"See The Sky Again" - By Jehuty42

Chapter 1 - "In the car, I just can't wait..."

The day started out the same as every day in the previous week. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was pleasantly warm with a light breeze in the air. It was the last day of the school year before the summer holiday and every student at Odaiba Junior High knew this, and as such nobody felt like doing any work. Especially two people in particular, Takeru Takaishi, known as T.K, and Hikari Kamiya, known as Kari. This is because tonight was to be their first official date. It was a year since the digi-destined defeated Malomyotismon and with no other threats to the digital world to occupy them for a year, their time was spent doing other things, and in T.K and Kari's case a lot of it was spent with each other. Nothing had come of this, though, because of one of their friends and fellow digi-destined Davis Motimiya. It was a well-known fact, by almost everybody in their grade, that Davis had the biggest crush on Kari. It was this that kept T.K and Kari from getting together before now, although they would never admit it.

However, two weeks earlier, Davis had come up to T.K after his final end of year basketball match and said, "Err T.K, can I have a word with you"
"Sure." T.K replied, "Just give me ten minuets to get showered and changed, okay"
"Okay, I'll be waiting out front. Great game by the way." "Thanks." T.K shouted on his way to the changing room, and Davis left to go and wait outside. In the last year T.K and Davis had set aside their differences and had become very good friends, so it wasn't unusual for Davis to be found watching one of T.K's basketball matches with the rest of the digi-destined. But that night instead of going straight to the café down the road from the school to celebrate, as was the arranged plan after such events, Davis stayed behind to talk to T.K.

When T.K emerged from the changing room he found Davis standing under a tree just outside the main entrance to the school. He walked over to him and said, "Hey Davis, so what did you want to talk to me about"
"You rocked out there today, man. You really wiped the floor with the other team"
"Thanks." T.K replied slightly puzzled "But I'm sure you didn't wait around just to tell me that, what did you want to say, it sounded important"
"Okay, just gimme some time, this is hard for me." Said Davis, and then he left a slight pause before continuing, "And don't interrupt me after I get started okay," he added.
"Okay, whatever." T.K said, and then waited for Davis to continue.
"I've seen how much time you are Kari are spending together lately, and how close you've been getting and it occurred to me that you two deserve to be together. Now it's no secret that I like Kari as well, but after having seen you two together so much I decided that if that is the way you feel about each other, I won't stand in you way. You should ask Kari out." Davis finished. T.K just stood there in stunned silence. If he was expecting Davis to say anything it was certainly not that. After several seconds of silence Davis said, "That is how you feel isn't it T.K? Or have I totally misread the signals along with everyone else"
"No man, that's how I - we - feel. Thanks a lot, that means a lot to me, a hell of a lot actually. Hey wait a minuet, what do you mean everyone else?" With that Davis suddenly broke into a big smile "Dude, you two have been practically living with each other for that last two months, it's no secret that you two like each other big time. Matt and Tai even started a bet to see when you two would have your first date." Davis said this almost laughing out loud.
"Bet huh, Tai did that?" T.K said almost to himself, he then said, "So what day did you pick then?" also breaking into a smile.
"The last day of term, I thought it had a nice ring to it." Davis replied, they had started walking towards the café where they were going to meet the rest of their friends.
"I'll see what I can do for you, I mean it's the very least I can do. Thanks again Davis"
"Don't mention it. It's clear that she really likes you and besides I heard that Erin Carter from my Geography class has had her eye on me for some time, and well to put it bluntly, she's a babe." With that T.K laughed, as did Davis. They then walked the rest of the way to the café talking about the game and how T.K and his team had flattened the other team. Little did Davis know that he would be seeing much more of Erin Carter in the coming weeks.

It was 4 Days after T.K and Davis' chat before T.K finally asked Kari out. She had said yes, and they had arranged that their first date would be on the last day of the school term so they would have something to look forward to, and now that day had finally arrived. T.K and Kari thought that it would be appropriate to not see each other until their date later that night. This wasn't too much of a problem, as they had no lessons together that day. At lunch T.K went to eat with Davis and Cody Hida, another one of the digi-destined who was also the youngest of the group, and Kari went with Yolei Inoue, also a member of the digi-destined.

