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Chapter twenty.

Sesshoumaru the demon lord of the western lands did not like to be kept in the dark and at this moment, although his mask of indifference was in place his blood was boiling.

He wanted nothing more then to barge in the miko's room and demand answers for her actions but he being the demon that he was would not stoop so low as to ask the miko a human to give reason for her actions.

And why is that my lord?

The miko does not deserve this Sesshoumaru's respect, this Sesshoumaru has given her everything and yet it is because of her that this Sesshoumaru's property was harmed.

Really? Then how come I remember you telling Shio that she was your property and that he was to keep his hands off her?

The miko belongs to me alone.

A little possessive aren't we?

No, the miko stays under my roof, I provide her with her necessities I own her.

And that is why you broke her and told her that she was the reason your castle was attacked.

She was, if it weren't for her…

She doesn't even know why she was attacked!

That does not justify anything.

What does it not justify? Your actions for her mistreatment? Her not knowing the reason you became suspicious of her? Her getting attacked by some stupid demon sent by Mouyi?


Can't explain yourself for once can you?

Sesshoumaru knew that was true, for once in his life he could not defend his actions for he didn't know why he had done what he had in the first place. He sighed for the millionth time that day.


It was days after the incident, weeks maybe that he looked out the window and saw the miko sulking under the shade of a tree.

She looked so unlike herself, the spirited miko was a now a broken rag doll. He had broken her again!

Kagome could not understand how she fell into predicaments like this? She had done everything she could for the demon lord, heck she would have died if he had asked for it.

Kagome was a loyal girl, she could never betray someone who had taken and saved her life. Sesshoumaru was a lord, how could she have forgotten that? She knew that she would never be able to match his status, surpass him in strength or be better than him in any way and that was why she kept reminding herself of what her status was. She had gotten carried away with all the fancy stuff, she lived with royalty but she knew that she was anything but.

As she kept sulking she did not realize that she was no longer alone.


" Lord Shio."

Shio did not know how to respond to what she had said, she had simply called him by his title but he was very surprised. She had never called him that, he looked at her she seemed so depressed. Her eyes that were usually filled with joy and happiness were now just blank.

" Is there something you require of me?" Kagome asked as she got up, her head still lowered and her stance defeated.

" Why are you acting this way?"

Kagome looked at him and when Shio saw her eyes he got scared, he had lived for hundred years or so but he had never seen such a look in the eyes of anyone. For once he was truly scared, not for himself but for the tiny young woman standing in front of him. He knew that something really drastic must have happened for her to act like this.

" What happened?"

Kagome did not want to talk to him, heck she did not want to talk to anyone. She was tired, she was drained and most of all she felt utterly misjudged.

" Please Lord Shio, I will answer your question but for now I wish to rest if you allow it."

Shio could not fathom what was wrong with her she was acting strange and now she was asking him the permission to rest? When had she ever done that? She did look exhausted and he knew that she had been training so he gave a curt nod of his head and dismissed her. Boy did the whole experience fell strange!

Shio then felt eyes on him , he slowly turned around to find that his dearest cousin was looking through the window at him and with his demonic hearing he probably would have heard the whole thing.

The young lord knew that there was only one person who could answer his questions. So he decided to pay his cousin a visit and get the answers to some important questions. As he walked towards his older and obliviously wiser cousin, he knew that he would not get any answers and that he was just probably trying to push his luck. Without so much as a knock he entered the study,

" What the hell happened!????"

Sesshoumaru knew that Shio would soon question him but he had no intentions of humoring his cousin.

He didn't even so much looked at him but still his annoying cousin oblivious to his boiling anger continued with his little tantrum.

" What did you do???"

The question was amusing in itself, Shio didn't even know what had happened but yet he accused him the great lord Sesshoumaru of some wrong doing.

" What makes you think that I have something to do with whatever you have to discuss"

" You know full well what I am talking about. I know you are not as dumb as you look Sesshoumaru! I am talking about Kagome! Why is she acting that way?"

