A True Fire Shinobi

"Fire… It lives within us all. We all share it, that burning flame of life and passion. We may share nothing else, but it the end, we all share this.

Some have a passion for food, wanting to make and eat great meals.

While the fire of others is that of a scholar, always burning with light to reveal the truth to them.

Others seek adventure, wanting to walk to the broad horizon… and then walk to the next.

And still yet others, wish nothing more then to protect the ones that they love.

No matter what their beliefs, their inner flame was the same. It burned with passion for something, or someone. Like a lighter or match, it lit ablaze with their birth… and all too soon, the flame flickered out. And with it, all the energy, all the light, their soul poured out on the world vanished… their warmth, forever extinguished.

As a wise man once said, 'we are all brothers, each and every one of us. We all share this world, and we all share desires. And while our desires may not be the same, or may even conflict, we all share desire. This makes us all brothers, as brothers share something in common.'

Oh that rising smoke

Choking my life and breath

Oh my tears do fall

That which cuts away the harsh reality of our truth,

Strips away our ability to think, tearing out our hearts.

In life, we cannot see the motives of those who sacrifice,

The most precious thing they possess…

And yet, as we lay, in their position,

Our life fading away, we see everything as they did.

And we understand it all.

We see, and we do not regret. We know that our life,

However long or short it was, was one of passion.

Our fire may vanish… but its scorch marks,

These will never fade…

Of that, I am certain.


AN: This little bit of poetry is a tribute to one of the greatest characters to grace 'Shonen Jump' and its pages.

We will miss you Asuma, rest peacefully True Shinobi of Fire.

Rest in Peace.