AN: right! It's now a series. Thank The Velvet Ghost for it, she's giving me prompts :P The drabbles will all be 100 words, since that's what I'm trying to improve my skills at. Each chapter will include the prompt – if you want a drabble, leave a review or private message me and I'll write you one too :)

Prompt: Yuki blindfolded.

Done in: under 2 minuets.

Saturday morning. I know it's either that or a holiday; otherwise you wouldn't be cuddled against my side. You always wake up earlier than I do, because you work at a studio and I at home.

Once you realize I'm awake, I feel you move around a bit. I hear the sound of a drawer being opened and closed, and then movement, whisper-soft, against my face. Intrigued, I keep my eyes closed.

But when I feel what must be a silk scarf being wrapped around my head, I move to speak up.

"Shh," you whisper. "Keep your mouth closed, too."