Sesshoumaru was seething, first his cousin called him dumb looking? And then he dares to accuse him of being the reason for the change in the girl's behavior. That was truly hilarious.

" Why do you think that I would have any interest in that human wench!"

" And why wouldn't you? I am not blind dear cousin I know what I see and even though I would do anything to get that girl I know that she will only be happy with you. She is like an open book, she has laid out her whole life for you! She wears her heart on her sleeve just so you can rip it out and make it bleed??? Just for a moment Sesshoumaru think like her, if not then just imagine what you would do if you were in her place? Huh? Tell me? Do you have any idea? Her best friend, her first love chose another besides her, she then generously decides to help you and then take care of your ward, looks after her, and not once have I seen her truly happy. Why is that? The only time I see her happy is when you acknowledge her, when you look at her with appreciation. And I know that you feel the same way towards her then why the hell do you hide it? She has changed the whole atmosphere here, can't you see that? Can't you see that she has changed you? Can't you see that she is in love with you? That you love her back?" Shio screamed the last part out loud. He was panting, truly his cousin, though the lord of the western lands, though a formidable foe, a dangerous acquaintance he had all those qualities but he was clearly a dimwit in the battle ground of love.

Sesshoumaru's ears were ringing from the constant yells of his cousin, he had never expected that his cousin of all people would give him tips or would tell him to acknowledge his feelings towards the human.

It was true that he had treated her differently and he had obliviously noted that she held some attraction towards him. After all who wouldn't?

He was the most powerful ruler of Japan, the most feared demon lord, why wouldn't anyone want him. But in his heart he knew that Kagome did not love him for his money, his wealth, his power or his status, she loved him for who he was. He had realized it. She had never once asked him or had done anything to lead him to believe that she was one of those women who lusted for his power and wealth. She loved him for who he was. She had this trait in her, a trait that Sesshoumaru thought was impossible to attain. After the months with her, he had realized that he did care for the girl but was it only mere concern or was it genuine love as Shio called it?

His head was spinning with all the thoughts swirling making nothing but jumbled words in his head. He recalled their previous meetings.

" Listen here Mr. High and mighty, my name is Kagome. I am no wench, and no miko for you to call. If you have to address me, use my name or you'll regret it. I could just use a single word for you to eat dirt.

The miko is my property, that is she is not for you to take or mate."

" This Sesshoumaru will stay right here."


It was a fact that the miko irritated him but it was also true that he found her irritating behavior irritatingly pleasant. If that was even possible. He knew that what he has said to her was wrong and that he should apologize but he was the lord of the western lands and he did not apologize, especially to a human wench. " I will not apologize." He said out loud unconsciously.

Shio's eyes widened a bit, he knew that his cousin did not know that he had said that out loud. Now he knew that something was definitely wrong but he also knew that his assumptions were correct and that his cousin was guilty. He sighed but said, " I don't know whatever that has happened here or what you said to make her feel like she does, but you know as well as I do that you need to apologize to her. Have you seen her recently? She is so broken. You have broken her! This is not Kagome, and I am afraid Sesshoumaru that if you do not set things straight, that we might loose her. I don't think that the kids will want their mother to fade into oblivion. And neither would you. Sesshoumaru you have finally gotten a chance with a family don't destroy it with you own hands." With that the young demon lord parted leaving his cousin in a mess of his own emotions.

What is wrong with me?

I know I care for the girl but is it love? Such a human emotion cannot touch this Sesshoumaru.

But I know that I have wanted a family, is this the family I want, am I willing to strive for it.

He knew the answer already and so he had made a choice. He would go and apologize to the miko for he had realized something; he had realized that he the lord of the western lands, the son of the great dog demon lord, had fallen for a human girl. The human girl Kagome.


Kagome closed her eyes, the kids were out playing. She was talking to them, laughing with them most of the time. She should feel happy but for some reason everything that she did felt hallow to her. She did not know why Sesshomaru's rejection and suspicion had hit her so hard, she should have expected it.