"So are you excited about tonight Kari?" Yolei asked. She had been badgering Kari about going out with T.K almost as long as she had known them and was the most excited when they announced that they were going out, even amongst the older members of the digi-destined who had known T.K and Kari ever since their first trip into the digital world five years ago. Her first reaction to the news was a very loud "Eventually!" which was followed quickly by an equally loud "Congratulations." And now that the day had arrived she was almost as excited as Kari.
"I think the phrase you're looking for is, more nervous than I have ever been in my whole life." Kari replied. Although it was lunchtime Kari hadn't eaten anything, instead she just looked at her lunch and occasionally picked at it with her fork.
"What have you got to be nervous about? T.K's a great guy and besides you've known him most of you life." Yolei said, trying to sound reassuring.
"That's exactly the problem Yolei, he's my best friend. As much as I like him I don't want anything to happen to our friendship"
"Oh Kari, you worry too much. I don't think you have to be concerned about anything happening to your friendship. You two will be best friends forever regardless of what happens in your romantic relationship. Listen, try not to think about any of this and just have a good time tonight, okay." Yolei was still trying to sound reassuring, however she all but ordered the last part.
"Okay I'll try. And thanks Yolei, you've been a great help." Kari said smiling now.

Little did she know that T.K was having almost exactly the same conversation with Davis and Cody outside the lunchroom.
"What if I screw everything up and she ends up hating me." He said with a very worried look on his face.
"Dude, what are you worrying about. You're not going to screw anything up; you're going to have a great time tonight and Kari's going to have a great time. She's definitely not going to wind up hating you." Davis said in his most sympathetic tone of voice, which made him sound like a very bad psychiatrist, but T.K got the point none the less.
"Davis is right T.K. You two have known each other too long for something like that to ruin your friendship. Your two are the closest friends I know and tonight can only help to make you closer." Cody said. Although he was the youngest of the group he was without doubt one of the wisest and most sensitive, which made him sound like he was one of the older members. His wisdom was gained from years of listening to his grandfather, who in Cody's opinion was the wisest person he knew. He also spent a lot of time with Yolei, which helped in these situations, as Yolei was the self-proclaimed queen of relationships. Cody put this down to her holding the digi-egg of love, but he also had a sneaking suspicion that she watched a lot of daytime soap operas on the television, but he never brought that up in conversations.
"You guys are right. I don't know why I'm worrying, just nerves I guess. I'll try to have a good time tonight and make sure Kari does as well." T.K said with gratitude towards his two friends.
"So what's your plan for tonight?" Cody asked.
"Well I'm picking her up at 7 o'clock, taking her to see a movie, dinner, then maybe a walk through the park depending on the time." T.K said sounding a bit more like himself.
"Pulling out all the stops then, sounds like fun. What movie are you taking her to see?" Davis asked.
"I thought maybe Resident Evil"
"Err, T.K are you sure Kari's going to like that movie?" Cody asked sounding slightly worried.
"Sure. She loves films like that, she told me a few weeks back. In fact her favourite's Alien. She said how much she wanted to see Resident Evil, so after I asked her out and we arranged the date I made the proper arrangements and booked the seats." T.K said sounding very pleased with himself.
"You really have thought of everything." Davis said sounding very impressed. With that the bell went signalling the end of the lunch break. So Cody said his goodbyes to Davis and T.K, as he had to go to a different classroom, and they all left for the afternoons lessons.

The rest of the day passed without incident, however it seamed to T.K that time was moving slowly on purpose to prevent him from getting home. When the bell finally went signalling the end of the day and the end of the term almost all the students cheered and T.K practically ran out of the class. He said a hurried "See you tomorrow" to Davis and headed towards the door where he ran into Yolei and Cody. "You're lucky, you just missed Kari." Yolei said. The trio were now walking back to their apartment block. "So Cody tells me that you have everything planned for tonight"
"That's right, I made all the plans and arrangements last week, I booked the movie tickets and made reservations at the restaurant"
"Davis was right you really have pulled out all the stops and thought of everything." Cody said sound just as impressed as Davis had. "Have you decided what you are going to wear?" Yolei asked.
"I thought I would get Matt to help me with that." T.K answered. Matt Ishida was T.K's older brother and one of the original eight members of the digi-destined. They didn't get to see each other much as their parents had divorced and T.K had gone to live with his mother and Matt with his farther. However, recently their mother had taken a job in another district and instead of moving T.K again their parents had thought it best if Matt and his farther moved into T.K's apartment. This was good for T.K as he got to spend much more time with Matt, but now very rarely got to see his mother.
"Are you sure that's wise, taking fashion advise from Matt. I mean he is in a rock band after all." Said Yolei.
"No, but it's a kind of courtesy thing, and besides he wants to give me some advice." Answered T.K grinning to himself.
"Ooh worrying, I had the older sibling advice from my sister before my first date with Ken. Trust me it's useless." She said this also grinning. Ken Ichijouji was the last person to join the digi-destined; as before he did he was the Digimon Emperor, self-elected evil overlord of the digital world. The group fought him on many occasions before finally making him see the error of his ways. It was a while after this that he joined the group. Yolei had been interested in him for some time before they found out that he was the Emperor, and even after her feelings didn't disappear so two months ago they started dating. What surprised Yolei the most was that he asked her out; she had no idea that he had the same feelings for her.
By this time they had reached their apartment block. They got into an elevator and pressed for T.K's floor. The trip up was in silence and T.K only spoke when he reached his floor. He said "Well I'll see you tomorrow in the park"
"Why there?" Cody asked.
"Izzy wants to meet us there, he said he had some big announcement to make so he wants us there for midday"
"Okay then, I wonder what Izzy wants, he probably bought a new computer. See you tomorrow, and good luck for tonight." Yolei said as the lift doors closed and T.K shouted back a hurried "Thank you," and left for his apartment. Izzy Izumi was the resident computer expert of the digi-destined and was always coming up with new theories to do with this and that, so impromptu meetings called by Izzy were quite commonplace. He was most often found in the company of Joe Kido, the resident medic of the group. He was a year older than the rest of the older members and was studying to become a doctor.

