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"You what?!?"

"Sammy, calm down man." Dean paced at the end of the hospital bed. "It just seemed like the right thing to do. I mean Joshua was going to drive her there, but he's going to be laid up for a while now, because of his last hunt. 'Sides Dad sent some co-ordinates not far from there." Sam continued to give him a stare of genuine disbelief. "It seemed like the right thing to do." He muttered, using all of his self-control to look Sammy in the eyes, instead of staring at his feet and scuffing his shoes like a four year old who had done something wrong.

"First, it's Sam. Second, when have you ever cared about doing 'the right thing'? You've never cared, so why start now?" Sam became a touch too animated in his ranting and inadvertently moved his left shoulder, wrenching his bullet wound causing him a great deal of pain. "You can pick up girls anywhere, even hospitals…especially hospitals!" Sam groused as he gingerly touched his shoulder. "You know how wrong that is, don't you?"

"What can I say, natural talent Sammy, I've got what they want." Dean replied, smiling smugly as he folded his arms over his chest and basked for a moment in his glorious self, or what he considered to be his glorious self, Sam didn't appear to agree. "The point is, this'd be a favour to Joshua because he is worried about letting Zoe down." Dean appealed to Sam's close relationship to Joshua. Out of all the hunter friends of their father's Sammy was closest to the old hunter. Sam respected and liked Joshua, as the man had been kind to the boys and had even sided with Sam against John on a couple of memorable occasions, like when Sam had wanted to go on field trips with school, or had wanted to play little league.

"Really?" Dean could see Sam's resolve crumbling. "Well I guess…when you put it like that."

"Great. There's just one thing…"

"What's that?" Sam sighed bracing himself for something outrageous.

"She doesn't know what we do."



"Did I hear shouting coming from your brother's room? Is he alright?" Zoe sat across from him in the hospital's cafeteria, eyeing her green Jell-O with a dubious look on her face.

"No Sammy's fine, he just moved his shoulder and it kinda hurt." Dean gave her a reassuring smile and gave his own orange Jell-O a jab. "This is some of the worst Jell-O I've ever seen and believe me I've been to a few hospitals in my time."

"How many?" She asked, still intent on the Jell-O blob before her.

"More than three hundred, at least." Dean replied, somewhat hypnotized by the jiggling dessert before him, not really thinking about what he was saying.

"What? Oh my God, why?" Her spoon clattering loudly on the table as she gaped at him in shock.

"That's the second time I've gotten that exact reaction today." Dean snapped out of his autopilot and smiled trying to distract her with a bad joke. "Oh, okay that could seem like a lot but that's been over my entire life, counting visits to family and friends." He gave her a reassuring smile, lying with all his normal smooth confidence all the while mentally kicking himself for saying such a stupid thing. "Never anything serious either, just the usual stuff."

"Really? Because three hundred seems like a lot, at least where I come from it seems like a lot." Zoe gave him a searching look, examining him for signs of illness, only noticing the wear and tear of all his years of hunting. "Just don't keel over on me, okay? I need that ride since Josh is going to be heading home to recuperate." She gave him a dazzling smile to show that she was kidding.

"We should be able to leave today, Sam's just waiting to get the doctor's okay and then we can hit the road. Sorry about earlier this morning, it's never happened before I swear." Dean stared at the hospital tabletop, too embarrassed to meet her eyes.

"It's okay, I completely understand its-" Zoe placed a compassionate hand on his forearm.

"No, its not. I mean I offer you breakfast and just as we-" Dean took his turn to cut her off, the kind tone in her voice too much for him.

"Dean it's not the first time this kind of thing has happened, I understand, really I do."

"Its just, I'm sorry I just left. Its…he's my brother, so when they phoned saying he was awake and asking for me I had to go. Even if it was halfway through, I'm really sorry I couldn't finish with you, but he's family."

"You act like you've never left a girl in the middle of breakfast before. Don't worry about it, we'll get a rain check for it." She smiled another spine melting smile and gently patted his hand.

Zoe puzzled Dean; she was so vital, so fresh and youthful. He had a hard time believing she was 22 let alone 37 she was just too fun. Normally he didn't go for older women, but there was such energy about her, he was too intrigued to fight its pull. Once Sammy met Zoe he'd stop grousing about giving her a ride.

"Dean? Dean?" Zoe waved a hand in front of his eyes to draw his attention. "Its almost eleven o'clock, isn't that when your brother is being 'released'?"

"Uh, yeah oh and one more thing." Dean smiled wickedly, a gleam in his eyes. "No matter what he says or how much he complains you have to call him 'Sammy'. He may whine, a lot, but I know he secretly loves it." Dean grinned at his pet name for his baby brother.

"Okay, I'm sure he'll thank you for that." Zoe replied dryly.