Only One Woman

Anime: Flame of Recca

Genre: Romance/General

Pairings: TOFUU!

Warnings: Real bad plot and writing

Summary: Yanagi gets married to Recca, leaving Tokiya heartbroken. And only one woman can mend the bishounen's broken heart. TOFUU!!!

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Tokiya was practically singing. That's right. Singing. And Mikagami Tokiya never sang. Never once in his life in exception of the time his sister had dressed him up in a prince costume and forced him to sing. His sister could be as evil as any other girl, he had concluded wryly on that miserable day.

Big question: why was Mikagami Tokiya, the ice-block of a loner, singing? (Actually, he was humming.) Simple really: because tonight was the first night he was officially wedded. Wedded to Kirisawa Fuuko. Simply put: she was now his; he was now hers.


Tokiya turned around, delivering a rare smile to his wife. "Yes, darling?" he asked, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Fuuko was sprawled on the bed, her long slender arms extended, only adding more seduction to the satin almost translucent nightgown hanging loosely from her slim shoulders. She smiled lazily at her handsome husband.

"So…what do you want to do?"

Tokiya's bright blue eyes gave a slight twinkle. "Do you want a child, Fuuko?" he breathed, trying not to run to the bed and just sink his face into her wild purple curls or smash his lips into her crimson ones.

"Oh, so men do have hormones," Fuuko said playfully, her darker blue eyes narrowed slyly. "How come I never knew that? Well…not until a certain iceberg proposed to me a few days ago. And then he had to mess up Recca and Yanagi-kun's wedding by having ours at the exact same time, neh, darling dear?"

"They seemed pretty happy to have our wedding the same time as theirs, dear," the bishounen answered, slipping off his jacket and hanging it neatly into the cupboard. "Recca didn't exactly argue against it, if I may recall."

"Domon, on the other hand…" Fuuko's grin grew wider.

"Please don't remind me," Tokiya muttered gruffly, clutching at his chest where Domon had given three very, very, very painful punches after frantically running around the room like a maniac when he heard the news.

Fuuko giggled childishly. "I thought it was pretty entertaining, seeing him running around like that and you trying to duck his punches."

"Thank you for the enlightening statement," Tokiya replied.

She laughed aloud, shaking her head in despair. "You two guys…honestly, you make me laugh."

He didn't reply as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and laid it out on a chair beside his apartment bed. Tokiya walked slowly towards the bed, his face blank. "Mi-chan?" Fuuko asked, almost a little frightened.

He stared at her expressionlessly before smiling. "No, monkey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with me. I was just thinking…how life is funny. At first, I thought I was in love with Yanagi. Then all of a sudden, I'm married to you."

"I don't think Yanagi was exactly the one for you either," Fuuko answered.

Smiling, Tokiya proceeded to join Fuuko on the bed, pressing his lips against hers tenderly. Since his sister's death, he had never been this happy, he concluded, as he widened his mouth to deepen the kiss.

And to tell the truth, he'd never thought he would've been ever again.



Fuuko turned around as she felt her four-year old son bang into her slender legs. "Tai," she sighed, running a pale hand through her wild shoulder-length hair. "What have you done this time?"

"MUUUUM! YOU'D NEVER BELIEVED WHAT HE DID!" Takechi, her seven-year old eldest son, came running to the garden, his silver hair wet and his dark sea-blue eyes blazing. "HE DROWNED ME!"

"It was an ACCIDENT!" wailed Tai.

"Oh yeah, pushing me down into the river was just an accident!" Takechi shouted, grabbing his little brother and trying as hard as possible to rip him apart.

Fuuko suppressed another sigh, before jerking her two sons apart from one another. "Takechi…I'm sure your brother didn't know any better—"

"How come you're always taking his side?" Takechi whined, pouting. "Just because he has purple hair."

"Is it my fault I'm cuter than you?" Tai asked, sticking his tongue out daringly.
"I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN, MIKAGAMI TAI!" Takechi yelled, fists clenched.

"Guys!" Fuuko almost yelled, losing her temper. "If you don't want me to ground you for eternity I suggest you buck up and say sorry to each other!"

"He DROWNED me and you want me to APOLOGIZE?" Takechi looked at his mother with arched eyebrows and an infamous scowl.

Like Mikagami Tokiya's.

Fuuko rapped a fist gently against his head. "And what exactly was your brother trying to tell me about you killing him?" the wind goddess asked, firmly.

"Which is not true!"

"Not true??? You bit me!"

Fuuko sighed and decided this could wait until their father got home.


Recca laughed as he threw a cheerful glance at Tokiya's scowling face.

