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Chapter 12: Epilogue

Edward and I have been married now for ten years and are still very much in love. Being a vampire isn't as bad as Edward made it out to be, I actually like it a lot.

I decided that I wanted to tell Charlie and Renee not only about the engagement but also my impending transformation. We brought them over to the Cullen's house on Halloween. I thought it was the perfect day to tell them that some of the monsters in their closets actually do exist. They took the news really well. Charlie was glad that I would be with my true love forever, something that he couldn't do with Renee. Renee, on the other hand, had more of a problem with me getting married so young than the fact that her daughter was about to become the living dead. She explained that since we aren't going to die, why not wait a little longer. I told her that I wanted to become Edward's wife as soon as possible. I also wanted to know why she wasn't having a problem with me becoming a vampire. She told me it eased her mind to know that I would definitely outlive her, that the most unnatural thing would be if I died before her, a parent should always die before their children and this way she knows that will happen.

I was changed on Christmas night. The whole Cullen family stayed with me as well as my parents. They said they were there for my first birth and that it wouldn't be right if they weren't there for my second birth. Each took a turn holding my hand as Jasper filled the room with calming feelings. I stayed strong for Edward. I didn't scream out in pain since I knew the extent of the fire from James.

We got married at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve in our meadow. White twinkling light were strung in all the surrounding trees and snow began to fall during the ceremony which Carlisle officiated. We made sure that my parents were completely bundled up since we couldn't feel the cold. They also discover how fast we could run as Emmett carried my father, Jasper carried my mother and Carlisle carried Phil. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding.

We discovered my power shortly after the wedding, or should I say powers. Any power that has to do with the mind I can do. Carlisle said that the reason Edward was never able to read my mind was because my mind had always been my most powerful feature and that is why I can now manipulate things and people with my mind. I can also levitate things. My favorite thing to levitate is Emmett when he won't let me sit next to Edward. The most interesting power I have is changing my appearance which made life a lot easier when we went back to school after Christmas break. I just focused on the way I looked before my transformation and that is what everyone saw.

I lived with the Cullen's after the wedding since now I never slept. Charlie was great about it because I still came over every night to cook dinner. I didn't need to hunt like the others. I only got thirsty once a month, the other times I would just eat really rare meat. Carlisle has another theory about that, since I had such an aversion to blood while I was human I now don't crave it.

We stayed in Forks for another two years after graduation although Edward and I traveled a lot. We would go to Florida and visit with Renee and Phil. We would even go see some of Phil's games when Alice told us it was going to be cloudy or if it was a night game.

The whole Cullen family now lives in Scotland. I visit Charlie as much as I can and he asked me if I could change him when he is ready to retire. I remembered that he said that he would become a vampire if he didn't have to kill humans. In two years he will join my new family.

I have never been happier in my life. Alice, Rosalie and I go for weekend shopping trips all over Europe. Jasper and Emmett have gotten me into even more extreme sports than cliff diving. Carlisle and Esme are thrilled that their family is back under one roof. And as for Edward and I, what can I say, I got my fairy tale ending. I married my prince and am going to live happily ever after.