Meanwhile, Kari had already got home and was being grilled by her brother. Tai Kamiya was also a member of the original eight digi-destined and was the leader of the group. Everyone looked up to him, but none more so than Davis. Davis saw him as a role model and mentor and even owned Tai's goggles. Tai had given then to him on his first trip into the digital world a year ago after he broke his own. Tai was dating another member of the group, Sora Takenouchi. They had been the closest friends of the group, next to Kari and T.K, and had started dating a little over six months ago. Sora was the same age as Tai, Matt and Izzy. As she and Tai were together, she was very rarely seen out of Tai's company. Tonight was no different, she was at Tai's apartment under the pretext of seeing Tai, but she wanted to make sure Kari looked her best for T.K. "Well, where is he taking you?" Tai asked Kari.
"For the third time, I don't know, he said it would be a surprise and that he has already taken care of everything. Why are you so interested anyway"
"I just want to make sure that we don't run into you two and spoil your evening"
"So what are you two up to tonight then"
"We haven't decided yet"
"Kari it's a quarter past six, shouldn't you be getting ready now." Sora broke into the conversation Tai and Kari were having.
"Oh god, is it that late already. Are we going to have time to get me ready before T.K gets here?" Kari asked starting to panic. Sora broke into a wide grin.
"You really are new to all of this, you should always be at least five minuets late. It adds to the impact of your entrance"
"So it's true!" Tai shouted, at this both Sora and Kari started giggling. "Everyone said I was just being paranoid, but you do make us wait." He continued.
"Come on Kari, let's get you ready and leave Tai to his conspiracy theories." Sora said still giggling, and with that they left for Kari's room.

Over at T.K's apartment, things weren't going quite as smoothly.
"I am not wearing a suit, I don't want to look like James Bond. We're only going to the movies and then for some dinner." T.K shouted at Matt who was trying to persuade him into wearing a black tie dinner suit.
"But some places require you to wear this sort of dinner suit." "This place doesn't, I checked before I made the reservations." T.K protested.
"You really have thought of everything." Matt said sounding highly impressed that his little brother would have thought of things like that.
"Okay, you're the third person to have told me that today, I just like to be prepared for things like this, and before you ask yes I have plenty of money. I got dad to leave me some before he left this morning." Like his mother, T.K's father worked a lot. But unlike his mother he didn't move around as much. T.K's father worked at the Odaiba television station, he worked long hours and was very rarely at home this meant that T.K and Matt had the place to them selves most of the time.
"Okay then forget the suit, but at least wear a shirt. A proper one mind, not one of those t-shirts that you are always wearing, you want to look good for Kari"
"I know and I am grateful for the help, thanks Matt. Didn't you have some advice you wanted to pass on to me?" T.K asked sounding slightly apprehensive.
"Oh yeah," Matt said is if just remembering. Then, as if breaking into a long speach he said, "Don't make an idiot out of your self tonight and do something stupid." There was a pause.
"That's it." T.K said shocked.
"Yeah, what were you expecting me to say, be the perfect gentleman and eat with your mouth closed and all that stuff"
"Something like that"
"Come on T.K, I know you too well. I know you would do all that anyway so what would be the point of me telling you to behave like that"
"Thanks Matt, for having faith in me"
"What are big brothers for? Hey shouldn't you get going, it's ten to seven, you don't want to keep Kari waiting"
"Yeah you're right. I better hurry." T.K said, hurriedly putting on the shirt that Matt had been brandishing at him. He then grabbed his jacket, put on his shoes and left shouting "See you later." As the door closed. This was followed by Matt shouting "Good luck," through the door, but he couldn't tell if T.K had heard him.