She was after all the former traveling companion of his half brother, a useless miko wench, a burden to be dealt with. She didn't know what was wrong with her. But she for some reason all the hopes of continuing this life were going low. She was so very tired. So exhausted. She did not know what to do or how to react any more.

She was scared, she knew, after all it had been years that she had been in the feudal era, she had experienced many things, the feeling of emptiness was not new to her. Whenever Inuyasha left to go to Kikyou, her heart was crushed, she felt the same thing. She felt pain, hurt and betrayal. But now the feelings were so intense that it was hard for her to breath. She had been thrown in a new life, she had been mistrusted, wrongly judged, but yet she did not want to leave for she knew that there was nothing else that was there for her.

She had realized that she loved the demon lord, his arrogant ways, his pompous attitude. He was different than that, she had discovered, he was caring but he didn't show it, he was concerned but he appeared to be unaffected, he was affectionate but he preferred to be feared and that why she loved him.

She was helplessly in love with him and that was what made the situation a whole lot worse. She was in love, and yet again she was being rejected.

The brothers were similar to each other even if they didn't admit it.

Inuyasha had betrayed her by choosing Kikyou, Sesshoumaru had betrayed her by misjudging her and by not trusting her.

She had been betrayed.

Just as her thoughts were going to process, a knock interrupted her musings. " Enter." Her voice was low.

The miko looked dejected, disconsolate, and lonely. There was no other way to say it but for once in his long life the great demon lord felt ashamed of his actions. He was truly embarrassed of what he had done. Never would he have thought in his life he would be so ashamed. But his emotions aside, he knew the task at hand and had came to terms that he had to get rid of the task, his duty to his heart and soul.

Kagome saw the great demon lord enter her room, and she bowed in front of him, " my lord"

Sesshoumaru, though he had expected that she would bow down before him and use courtesy was still not very happy with the change and had somehow been caught off guard. It was not until he saw how her eyes were downcast, and how her once proud and defiant stance was defeated and weak.

" You will rise Kagome."

Kagome rose, a feeling of unease building in the pit of her stomach. She didn't know what the western lord was here for, all she could anticipate was that he was here to degrade or possibly even kick her out of the castle. And she was ready for both of her choices, she had thought about them again and again and she knew that if he did throw her out she would have to choice but to oblige to his choices. She had surrendered herself to fate.

" Is there something you require of me, my lord?"

" There is something I have been meaning to say to you…"

He looked at the human miko kneeling before him, " Sit beside me, look at me."

Kagome did as she was ordered to do, she looked at him but there was no emotion in her eyes. " I am here to apologize."

Somehow, somewhere the young girl had anticipated those words but they were not having the effect she had thought that they would have. For some reason the words left her feeling even emptier.

" There is no need for forgiveness my lord. However if you insist this lowly miko forgives you." She told him looking in the eyes but not showing any emotion.

Sesshoumaru did not know how to respond for once, he had apologized, he didn't know what more could the girl need. But looking at the miko he felt as if though he was the killer, the killer of the miko's soul. Her eyes had never been so blank, her chocolate brown orbs, were nothing more than just blank pools of never ending brown. He had never thought he would see the miko like this. And again in his life he was surprised.

The next thing was the most unexpected, there was static in the air.

The great lord Sesshoumaru bent forward and crashed his lips over the little miko's.

Kagome was surprised to saw the least; she had not expected this, not in the least. But she knew what he was trying to say. She had no need to even express it, she knew, she had known. Her heart was content, she was complete. He had returned her feelings. She returned his favor with full vigor.

But as they say, all good things come to an end, this little moment was soon to be brought to an abrupt end.

" My, my is this not a happy scene."

" Shadow." Kagome gasped and clutched Sesshoumaru's sleeve tighter, she was scared of this guy. She truly was. This thing, this demon thing gave her the creeps. She was truly scared.

" Now now miko there is no need to be worried."

The next thing was nothing but silence in the room.

Sesshoumaru looked around as the dust settled, and what he saw made his blood boil. Where was Kagome?????