"Lighten up, Mikagami, all kids are like that, not only yours," Recca grinned.

"I don't exactly recall me trying to kill my sister when I was a kid," Tokiya frowned.

"That's because your parents were dead and you two siblings were the only family you had left," Recca replied, his grin widening.

Tokiya threw him an infamous death glare perfected over seven years of having kids. "And besides," Recca continued hastily. "Kogenai doesn't know the horrors of having kids yet, eh, Kaoru?"

Kogenai simply dismissed the question with a wave of his hand. "Who cares? Maybe I'll get Ganko to wear a condom."

"Oh, yeah, I'll bet," snorted the former Ensui-wielder. "Once you look at that girl's face you turn a dozen shades of crimson and scarlet, thanks. Enjoy your wedding night, bratty, the year you start having kids would be hell."

"Kids can't be as hard as you guys think," Kogenai answered, drinking another cup of liquor. "Knowing you guys, you're all exaggerating."

"Oh yeah? My daughter Riyo wanted to bring a rocking horse for a vacation last week," Recca said, gulping down another glass of the drink. "When I told her no, she clung onto it for hours on end and didn't get off."

"Hmn," scoffed Tokiya, rolling his sky blue eyes. "I would've preferred my sons clinging onto rocking horses rather than to try killing each other."


"Well, we certainly know where your two sons' fighting streaks come from, Fuuko-chan," Yanagi laughed.

Fuuko frowned at the Healer. "Not funny, you should've seen Takechi. He was completely soaked. And my little Tai was running about like the end of the world."

"Did I tell you guys about Riyo trying to take the rocking horse for a vacation?" Yanagi grinned.

Kagerou shut off the television, since nobody seemed to be watching as the Healer started on the "rocking horse incident". "You should've seen poor Recca," giggled Yanagi, gesturing to the men sitting in the kitchen. "When he said no, Riyo clung onto it for hours and hours. We almost had to go off without her!"

Fuuko looked somberly at the men in Recca's house kitchen. "That's not exactly the reason we married them, is it? Having kids and all?"

"Love, mostly," Yanagi smiled. "But you should've known you would've gotten kids eventually. Especially with that handsome husband of yours."

"He knows what he does in bed, all right," Fuuko grinned cockily.

Ganko looked at them eagerly, trying to absorb as much information so that her marriage to Kaoru would be a successful one. She had been trying to get as much information as possible since he had proposed to her two weeks ago. She flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder before listening attentively to Yanagi.

"Riyo's not so much of a handful," Yanagi said, gently smiling. "The boys, on the other hand. I must tell you girls, never have twins. Yuki and Yuri…ugh…"

"Girls are not as troublesome as boys, Yanagi-chan," Kagerou advised, her voice the "listen-to-me-I-know-everything-for-I'm-the-eldest" tone. "The best thing to have is one girl and one boy, nothing more and nothing less. That way, the girl would balance out the boy's naughtiness."

"Yeah, thanks, Kagerou, the last time I tried that I ended up with two boys and zero females," Fuuko answered, rolling her dark blue eyes. "Takechi even accused me of favouring Tai because he's got purple hair like me."

"You really can't beat what Riyo said to Recca. She asked him, 'How come Takechi's daddy is so good-looking and my daddy's so ugly?' I'm telling you, Recca turned from red to green faster than a set of traffic lights!"

Ganko shook her blonde head before excusing herself from the room. That's it, she concluded. From then on, she was wearing a condom.


Takechi opened his dark blue eyes slowly to see the small face of his younger brother. Tai's bright blue eyes were wide and almost horrified looking.

"What's the matter?" yawned Takechi groggily, looking at his clock. Then he jerked awake. "Tai! It's 2:00 a.m.! Why aren't you asleep?"

"I had a bad dream," Tai whimpered, his eyes moist and threatening to spill tears any minute.

Without thinking, Takechi yawned again and gestured for Tai to sleep next to him on his bed.

Tai obliged gratefully, cuddling up close to his elder brother before closing his bright blue eyes and letting sleep overtake him. Outside, Mikagami Tokiya and Mikagami Fuuko looked through the ajar door, smiling.

"Troublesome kids," Tokiya mockingly grumbled.

Fuuko grinned, poking a finger accusingly onto her husband's ribcage. "You don't regret having them, do you?"

Tokiya smiled, pulling his wife into his arms. "Not at all."



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Takechi: I'm not sure whether there's such a name called Takechi. If there isn't, I got it from my brother's creation called Youkai Ikkou, which is a short comic he had written about.