Over at the Kamiya's, Kari was ready and waiting for T.K to arrive. She waited in her bedroom after taking Sora's advice on making T.K wait. At seven o'clock, on the dot, there was a knock on the door. Tai went to answer it and found T.K waiting on the other side. Instead of greeting T.K in a usual manner, Tai just looked at his watch and said to T.K, "On time I see." He had a big grin on his face and held the door open for T.K to enter. T.K got Tai's joke and replied by saying "really I thought I was ten minuets late." He was also grinning, but this was more with nerves. As the pair were walking into the lounge Tai said, "Kari will be out in a minute, she's just putting the finishing touches to her self"
"Thanks." Was T.K's reply.
"So what are you two doing tonight?" Was Tai's next question.
"Well I thought we would go catch a movie then go for some dinner and see what happens from there"
"She's not dragging you to see Resident Evil is she, she hasn't shut up about going to see that for weeks"
"Actually, yes. I booked the tickets last week as well as made the reservations for the restaurant, but she doesn't know about any of this yet, it's all a surprise"
"Wow," Tai said with admiration, "You really have thought..." But the rest of that sentence was cut off by T.K saying,
"Don't say that, everyone has said that to me today and it's getting a little old. So what if I like being prepared for things." He said this with mild irritation, but much amusement. Tai caught on and just grinned at T.K.

It was about this time that the door to Kari's room opened and Sora emerged.
"Hey Sora." T.K said filling with anticipation.
"Hey T.K," Sora said also filling with anticipation, but no where near as much as Kari was at this point, "She's ready." She said. Tai stood up to get a better look at Kari. When she came into the lounge there was a stunned silence.
"Here I am." She said timidly. T.K just looked at her, speechless. Kari was wearing a knee length black dress with a slightly longer, elegant thin white over coat. Sora had done her make up and she had tied her hair back into a short ponytail, Sora had said it would make more a feature of her face if she did this. She looked, in Tai's opinion, to be about 20.
"You look amazing." T.K finally said after he had regained his power of speech. Kari blushed but replied by saying, "Thank you T.K. You look incredible your self." Now it was T.K's turn to blush. He also looked, in Tai's opinion, to be a lot older than he actually was. After what seemed like hours, Tai finally broke the silence.
"So are you two leaving, or are or just going to stare at each other all night?" He said sarcastically. "Yeah, we had better go. We don't want to be late." T.K said.
"Late for what?" Kari asked.
"That's a surprise." T.K answered, winking at Tai. After what seemed like an appropriate pause Sora said,
"Well you two have fun tonight." Which was followed by Tai, who said,
"Make sure you're back by midnight, that was the last thing mum said before dad and her left earlier." Like T.K's parents, Kari and Tai's also worked a lot so it wasn't uncommon for then to be out of town a lot.
"Okay then." Kari said. T.K then turned to her.
"Are you ready?" He asked.
"Let me just grab my bag, then we can go." Answered Kari, and with that after saying goodbye to Tai and Sora they left.

The walk to the theatre was mostly in silence as T.K was still in awe of Kari, and Kari of T.K. When they got there Kari guessed what the first part of the date would be.
"You're taking me to see Resident Evil?" She asked with growing excitement.
"Yep, I've had the tickets booked since last week." T.K replied. With that she took T.K's hand and practically ran up to the booking office, dragging T.K behind her. When they arrived there T.K showed the tickets to the clerk and went through.
"Want some popcorn?" T.K asked.
"Sure." Kari answered, and then added, "You can't go to the movies and not have popcorn." As if this was the most obvious thing in the world. After they got popcorn and drinks they went to find their seats, still holding hands.
"I could get used to this." Kari whispered indicating their hands as they sat down. T.K just smiled in reply not knowing what to say, but Kari knew he felt the same. They held hands throughout the movie.

