Only One Woman

Anime: Flame of Recca

Genre: Romance/General

Pairings: TOFUU!

Warnings: Real bad plot and writing

Summary: Yanagi gets married to Recca, leaving Tokiya heartbroken. And only one woman can mend the bishounen's broken heart. TOFUU!!!

This is my third fanfic and my first ever one about ToFuu so go easy on me! Flames, feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome, though!

Time Zone is after SODOM, when they're back in school.

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. If they were, it wouldn't be based on Recca.


Tokiya glanced up and inwardly groaned as Recca leaped onto the silver-haired bishounen's desk. The Ensui master didn't seem to show any sign of disturbance on the outside, except for a flicker of annoyance, before hiding it behind his much-practiced expressionless mask.

"Hey Tokiya, did you hear the news?" Recca asked, as unceremoniously as usual. He leaned forward so much he was almost nose to nose with the bishounen before him.

"The news that you are sitting on my desk is, indeed, fascinating," Tokiya replied, his tone heavy with fresh sarcasm. "You'd better get off, sea-monkey, or the only news you'll have to worry about is giving an explanation for my shoe up your behind."

"Mikagami-sempai," Yanagi greeted, smilingly, as she came forward to Tokiya's wooden desk. She leaned excitedly against Recca, who, in the process of grumbling, got off Tokiya's wooden school desk bad-naturedly.

"Yanagi-san," he remarked, delivering a smile only meant for her alone.

"Did you hear?" Yanagi asked, almost excitedly, which was rather unusual for the generally relaxed Healer. Recca must have rubbed off some of his stinking ways on Yanagi, Tokiya figured, frowning. "We're getting married!"

The silver-haired Ensui master's eyes widened, feeling the words sink in. Of course, he had to admit, he did have some of this feelings for Yanagi. Ok, maybe he had a thing for her. This was probably the cause of the cease of his heartbeat presently.

"Mikagami-sempai?" Yanagi asked, her excited expression breaking into a concerned one. "Are you ok? You look a little pale."

Tokiya opened his mouth, but found no words coming out. He felt his face warm up with pale crimson, either from humiliation or heartbreak. Awkwardly, he managed to get up, even though he was certain the blood circulation in his legs had been cut off, and pushed back his oak wood chair. "I need to go," he managed to choke out, before disappearing out of the classroom.


Fuuko danced gleefully across the aisle on the red carpet, which, in actuality, was meant for Yanagi on her wedding day. The wind goddess twirled across gracefully, before stopping beside Tokiya.

"Mi-chan, isn't this exciting? Yanagi and Recca are finally getting married!" she exclaimed, pulling his arm to make him respond. As a matter of fact, she had been rather worried about him, the bishounen whom she had been having these feelings for since SODOM. She had noticed he had hardly talked to anyone, even Yanagi, for a couple of days.

"Hmn," was her icy reply.

She pouted, making her facial expression look as cute as in a manga, and pulled his arm, trying to get a word, sentence, even an insult, out of the Ensui wielder. "C'mon, Mi-chan, brighten up. What're you so gloomy about?"

He jerked his arm out of her grasp, and said, in an annoyed tone, "Monkeys don't understand humans, so leave me alone." After all, Yanagi was getting married. What could he do? Nobody could take her place in his heart.

She almost breathed in relief. Finally, she had gotten an insult out of him. "Mi-chan, your girly act isn't going to make Yanagi-san notice you," she said, as-a-matter-of-factly.

He almost froze, before turning to face her. "You're getting even more retarded than usual, monkey," he answered icily.

"Girls know these things," she winked. "Come on, Mi-chan, it's no big secret that you have this thing towards Yanagi-san."

"Even if it was true, it's none of your business about how I feel, monkey," the silver-haired bishounen replied, his jaws tightly clenched. "I have a limit to my patience, Kirisawa, and if it so happens that you go beyond that limit, you will, indeed, find either my shoe up your bottom or your intestines whipped nicely into a smoothie-like drink, which you will be forced to gulp down in ten seconds."

The Fujin wielder smiled. "Sounds more like you, Mi-chan," she teased, before giving him a light kiss on the lips in all her relief. "I'll see you tomorrow, then!"

Tokiya stood, paralyzed on the carpet, as Fuuko leapt off, before placing his pale hand over his lips. And he thought…that maybe, just maybe, there could be someone who would take Yanagi's place in his heart.