time.

And then there was his sensitivity to sound. What caused that? Was it just a natural trait, or had it been programmed into him?

Had the scientists at Axion altered anything else?

That was assuming he was human.

Maddie sighed, and walked through the labs, stopping at a room filled with high tech computer equipment. Inside was a girl with blonde hair and thick glasses, rapidly looking at a large screen. On it looked like a picture of someone's brain.

"Prof. Fenton!" The girl smiled. "We just got the results of the brain scan. Look at it. His senses are off the charts!"

"That would explain his sensitivity to noise." Maddie mused looking at the picture.

"Exactly. Having heightened senses would be an advantage for what he was designed to do, but the levels that they're at…they're too high. Even a car going past would hurt him."

"Good work Jeyna." Maddie smiled. "It seems that in his quest for power, Mr. Masters created a flaw in his perfect weapon. A flaw that played to our advantage. Keep working."

"Yes Prof. Fenton." Jeyna said, turning back to the screen.

Maddie walked away, and checked her watch. It was almost time for her daughter to come home. Maybe she should tell Phantom about her, so he was prepared. Who knows what would happen if his weapon instincts kicked in when Jazz opened the door. He only seemed to trust Maddie. Everyone else scared him, and with reason. All of the others saw him just as a weapon, but Maddie knew that Phantom was more.

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