Harkens Cave

Prompt: #001 Hide

Notes: Written for 100situations

There it was in front of them, no more than a hundred or so metres away. Harkens Cave. The isolated outcrop of rock edged the small town of Hayden and had history that one could only guess the extent of. According to the townsfolk, the spirit of Sir William Harkens, whom had lived there centuries ago when the town had first been constructed, haunted it.

That was all that they had been able to get from the people. They had been scared of talking to the agents, should the ghost be listening to them. Other sources had been required to get the information that the case needed, the best being a diary holding everything down to the last detail of what the author believed had happened. It was impossible to know how much of the diary's contents held truth.

"Scully," Mulder whispered, turning to face his partner. "What d'you think? Is it possible that ol' Harkens' tale in town rings true?" He grinned over at her like a child on Christmas morning as they moved closer.

"I don't know, Mulder. Is it?" Scully retorted sarcastically. Her lip curved up into an involuntary smile at his limitless enthusiasm and she paused a moment to tie back her hair with a length of blueberry coloured ribbon that she pulled from her pocket.

"I think it might, actually."

They arrived at the steep banks that overlooked the cave and stopped, momentarily distracted by the beautiful splashes of red and orange that painted the horizon.

That's when Scully saw 'it'. Crouched low on the ground, 'it' was barely visible due to a large boulder that stood partially in the way and the fast approaching darkness that was beginning to consume everything from sight.

"Mulder! What's that?" Scully grabbed his arm with one hand and with the other, pointed down at the 'creature'.

"Scully, I think…I think it's an alien!" Mulder gaped at it excitedly. "It must've been hiding down in the caves or…or something." He edged closer to the cliff face and peered down. Just as he found a good place where he could see 'it' quite clearly, he blinked. When his eyes flickered back open in the matter of milliseconds, there was nothing there.