Prompt (mine) : the sentence "I'd rather face a firing squad." I think I said this to one of my friends at some point when she asked me if I wanted to do something that, well, obviously I didn't. It was just too good a sentence to pass up. Sometimes I scare myself in how much I remind myself of Yuki XD

"Ne Yuki, let's plan a party for our tenth anniversary!"

"I'd rather face a firing squad."

"Yukiiiiiii, that's not nice."

"Shut up."

"Yuki, are you angry with me? Did I do something to upset you?"

Yuki sighed. "No, Shuichi. But you know I hate big parties."

"But don't you want to celebrate? With all our friends and family?"

"Our friends and family don't need us to throw a party to know we're happy together."

"...are we happy?"

"Let's celebrate, just the two of us."

And Yuki picked up his lover, and proceeded to show him just how happy they were.

Celebratory end note: so this is the result of several months' worth of trying to write something absolutely marvelous for the 100th drabble. For months now I've been trying, and every attempt felt like it wasn't good enough.

Finally, I stopped trying so hard to write something stupendous and went for something subtle; that's more my style.

It worked. This is just how I feel: you don't have to throw a big party to show your happiness or appreciation; you can celebrate quietly, and in private too.

Plus, it turned out exactly 100 words on the first attempt – that's gotta be a sign O.o


Thank you. I couldn't have made it this far without you :) Drinks all around, as Jack Sparrow would say, and cookies for those who are underage :3


"A Picture's Worth Two Hundred Words"

This is the end for "A Picture's Worth a Hundred Words." A hundred stories should indeed do it. But the sequel is already up and running, so go ahead and enjoy some more drabbles! ;D