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The final letter in this story arrived at the Burrow six months later. This time, instead of a scroll of parchment Hedwig was carrying several muggle style envelopes. One of them read:

Miss Ginevra Weasley,
The Burrow
Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon

Inside was an ornate card with formalized printing.

Drs. Daniel and Emma Granger
request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter

Hermione Jane
Mr. Harry James Potter

on Saturday the first of August
Nineteen hundred and ninety eight
at one thirty in the afternoon
St Elizabeth Church
Boundary Road and Barnfield Road, Crawley

A handwritten note had been added beneath the printed message.

Dear Ginny,

You once promised that you would be my maid of honor. I know these aren't exactly the circumstances you envisioned when we talked about it back then, but I'd still like to have you stand up for me. Please say yes.



A/N I have chosen to end this story with a question. Based on what we know of Ginny from canon (not much, in my opinion) and from this series of letters what do you think? Will Ginny accept Harry and Hermione's offer of friendship or will the heartbreak of her shattered dream keep them estranged? Feel free to offer your opinion on this question in your review.

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