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Summary: Based on Betty Greene's Summer of My German Soldier. Spoilers! What if Anton was let out to buy something at the store and happened upon Patty shortly after Patty's father beat her?

My head was spinning, pounding, as I woke. I groaned involuntarily. My whole body ached impossibly and I couldn't move. I heard a rustling in the bushes nearby, but I couldn't see who it was. I prayed that whoever was standing on the sidewalk wasn't my father.

It wasn't—it was Anton! "Anton?" I whispered. "What are you doing here?"

"The guard sent me to the store for some more hats—he was too busy—and I saw a man beating a girl—you. Who was that?"

"Um…no one." I lied.

"Can I help you up?"

"Better not; people will talk. Can you go across the street to the white house with red shutters? A boy will be there by himself—Freddy. Get him to come help me and then you get back to the camp."

"Okay." Anton hurried across the street and Freddy came running moments later. Anton raised his hand in farewell and hurried back towards the army truck that was waiting for him.

"Patty, are you okay?" Freddy inquired.

"I think so. Can you help me up?"

Freddy did so and helped me all the way up the street to my yard, where Ruth took charge, thanking Freddy for his help. Neither Freddy nor I spoke of Anton's involvement. As Ruth helped me inside and told me to lie down while she found some iodine, I thought about Anton, and uttered a prayer of thanks to God that Anton had found me, and that someday, he would be free.