The Final Chapter...

Jobs jumped. So, Ghosty wasn't alone. Some of her friends were there. did 2Face get a guy like Charlie to be on her side? Jobs knew how she got Kubrick. Easy as pie. Nothing to it. But, Jobs felt confident. He had Tate and Billy, two powerful, amazing and caring people on his side. There was still that familiar pit of nervousness in his stomach.

"Billy, Tate... thank you for saving me...I hope we can pull through this. You guys think we can?" Jobs asked nervously. He was so nervous, he was shivering in the huge battlefeild. This could be his graveyard in ten seconds flat. He had to be careful. His teammates had to protect him. Jobs felt worthless and useless for not having some sort of advantage, some sort of power.

"It'll be okay, Jobs. We're the good guys, remember? And even...and even if we don't make it...we'll get you outta here for sure." Tate's Ghost smiled confidently, yet shakily. That made Jobs worried, yet curious.

"How...can ghost's die? I mean, not to be rude, Tate, but ghost's...they aren't exactly, how?" Jobs asked.

"Exile." Tate said grimly. "We can get hurt or damaged easily. It hurts all right, but if we're defeated...I'm not sure what will happen to us, but something very terrible. Unless the defeat is peaceful and the defeated one has given up, we will be very unhappy, and have to wander alone where the other ghost's are not. We can give up, but for you Jobs, that's not going to happen."

"Thanks." Jobs was suprised and flattered.

Jobs turned his attention on Billy"s Ghost, who was just floating in one place, and had said nothing ever since the save by the pool. Billy...he was staring at 2Face, who was caught by the sight, stared for a moment, and then litterally shook herself out of it like a wet dog. Her face was twitching uncontrollably, and she was really hyper-looking. Jobs gulped. He noticed that the ghostly version of 2Face was without the "crazy helmet", or the advanced 2011 technological probe that kept her from going out of control. Jobs flinched at the wired ghost. Back on ruined Earth, 2Face was just as wild and wanted to kill anyone who messed with her.

That's how it was going to be with her now. Right now.

Note to self:Keep an eye on 2Face's actions. She can go really wild about now. Jobs thought grimly and clenched his teeth. He took a sword that Tate had just now handed him. Protection. Check. Okay, now he was definatley ready.

The next words Tate said were kind of dissapointing. "Look, guys, what do you want from us? Just go home, and let your souls rest. No need for violence here, right?"

Kubrick's Ghost grimaced, growled, and charged right at the still-staring Billy ghost. He reached for a bow and arrow that was in his back pocket...

Billy shook out of his trance and raised his arms. His eyes started to glow. A huge dragon appeared on the spot in a single puff of smoke, and roared at Kubrick, and tried to slash at him. The battle had begun. Kubrick did not dodge in time, only to get a nasty srape on his ghostly arm. Weird. Jobs ad never thought it possible, but ghost's could get hurt just as easily as a normal human. Cool.

A weird rush went through him. So big that if Mo'Steel were here to feel the thrill and energy, he'd probably faint. With Billy here, they were undefeatable! He could create anything to make those horrible, cackling, villanious ghosts go away.

As Kubrick yelped in not pain, but suprise, he retreated to his companions. Jobs smirked. Charlie pulled Kubrick back out there and puffed out his bloody quills. Tate and Billy and Jobs were ready. Billy's fists were clenched. Jobs could see Tate's skin readying, ready to go Mouth any second. Jobs with his huge sword.

But...where was 2Face?

Ah. 2Face was standing there in her original spot. Jobs was suprised. He thought she'd be going bananna's by now. He thought she would be thrilled for her chance to kill him.

But no. She was just standing there, staring with that default blank stare, as always. Then he noticed a slight silver glow around her. It was gently electrifying or pumping something into her veins. Power. That was it. 2Face was waiting for her to charge up, waiting, so in a little while she could have ultra energy, ultra speed, and ultra power. This could be bad after all.

Tate's Ghost went Mouth, and attacked Kubrick. Kubrick dodged most of them, and then, used the two of his big, strong hands and spread his arms out horrizontally, and clamped her big Mouth shut, and jumped on top of it. Jobs and the other fighting ghosts could hear the Mouth's muffled growls and grunts.

At the same time, the dragon dissapeared and Billy was unprotected. Charlie laughed, "There's no 2Face to save you now!" And with that, he swung at Billy. Jobs dropped in just in the nick of time and put his sword between them, and the quills clanged against the heavy steel weapon.

"Here, take this!" Billy yelled at Jobs, and tossed him a newly formed sheild. Once again, Jobs felt useless. But he protected Billy and himself from Charlie, and as soon as Charlie got tired of swinging, Jobs thrust the sheild out and pushed him gently over. Charlie's Ghost cried out, as he tried to get up, but his quills were to tall in size and his feet didn't reach the ground. Jobs fell to the floor, laughing. He couldn't help himself. Charlie, the big strong porcupine, was trapped like a little kid.

