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Chapter 1.

Sonea walked beside Akkarin's side, happy memories of last night's kiss occupying her mind. The air seemed clear between them now and he was no longer cold and distant towards her, in fact he was the opposite.

Suddenly she felt Akkarin pull her to one side, behind the cover of a rock.

"What is it?" she asked.

"We're being followed," he muttered into her ear. Carefully looking round he pointed out to her a lonely figure making its way in their general direction. Sonea frowned, the figure looked female, but it was hard to be sure as a cloak covered its body and a hood hid the face.

"I thought the female Ichani went to meet Kariko?"

"She may have been sent back. But I think it is a different Ichani. Avala walked more confidently then this woman."

Looking more closely Sonea realised that he was right. This woman scrambled over the rocks and over the gaps and she looked at her footing, not her surroundings. As Sonea watched the women stopped and stood shock still. Sonea looked to Akkarin but he seemed to be listening. Catching on she cast her senses out for a mental conversation. Nothing.

"She has a blood gem?"

Akkarin nodded slowly, "Yes. It would seem so."

Suddenly the women's head snapped up to look straight at them.

"She's stopped us," and Akkarin's grabbed her hand, pulling her along as they ran over the rocks. Sonea stumbled as Akkarin's stepped nimbly over gaps and fro rock to rock. Unable to keep up she tipped over a rock and she felt herself fall. She prepared herself for the rather painful contact with the ground, but it never came. She realised that his hands had gripped her, saving her from the fall. She looked up at Akkarin, who held her above the ground.

"I'm sorry, I should have been paying more attention to you." He said as he helped her find his feet. She shook her head.

"I should have been paying more attention to where I was stepping."

She looked back at their pursuer and took in a sharp intake of breath. The woman was now a couple of minutes behind then.

"She's catching up." She turned to look at Akkarin and saw him frowning at the woman. "What's wrong?"

"He shook his head, "It doesn't matter," and he started to turn to continue on their way, "We need to-"

Akkarin froze mid-sentence. Sonea straightened and turned to see what had caught Akkarin's attention; though she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to know.

A man stood blocking their path. Her throat went dry and she looked around for an escape route, but it was useless. They'd have to go back the way they came. She spun round to try to escape only to find that the woman had now caught up and was standing in their way. They were trapped.

The man took a step towards them and pulled back his hood to reveal typical Sachakan features. She felt Akkarin grasp her hand and send a mental message to her.

"We'll attack the man first. As I attack him I need you to shield us."

She agreed and the sachakan man spoke up.

"May I assume that you are Sonea and Akkarin?"

"If you want." Akkarin retorted, ready to act.

"You have nothing to fear from us. We are not the Ichani. We are here to see that you remain safe from them."

Akkarin smiled and was about to speak, but was beaten to it by the woman behind them.

"Believe him Akkarin, he's telling the truth. I swear."

Sonea felt Akkarin drop her hand and he spun round to confront the women. He looked surprised as he stared at her. Sonea looked between them. She was missing something.

She tensed as the woman took a step forward, then another and then another. When the women was only a couple of steps away she lowered her hood, allowing Sonea to look at he for the first time.

Sonea blinked and stared at her, she couldn't help it. She was beautiful. Her skin was a deep golden brown. Her features were soft and elegant and her face held two dark almond shaped eyes. Her ebony hair looked more like silk and was tied back. However a few stray locks had escaped and hung lose, but this seemed to enhance her beauty rather then diminishing it. He hands, which still rested on her hood, where long and slender, much like Akkarin's hands, she mused, but far more feminine.

AT this thought she looked at her lover. She was surprised to see him take a step backwards, but she was shocked at how pale he was and that his eyes were wide.

"You're not here," he said, almost to himself, "This is a trick."

The women stepped very close to Akkarin and Sonea noticed that her figure was well shaped enough to make any women she knew jealous. However it was only when the woman raised her hand and placed it on Akkarin's cheek that she felt the stirrings of jealousy.

"See? No trick, no illusion." The fact that this woman's voice was as pleasing to the ear as she was to the eye did nothing to ease her jealousy. She wanted to rush forward and take this woman's hand off her lover, or at least make him aware of her presence again. But there was something here that made her stop….

She scolded herself; she was being silly; they were probably just old friends, from his years in slavery, like Takan was. It would be silly for her to intrude on such a reunion just because of her pity envy.

Akkarin shook his head and pulled her hand away, to Sonea's relief. His voice trembled slightly when he spoke.

"You can't be here; you died."

'There that explained it,' she told herself firmly. She would be shocked too if she found out someone she thought she was dead was still alive. Especially if that person was someone as close to her as Cery. 'But you won't act like this. You wouldn't be this…intimate, with Cery.'

Sonea's anxiety grew as she smiled and took Akkarin's hands; she rested them against her temples. Closing her eyes she spoke again, "Then see for yourself."

Sonea watched carefully as Akkarin's face changed from hesitant to determine. He closed his eyes and his face smoothed into a peaceful expression. As Akkarin searched, Sonea watched and contemplated. Nerves made her uneasy. They definitely seemed close, but how close? The thought of how she seemed almost intimate with him rose to her mind again. She tried to push it to one side; she was just being paranoid now.

Akkarin had only just opened his eyes for a second when he embraced the woman, just saying one word; Yilana…..

End of Chapter 1.

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