Sesshoumaru roared, things were not going to be easy for Mouyi.

No one ever laid a hand on the great demon dog's property, no one laid their hands on the demon lord's mate, no one ever dares to lay a hand on the demon lord's Kagome.

Mouyi would have hell to pay.


Kagome was so tired, her muscles were aching. She did not know what was wrong with her. Everything around her was pitch black, she seemed to be in a dungeon of sorts. Her hands were tied up and held by chains on the cold damp wall, the same case with her ankles.

She had no remembrance of what had occurred, all she knew was that one moment, she was in the room with Sesshoumaru, the next thing the Shadow and then there was nothing. Just a black void.

As soon as those thoughts registered themselves in her mind, the young miko began to panic. Moving her ankles and hands rustling the chains, she was shouting, " Let me out!!!"

" Now, now don' get worked up my dear, after all you need to save your strength for our lord.

She felt a strange, cold hand on her cheek, she was disgusted. " Get away from me you thing!"

" Oh aren't we observative. Good thing too, the more skills you have, the more my lord will benefit."

" Who is your lord?"

" Lord? Master? Ruler? Commander? A lot of words for the one you seem to presume as my lord. I am a follower? Am I a devotee? A disciple? Maybe yes maybe no. There are many answers to that question. Question and answers, all seem to be a part of our life, and soon this part changes in our life. Our life is nothing without questions don't you think? Thinking a little thing but it leads to many other illogical or logical things. People don not know what they want and so they think about what they want and then it leads to nothing. Nothing in itself is basically everything a person could want and that is the answer to your question."

Kagome groaned at his ridiculous answer. She had forgotten that this thing was made to give her headaches! She had forgotten that it answered in riddles, but they were not even riddles, they seemed to be like pointless babble, very unintelligent. She tried to take a different turn and ask different questions. Just as she was about to open her mouth to ask her very intelligent question the door to her hell hole opened and he entered.

" Mouyi…" She whispered.

His lips curled into a sinister smile, his dark black orbs staring into the depths of her soul. If he had not been about to kill her she would have thought that he was a masterpiece from a spy movie or something. Tall, well built, long dark hair, eyes and a very demanding nature.

Oh yeah if he were in her era he would have been gladly accepted by Hollywood.

What the hell am I thinking? Exasperated by her thoughts, Kagome diverted her attention, " What do you want from me?"

She just hoped that he was not a crack like the Shadow thing.

" The jewel" He said simply, his eyes boring into her's, his voice commanding.

For some reason this question ignited anger in the young miko's heart, for she had had enough of everyone asking her for the jewel. First it was the Centipede demon, then Inuyasha, then Kikyou, then Naraku, then Sesshoumaru and now this crazy demon Mouyi. She was sick and tired of people demanding answers from her, she was hell bent on making him angry, she did not like the look of victory on the man's face. " Why should I tell you?"

" Do not play with me miko, I am not your lap dog."

" Suuuuureeee" Kagome said, extending the word in an unbelieving tone.

Mouyi was not being taken seriously and he did not enjoy that. But he soon sensed an aura he smirked. " Looks like it is inside you. Well I will just have to rip you apart now wouldn't I?"

He took out his dagger and stabbed her.

Kagome screamed.


Sesshoumaru, the lord of the western lands for once in his life was scared of defeat. He was desperate to win. He was roaring and soaring through the forest in his full demon form. Transformed. His aura unleashed. His beast craving for blood.

I am coming Kagome.


" Well it looks as if I have a guest here. But seeing as the miko is of no help, lets just take her out for our entertainment."


As the great dog stopped, his eyes red his breaths uneven from over exertion. What he saw made his blood boil. Kagome, bleeding badly, deep wounds inflicted all over her body as if she was cut in haste for something within her.

He knew exactly what they were searching for now but he would not let their plan succeed. Mouyi came out, it seemed that he had drawn in the power of his shadow demon into himself for the shadow was no where to be seen. One of the many qualities of the pathetic demon.

