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Chapter one.

Inuyasha's rosary, the only thing the bound him to her, was now taken off and was being played with by Kagome. This necklace held so many memories, that Kagome couldn't help but smile. Soon that smile was replaced by a look of pure agony as she remembered why she had it with her

" I wish for Kikyou to live again." Inuyasha whispered and the jewel shone brightly. This was the one thing he had wanted for as long as he could remember. The one wish, which was not for him but rather for the woman who never got a chance to experiance her life, who had always been burdened by the thoughts and the duty of protecting the shikon jewel,something that she had never wanted... As a bright light shone over the entire clearing,he let go of the shikon and the jewel was soon replaced by Kikyou. He couldn't have been more happy in his life. He finally got what he wanted. He had stolen the jewel to make this wish, because he knew that no one would approve of this for they did not understand his intentions or his desire to see the woman who held his heart be alive again. Inuyasha took Kikiyou's hand and started to move towards the hut ready to explain. As soon as he entered, and everyone saw Kikyou, they knew what he had done. He looked over to the side only to see Kagome trying hard to hold back her tears. She looked at him, her eyes full of sorrow. Hurt and betrayal clearly showed on her Kagome always had known that such a day would come when Inuyasha would decide, inside she always knew that the hanyou's decision would not be in her favor but still she had hopes, hopes that were quickly shattered as the pair came in view. Maybe not approval but acceptance of the situation made itself known to Kagome as she stood and started moving towards her long time friend, she just stared at him for few seconds then she reached out and pulled the rosary off his neck. Confused golden orbs looked at her, the eyes which she loved, confused and perhaps a bit sad...Inuyasha asked her as to what was the reason for the sudden act and she solemly replied, " You have a new life to start now and I don't want you to be bound by me through any spell." Resigned and completly drained the usually vibrant miko she walked out of the hut. Inuyasha knew that with this decision made he could no longer stay with his friends, he was fully aware of the reprecautions of his act when he had made the wish, with a heavy heart but a quite understanding the hanyou said his goodbyes and walked out of the old hut to start a new life. A life with Kikyou.

Soon after that Sango and Miroku had gotten married and moved to another village to settle down with Shippo. Kagome had a hard choice to make, not hard now really, because first she wanted to stay in the feudal era only because of him, but now that he had left, there was no reason to stay. She had just visited her friends the other day and was now packing her bag to go back to her time forever. Her friends had understood, and even as her heart ached she knew that she had to leave otherwise she would forever be broken. She had to leave her friends, Sango her sister, Miroku, her wise lechorous monk, and most of all Shippo, her son. It was the hardest to say good bye to the kit, as they both cried at her decision to leave. It was all just too much to bear, as much as she wanted to be a part of Shippo's life she could not be without destroying herself, she was leaving and doing them both as a favor. In the end the young miko hugged Kaede, the wise woman who she had come to love as her a child would love his/her grandparent. With tears in her eyes Kagome went determindely towards the well. She had planed to seal it once she got home.

Things were going okay until

" Kagome!" She turned around to see who it was but soon she was swept off her feet and into the arms of Kouga. Her hopeless friend looking down at her with his wolfish grin that most would find very charming. However Kagome sighed, as she knew what was coming, he was going to try and convince her to stay, and then she was going to slowly talk some sense into him, then he would say that it was all Inuyasha's fault and etc etc. he set her down after she was a good distance away from the well.

" Are you going home?" He asked breathlessly.

Kagome looked at her friend as she knew this was probably the last time that she would see the young demon, nodding at her friend she replied with a soft " Yes."

Although Kouga knew the reason for her wanting to leave, he just had to ask " Why?"

" Because that is where I belong. My job and my debt to this era is done. I am now free Kouga." With that said the young miko looked around at her surroundings as one would as if looking for it for the last time. She sighed again... this was going to be a tad bit difficult then she had originally thought.

" But I.. you should stay here. What are you going to do? Your friends are here I am here." The wolf demon grabbed the miko's hand, he was not just going to let go off her that easily, he had to atleast try to convince her to stay. He had always seen the young woman besides himself as his mate.