When the movie finished T.K and Kari left the cinema to go onto the restaurant. Kari was talking very excitedly about the film they had just seen. They were still holding hand and were getting very used to it now.
"That was a great movie," she said, "Especially that bit with the dogs, you nearly covered that guy next to us with popcorn when that bit came on." She said smiling widely at T.K.
"Well the less said about that the better." He said sounding slightly embarrassed. "Come on we have dinner arrangements now." He said leading Kari towards the restaurant. They walked there with Kari still talking about the film but some of the initial excitement had worn off. When they arrived T.K said "This is the place." It was quite an expensive looking restaurant, but there were a number of people T.K and Kari's age there so it couldn't have been that expensive.
"This is amazing, when did you find this place?" Kari asked.
"Actually Matt found it a few weeks back and told me about it, he said it would be perfect for tonight." T.K answered.
"Well he was right, but it looks a bit full in there, are you sure we will get a table?" Kari asked sounding a bit concerned.
"Don't worry, I made reservations the same time I booked the movie tickets." T.K said leading her inside. When they got inside they were approached by a waiter.
"Good evening." He said.
"Hi, we have reservations under the name Takaishi." T.K said, the waiter checked a list of reservation on a table near the door.
"Ah yes," the waiter replied, "If you would follow me." He led them to a table near a window overlooking the bay. Once they were seated the waiter went to fetch some menus.
"This is really beautiful." Kari said looking round the restaurant, then out of the window and finally gazing into T.K's eyes.
"Well, I'll say something for Matt, he does know a good place to eat. He does enough of it." T.K said returning Kari's stare. She smiled at T.K's joke but didn't reply. They sat in silence looking into each other's eyes until the waiter returned with the menus.
"Would you like to order drinks?" he asked.
"Sure," T.K replied, "Kari"
"I'll just have a mineral water." She answered.
"And I'll have a coke." T.K replied. The waiter nodded and left to get the drinks. T.K took Kari's hands and held them over the table.
"You're right. This place really is nice." He said taking his first proper look around. The dining area was set in a large hall with lots of tables of varying sizes. The tables weren't in any particular order and there were several waiters weaving in and out between them, several of the smaller tables were candle lit.
"Hey T.K, why didn't you get a candle lit table?" Kari asked curiously.
"It's a long story, but the upshot is that candles and I don't have a very good history, and besides I thought the view would make up it. Why, did you want candles?" T.K asked.
"No, I was just curious. What sort of history?" She asked now sounding concerned.
"Ask me some other time it's too much to get into now." T.K replied. At this point the waiter returned with their drinks.
"Are you ready to order?" He asked. They had completely forgotten about the menus.
"Not just yet, come back in about five minuets." T.K said to the waiter. They thanked him for the drinks and he left.

The rest of the dinner went smoothly. They talked to each other, after having gotten over the initial shock of seeing each other. When their meals arrived they ate mostly in silence. After they had finished, and left the restaurant, T.K decided that because it was still early enough for them to go for a walk. They walked towards the park holding hands, and when they got there they stopped at a point looking over the beach. They both turned to face the view and T.K put his arm over Kari's shoulder, she reciprocated by slipping an arm round his waste.
"You really do look beautiful tonight." T.K said turning his head to look at Kari, "Not that you don't always look beautiful, but you look especially beautiful tonight." He added.
"Thank you T.K. You look really good your self." Kari replied, and then almost immediately afterwards said, "Do you how long I have wanted to say that"
"About as long as I have waited to do this." T.K said, turning to face Kari completely. He then moved forward and kissed her lightly. Kari stood there speechless, but then moved forward herself and kissed T.K more deeply. After what seemed like an hour to the pair, they broke apart and turned to continue looking out over the beach, arms wrapped around each other again. They stood in silence for a while before T.K said, "You know, we really owe Davis a lot"
"Whys that?" Kari asked,
"Well we both know it was because of him we didn't get together before now." T.K said.
"True, but what does that have to do with anything"
"Well after my last game a few weeks back he came up to me and told me that although he liked you he wouldn't stand in our way, as it was obvious that we liked each other." After a slight pause Kari said,
"Wow, I was being mean to him only this morning. That was really nice of him"
"I know, besides I think he has found someone else." T.K said with a grin.
"Oh really, who"
"You know Erin Carter, the British girl from our history class, well she's in Davis's geography class, and well I can see it happening. She always cheers for Davis at his soccer matches"
"I see what you mean." Kari said.

After a while of standing looking out over the beach and talking they had decided that they would head back, as it was getting quite cold and late. T.K offered to walk Kari home, so they headed back still with their arms around each other. The trip back was much the same as the trip to the cinema, except their silence wasn't because of shock but just because they were enjoying each others company. When they reached Kari apartment Kari said,
"Thank you so much for tonight, I had such a great time"
"Thank you for agreeing to come with me, I had a great time too." T.K replied. With that they just looked into each other's eyes before engaging in another kiss. When the broke apart they just looked at each other again, before Kari said.
"Well good night, I better get in before Tai kills me"
"Okay then, I better get home as well. I dare say Matt will want to give me 20 questions when I get in. Good night." With that they kissed again and Kari went inside and T.K left for his apartment. Things, in T.K's opinion, couldn't be more perfect.

Little did T.K, or any of the other digi-destined for that matter, know that on the other side of the planet, the British government were getting ready to send the first team into the digital world.

To Be Continued..