Okay, here is the usual disclaimer: I do not own supernatural, nor any character created by the show, nor some of the ones in t

Okay, here is the usual disclaimer: I do not own supernatural, nor any character created by the show, nor some of the ones in this story 'cause I stole them from almost 'real' life (my friends). Nor am I making any money from this unless my friends try and bribe me not to put it up, but I will anyway, so alas no money.

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On The Road Again

The next morning came too soon for Dean and Sam, as Dean hadn't slept well worrying that because they'd taken time off someone might be harmed. His nightmares were filled with his father, Bobby and Pastor Jim all berating him for his lack of faith to the cause. Sam had been up late looking over the research they'd collected, trying to puzzle out what the threat could be. He'd been comparing everything in Dad's journal against their monster stats but so far he couldn't figure out what it was. Because of their worries over their day of vacation they needed yet another vacation and wanted to sleep in, for a good long while.

In the end Zoe had called their room to wake them up and get them on the road, her voice over the phone very apologetic but firm that they should get a move on. It was strange because Dean was going to say the same thing only a couple hours later, as he hated to wake up. After barking at Sam to pick up the phone and then listening in on the conversation, Dean knew he had to get up. Sam informed Zoe that they'd meet her at the diner in an hour. After quickly packing and taking time for a very quick shower, they took off to the diner, Dean shuddering as the light hit him in his sleep deprived eyes.

"Well, well, look what the cat dragged in." Zoe called to them as they wandered in the door, already seated at a table, with a coffee.

"Good morning Zoe." Sam smiled at Julie who was working this morning. "Sorry we took so long, Sleeping Beauty here didn't want to get up."

Dean replied with a nearly incoherent growl, begrudgingly taking off his sunglasses as he sat down beside Zoe at the table.

"I wasn't the one who had to style my girly locks for fifteen minutes!" He smiled widely at Zoe as Sam sputtered out a lame excuse, that at least he didn't have a brush cut. They ordered from a very pleased Julie who kept flirting with Sam, making eyes at him as she served him.

"I do believe that Julie over there will be devastated to see you leave, Sammy." Zoe smiled at Sam as he sent Dean a glare full of daggers, for him telling Zoe to call him that.

"She's nice enough and we had a good time, but I'm sure she'll get over it pretty soon. We spent the better part of last night talking, or rather me listening to her complain about her ex-boyfriend and how he'd be so jealous hearing that she was out with me." Sam smiled as Dean gave him a sympathetic look. "It was fine, we had a nice time and I dropped her at her door. Did you and Dean enjoy the movie Zoe?" Sam asked changing the subject and smiling as Dean blushed all the way to his ears, and Zoe began to gush about how great the movie was.

They had a nice languorous breakfast and then went back to the motel to toss their bags into the car so they could get on the road. After a few hours on the road Sam called their contact, Tom Hauptman at 'The Place' to let him know they were on their way and hopefully would be there late that night.

"Well I didn't hear of anything happening last night, and we're rounding up the gang to see if anyone heard of anything." Sam could almost hear the man shrug over the phone. "Hopefully by the time you boys get here we'll have something useful to report."

"Actually its not just me and Dean." Sam glanced at Zoe in the backseat, who appeared to be typing away on her computer, not listening to the conversation. "We've got a friend travelling with us so we were hoping you might be able to put up one more?"

"No problem, the gang here has plenty of room and no one minds sharing." Tom's smile came across over the phone, making Sam smile in response. "We're a pretty laid back lot here."

"Well we are on our way and we should be there this afternoon." He looked over to Dean who nodded in confirmation, his eyes never leaving the road as he pushed the speedometer further over the legal limit.

"We're fighting the Seven Mile Bridge now, so I think we'll be there fairly soon." Sam noticed the sign as they began passing the many mini keys that made up the Florida Keys.

"Do you boys need anything special set up for when you get here?" Tom asked as someone began to speak in the background, just beyond Sam's hearing. "Hey Jake I'm on the phone with the guys Jim is sending." Tom asked, background noise beginning to get louder, the clinking of glasses and voices of others.

"If you could have the people who are involved in this ready when we get there?" Sam offered not able to go into detail with Zoe in the car. "I've gotta go, the signal for my cell is starting to die."

"Alright, drive safe kid, we'll have dinner ready here when you all show up, a welcome to 'the Place' BBQ for you kids."

Sam sat back and enjoyed to stunning Florida scenery, which was surprisingly beautiful compared to all the fields and dreary cityscapes he was so very used to. Within a few moments Zoe looked up and began taking pictures of everything including Sam and Dean. It quickly devolved into a silly photo session. Of course she asked Sam to take a few shots from his better seat and begged Dean to pull over every fifteen minutes so she could get the next perfect shot. There for the journey took them a little longer than it should have, though it was far more rewarding than it would have otherwise been.

As the bridge over the keys wore on, Sam considered checking the map again to see how much further they had to go. He was digging through the tightly packed glove compartment when Zoe struck up a game of 'Questions' with him and his attention was solely on the game, in not too long a time.