First of all, I must warn you people that the characters may be slightly OOC seeing as how I gave them a completely different past from the original story. Remember, this is an AU. So, please don't come throwing flaming fireballs at me.

Disclaimer: Gravitation belongs to Maki Murakami-sama.
Heaven's Child


A four year-old boy with unusual violet eyes ran down the empty street, breathing heavily. Looking back, he gave a sigh of relief to discover nobody behind him. Brushing away a mixture of sweat and tears with the back of his hand, he looked up at the still-dark sky. He hadn't learned to tell the time yet, but he knew it was very early in the morning.

Slowing his run down to a walk, he wandered about aimlessly. He didn't recognize the area; after all, he had never been here before. A splashing sound met his ears and he continued towards it until he caught sight of a park. Entering it, he saw a fountain and neared it.

Having never seen a fountain before, he watched in fascination as water gushed upwards and was pulled down again by gravity. He propped himself up with his arms as he leaned closer, peering into the water. Wondering if splashing the cold-looking water would get him into trouble, he shot a furtive, almost guilty look around. The park was empty save for a few pigeons pecking at the ground. That, and coupled with the lush green surroundings with the sound of splashing water made a beautifully peaceful scenery.

Peace was good.

He hadn't had much peace ever since that day, when he woke up to find himself lying on the hospital bed, feeling strangely empty. He couldn't really remember what had happened but he knew there had been a lot of crying, and creepy silence.

Taking one last look around, he blinked when he noticed a standing figure watching the birds. Funny, he had been certain he was alone. The person's back was facing him, silky-looking blond hair fluttering a little as a gentle morning breeze caressed it.

Even as he watched, the person with nice-looking hair shifted slightly as another bird landed near him. The boy could see his eyes now; he didn't think he had ever seen anything as pretty as the pair of startlingly molten gold orbs. The silent figure was, to his simple mind, beautiful. He decided he was an angel.

But why did the angel look so sad?

The fountain forgotten now, he silently snuck up on him. Without even turning around, the angel spoke. "What are you doing here, Shuichi?"

Shuichi blinked. "How do you know my name, mister?"

The angel didn't answer him. Instead, he asked, "They're pretty, aren't they?"

Then he turned around; and Shuichi couldn't stop his eyes from growing round. Close up, he could now see the seemingly endless pain clouding the angel's otherwise crystal-clear eyes. As young as adults said he was-Shuichi insisted he wasn't young; they were just old, -he could recognize the look of sorrow and loneliness; two emotions he had been getting rather well acquainted with lately.

Yet another pigeon landed on the ground, beady black eyes watching the angel almost inquisitively. Shuichi realized he was referring to the birds and bit his lip thoughtfully before agreeing. "Yep, They're really pretty! How lucky!"

The angel nodded slowly and continued watching the pigeons. "They are lucky, are they not? Not only do the look pretty, they are one of the few that have been gifted with the ability to fly. They must be very well loved, to be granted wings."

Shuichi frowned. "Are you sad, mister?"

The angel didn't reply and Shuichi's frown grew, the serious look out of place on his babyish face. He didn't like seeing the angel sad. An idea struck him and his hand dove into the pocket of his overalls. "Here, mister. A strawberry lollipop for you!"

He was satisfied to see the corners of the angel's lips quirk upwards slightly. "Thank you, but you can keep it."

Shuichi felt anxious. Didn't the angel like candy? Oh, wait. The reason hit him. "You don't like strawberry? You shouldn't be so picky," Shuichi chastised the angel sternly, imitating his mother, "but don't worry, I have other flavors!"

The quirk blossomed into a light smile. "Thank you, Shuichi. I am afraid sweet things do not agree with me, though."

Shuichi pouted for a moment before sliding the candy back into his pocket. "Okay, if you're sure." Maybe angels weren't allowed to eat sweets. He decided that must be true since all the angels he had ever seen on television didn't have cavities. Shuichi felt truly sorry for him. Poor, poor angel. He couldn't even eat candy!

A daring snow-white dove landed gracefully to perch on the angel's shoulder, folding her wings neatly. Absently stroking the dove's head, the angel looked directly into Shuichi's eyes and spoke softly, almost to himself. "God gave them wings, and allowed them to explore the vast sky as they wish; but is freedom truly theirs?"

As he voiced the last part out as a question, the dove took off, rapidly followed by every pigeon there. They all soared into the sky with the lone white dove leading, until they seemed to be mere specks against the blue of the sky before disappearing.


Startled, Shuichi automatically turned towards the voice. His mother threw her arms around him and pulled him into a tight hug, sobbing. His father was there as well, pure relief evident even with the dark eye bags-proof of sleepless nights- marring his handsome face.

"Where did you go, Shuichi? Your mother and I were so worried when you suddenly took off. Don't ever scare us like that again!"

Shuichi squirmed a little in his mother's almost suffocating embrace, feeling guilty. He mumbled an "I'm sorry."

His mother only held him tighter. "Oh, Shuichi. You don't know what a fright you gave me! After everything that has happened, if I were to lose you as well…I don't know how I could live. I can't lose you…I can't."

His father patted his distraught wife's back comfortingly, a weary look etched on his face. "It's okay, Kotoko. Nothing bad happened. He's fine."

Drying her tears, Shuichi's mother released him from her arms and took hold of his hand instead. She smiled wanly at her husband and son. "You're right. Come on, let's go home. Enough excitement for one day."

As his parents started to walk away, Shuichi didn't move, remembering the angel. He resisted his mother's tugging hand and twisted around, looking back. He frowned and wrinkled his nose in puzzlement; the angel was nowhere to be seen.

"What's wrong, Shuichi?"

Shuichi looked up at his mother's questioning gaze and pointed to the spot where the angel last stood. "I met an angel today, mommy. He was pretty. He looked so sad though. I was talking to him over there but he's gone now."

His mother stared at him worriedly and his father frowned.

"What are you talking about, Shuichi? You were alone when we found you."

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