" I know.. but this is not the right thing for me to do. I must go. I know that its hard for you, its been hard for me too. But you have to try and understand. I cannot live here."

With her answer Kouga knew that he had lost, but one last try would not hurt, he started again " Kagome... I know you donot view me anything more than your friend, but I have always thought of you as my mate... If you just give me a chance to prove myself.. Just give me some time to prove to you and to show you what our lives together can be like... Dont leave Kagome... " The usually brash youkai lowered his head waiting for her answer...

Slightly taken aback by Kouga's words, the young miko shook her head trying to clear her thoughts and to give the demon a reply that would make him understand, " I know and I understand but please try to understand Kouga I cannot stay here... I just cannot... You have always been one of my best friends! And I still wish that even with me gone that you would one day understand my reason for not wanting to stay.."

Kouga sighed and forced a smile on his face, understand the meaning of her words " Okay, alright, if this is what you want." He kissed her lightly on the cheek and left.

He left! He left her alone in the middle of nowhere! She didn't know where she was. Oh God! How the hell was she going to get back? She called him hoping that he would hear her, but he didn't. So she decided that it was better to start moving and see what fate had in store for her.

She was walking slowly when she heard a shrill scream; curious and a bit scared the young miko ran towards the source of the voice and came to a small cave. It was dark inside. She turned on her flashlight, and the sight that greeted her wouldn't be forgotten in a long time. A little girl was crying over the body of a man. The man was covered in blood and barely breathing. Kagome being how she was instantly went over to help, she turned and played the flashlight over the man, and the man was, Sesshoumaru! He was cut and bleeding. His ward was crying over him, afraid if her father like figure would die. Kagome comforted the child and started to dig in her bag for medical supplies. Years of staying in the feudal era had taught her the skill of taking care of wounds and being able to lend help if needed.

After cleaning and dressing the wounds, all she could do was pray that his demon powers kicked in and he healed soon. She went towards the girl who was observing all this from a distance and sobbing quietly.

" Come here." Kagome motioned to the girl.

Though a bit reluctant, she still came forward, Kagome instantly wrapped her arms around the little girl, the girl calmed and quieted. She felt safe in the arms of this strange woman, who had helped her guardian, and was now offering her comfort. Slowly the girl drifted into the world of dreams. Kagome set the girl down and looked over to the form of unconscious Sesshoumaru. She could not help but think about why the great Taiyoukai was in such a state...

I hope he makes it. This girl needs him. I know he will make it but what then? He will be disgusted by the fact that a human touched him. He'll try to kill me, like always. And I wouldn't be able to protect myself. Even Inuyasha wont come this time. But what if... a strange idea came to the miko n she smilled mischieviously...

She looked down only to find Inuyasha's necklace tied around her hand. Perfect. She stood up and placed the necklace on Sesshoumaru's neck.

Morning came and Kagome was roughly awoken by an angry taiyoukai. " Oh Good morning Sesshoumaru." Kagome said smiling.

" Why are you here wench?" Apparantly Sesshoumaru's demon powers had kicked in some time at night, and the said demon was currently looking at the young girl ready to slaughter.

"You were in a pretty banged up shape when I came here. I helped you." Kagome replied innocently.

" My demonic healing does fine, your assistance was not required. And what could a mere human do?" He said, his voice dripping ice.

This angered Kagome, how could he? The nerve of the guy! She just helped him and he says that she couldn't do anything! Well he was certainly wrong. Her anger flared and Kagome decided to give the arrongant Taiyoukai a piece of her mind.

" Listen here you jerk! Your high and mighty demonic power apparently didn't help you because when I came in you were on the brink of death! I dressed your wounds and all you can say is that you didn't need my assistance! Demonic healing or not, you would have died if I hadn't helped you! You jerk! Idiot! Arrogant cold hearted bastard!" Kagome finished her ranting when he growled, a menacing growl which promised death. But she wasn't afraid, as Sesshoumaru made his way towards her, she yelled on top of her lungs, "SIT!"

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