Sesshoumaru had no fear of any one interfering in the fight for he knew that the lord was alone, and alone he was powerful and so he did not depend on others. A pretty stupid choice on his part but it came to his favor so the demon lord appreciated it Mouyi's stupidity.

" Where is the jewel Sesshoumaru. It is not within her. You have taken the shikon. Where is it?"

" Good. Dragon Strike!"

And so the great battle began.


" Hello?"

Kagome looked in the dark void, it seemed that one moment she was being stabbed, the next was just oblivion. " Am I dead?"

A soft chuckle was heard, Kagome gasped, scared to death, " What? Who is there?"

" Fear not my child, it is I"

" Who?"

The void was engulfed in a bright translucent light, a woman, dressed in white, her raven locks dropping to the ground, the pink eyes looking directly at the miko below descended.

" Midoriko?"

" You are correct Kagome."

" But you are dead…"

" That I am, but now I am within you. A part of your being. A part of your power."

" Huh?" Kagome said dumbly, she was numb all over. This all felt like a dream to her, very strange.

" Do you remember how Mouyi said that the jewel was within you?"

" Yes but it disappeared when Inuyasha made the wish."

" That is what you think. But the truth is after he made the wish; the jewel needed a soul to be contained in. the jewel, the Shikon is forever Kagome. Its power flows in your veins. You are its protector, you are forever. It will be in your body for eternity. It is a part of you. A part of your soul. The jewel is you and you are the jewel."

" Then how could Mouyi not find it?"

" The jewel is not present in the form it was when it was separated from your body, it exists now but not in the same way, its aura and its power radiates from you, gains from you as you do from it. It is not a solid jewel as it once was, but now it is part of your body, like your blood it flows and makes you stronger. It lies dormant until you wish to use it."

" Why are you telling me this?"

The old miko chuckled, " I think you know why."

With that said, the miko disappeared leaving Kagome to deal with whatever came her way.


Brown orbs opened to only to discover that she was in great pain, she moaned but still opened her eyes to see where she was.

She seemed to be in a clearing, the sound of metal crashing against metal came to her ears, she strained her neck to see what was going on.

Her lord was on one side while Mouyi was on the other. Many creatures like the shadow were fighting along side the demon but Sesshoumaru was alone. Sesshoumaru had cuts and bruises and a large gash on his chest but yet he was fighting.

Kagome realized that he was fighting for her, fighting to keep her safe. The thought alone made her heart swell with love and pride for her mate to be.

" Sesshoumaru." She whispered.

As the wind carried her voice to the great demon dog, he smiled. He knew she would come through. He turned a bit to see her smiling and standing proud, bloody and beaten but yet smiling and looking at him with love and admiration.

" Lets finish this my love." She whispered

He knew what was going to happen, he prepared himself, " Yeah lets."

Kagome gathered all of her energy, praying to the Gods above, waking the Shikon's power within her, glowing the ethereal power, she nodded at her mate. He nodded back both of them raised their hands/sword to their enemy.

Mouyi unaware to change taking place still looked clueless.

An agonizing, pain filled scream echoed throughout the land and the world was rid of the demon called Mouyi.

" We win." Kagome said.

" Yes we did" They both embraced. All was going to be well.


" Kaida! Mamoichi! Time for bed!" A much older Kagome cried.

Both her children groaned but complied. Kagome smiled at her two little angles, Momoichi was their first born having raven hair and golden eyes 5 years old, Kaida was two years younger and a total carbon copy of her father, silver hair, piercing golden orbs, her daddy's little girl.

She tucked both of her angles in bed and went into the garden.

She went and sat under a sakura tree, " Is such a beautiful night isn't it Sesshoumaru?"

" Yes it is mate." He said nuzzling her neck, the mating mark evident.

" I never thought I would feel this way, feel so complete." Kagome said hugging him.

" I feel the same way love, you have completed me, it is I who is thankful." Returning the embrace.

Kagome giggled, " We are so corny"

They both looked at each other, their years of loneliness had come to an end. And a future awaited them.

A future together, together forever.


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