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Chapter 10

Sonea hugged her knees on Akkarin's bed. The ex-highlord wasn't present, but she needed to talk to him. It had been a week now, a week since the events with Yilana and things between them had been... strange.

Their journey to Imardin had been rather awkward at times, especially at first. Akkarin had never pushed her though, he merely worked on bridging the gap that had formed between them. If anything good had come out of this, it would be that Akkarin had opened up to her in a bid to show trust.

After a narrow escape from a female Ichani they'd entered Krylia the following evening, sleeping under the shade of the forest. She had awoken the next day to find Dorrien crouching beside her, shooting Akkarin, who slept a few feet away, suspicious glances. Dorrien had insisited on talking to Sonea privately while his men watched her companion. He seemed convinced that the ex-highlord had somehow tricked her, or forced her into exile along with him. She tried to explain otherwise, but she could tell he didn't believe her. That was until they saw the events at the fort. Afterwards the three quickly travelled to Imardin.

So why was she on Akkarin's bed? They hadn't reconciled yet. It was because of Rothen. She forced down the lump in her throat. A few hours before, she had overheard news telling her of Rothen's death. Akkarin had comforted her, and as she was wrapped in her arms she began to realise that she could forgive Akkarin.

She had spent the last hour thinking about this, until finally coming to a conclusion. Unfortunately when she had come to Akkarin's room to talk to him he wasn't there. Which was why she was sitting on his bed now, waiting for him to return.

Losing Rothen made her realise that she didn't want to lose someone else she loved, and she did love Akkarin, she now doubted that anything could change that. She wasn't saying that she trusted him completely, or that she wanted to marry him, just that she was ready to give him another chance. She didn't want to lose anyone else. She didn't want to lose him again.

The door opened, and she quickly got to her feet. Akkarin was mid-door close when he spotted her. He paused obviously surprised and she couldn't help but feel slightly smug at the reaction. He quickly closed the door before addressing her.

"Sonea, what are you doing here?"

Taking a deep breathe, she stepped towards him. "I don't want to lose someone else."

Akkarin's face softened and he came to stand directly in front of her, waiting for her to continue.

"I love you, I know that and I don't want you to die without you knowing I've forgiven you."

She felt his hand on her cheek, softly cupping it. "You don't have to say this, not for me, not because of the situation."

Sonea shook her head. "I want to. Losing Rothen made me realise that I can forgive you. I'm not saying that everything will go back to how they were before Yilana. You still need to help me trust you, but if we survive this, I'm willing to give us a second chance."

"Are you sure this is what you want."


Akkarin smiled and started to draw her towards him. When she didn't resist he gently held her. Awkwardness nibbled at her, but she pushed it aside, it felt nice to be held by Akkarin, and not because of grief.

"Thank you."

Sonea didn't answer, simply closing her eyes, and made herself relax in the embrace. Yes, she could forgive Akkarin.

End of Ghost of the Past

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