Tate had finally gotten free and trapped Kubrick in her mouth. Tate wasn't using her teeth, and didn't hurt him at all. Just contentedly trapped her helpless ghostly enemy. 2Face's team was losing and 2Face didn't seem to care. The silver glow was stronger, similar to Billy's previous one. The bubble looked way larger and stronger. It was so strong 2Face was now covered by the glow, and you could only see her dark shadow. Whoa.

Finally, after five full minutes of painful suffering and torture and taunting for poor Kubrick and Charlie's Ghosts, despite the strong silver glow, Jobs heard 2Face sigh in annoyance. 2Face knew her teammates were worthless. But, she decided to waste a few volts on them. And then...

WHAM! Jobs screamed in pain for ten full seconds as a weak silver lightning bolt stunned he, Billy, and the Mouth, who now retreated to regular Ghost Tate. A delicate-looking silver sparkle wind lifted Charlie back up on his feet, and the lightning bolt did enough to stun Tate and let Kubrick topple back down, out of her grasp. They did not seem weak from Jobs's and the other's attack. Kubrick and Charlie were recovered.

Tate's Ghost, Billy's Ghost, and Jobs were stunned. Their victory was now meaningless, and had no effect, thanks to 2Face. Jobs knew it! He knew it would not be this easy. If 2Face could do this with a few volts when she was all charged up, heaven knows what she could do with the millions she was bringing up now?!

Now, Jobs was on the floor, winced in pain. He was lucky to be alive. He was lucky that it wasn't a powerful shock. 2Face had given the good guys a little warning. Give up now or die. That was 2Face's big plan. Well, they were not going to stand for that. Now, it was Jobs's turn to outsmart her. He had to. It was the only way to survive. He stood up.

"Billy, you stay with me. I have a plan. Tate, try to attack 2Face with your Mouth transformation. It might hurt, Tate, but just try to give it all you've got! If it's too dangerous, than get out of the bubble right away!" Jobs ordered loudly. "Billy, I will tell you what shapes to form and we'll get 'em. Maybe. Okay, everyone, move out!" As Tate went away to sneak up on the enemy. 2Face's ghost had her eyes closed, head down, seemingly resting, letting her brain power and energy seep into her veins, making her stronger, along with a huge lightning bolt above the hovering bubble. That lightning bolt was probably also feeding 2Face energy, too, Tate figured.

She let herself turn into the Mouth, and was ready for action. Giving it all of her courage and strength, she zoomed torrwards the bubble, faster than ever. No good. 2Face's Ghost didn't even move as a now red lightning bolt slammed the Mouth to the ground. Ow. The Mouth retreated back to her ghostly human form and backed away, wincing and rubbing her arm that was especially hit hard. No cut or bruise. What was with 2Face and lightning these days???

"I wouldn't try that again..." 2Face's Ghost's voice echoed from the weird silver bubble. She said it in a cold, threatening tone. Tate's Ghost realized that 2Face was just going easy on the good guys right now. Tate knew she could do much, much more. Tate was scared.

Tate's Ghost also realized that 2Face's Ghost was also scared of the power, too.

Tate ran back to Billy and the others, who were now trying to create automaton forms of Charlie and Kubrick, so they were an equal match. Billy tried his best but got the essential details of each automaton wrong. Each weird form of Charlie or kubrick had vanished in a puff of purple smoke.

"So, Billy, that's what you think we look like, eh? Think we look like your ugly automaton toys? That's it! No more playing around! It 2Face ain't gonna help us, then we're moving on to our strongest attack to get ridda you guys once and for all!" Charlie growled, glaring at the glowing bubble that was almost fully charged. Tate's Ghost, Billy's Ghost, and Jobs were not that fearful of Charlie or Kubrick. They were all terrified of what the ghost inside of the bubble was going to do to them. Jobs was watching the electric silver bubble closely, wondering when it would 'hatch'.

Jobs gasped as Charlie and Kubrick's Ghost's were now holding hands, which was weird. They began to glow and spark. And then, they morphed together, forming a huge translucent-looking-spiky bomb. It was ready to blow. Charlie's Ghost and Kubrick's Ghost were risking their afterlives just to kill Jobs? Now THAT was some dedication.

Jobs gasped. Tate's ghost and Billy's Ghost gulped. They ran to the wall, hoping for some cover.

It exploded.

Jobs had been in the exact right angle to not get damaged. Too badly, anyway. His leg had a huge gash the size of a hot dog on it. Her coughed in the ashy smoke. The smoke cleared after a while. Jobs nearly screamed when he saw his teammates and 2Face's teammates on the ground, either on their backs or stomachs, grimacing,and passed out. Jobs ran over to them, scanning each one. The ghosts were weak, but still...well, their ghost's were still intact, as Jobs liked to put it.

Jobs whatched in horror, as four of the five ghosts shimmered, an finally dissapeared from sight. They were all eliminated. They had given up, or probably had no choice. Tears filled Jobs's eyes. He knew why Tate and Billy had to go. They would have been in big trouble if they hadn't escaped right there and then. Still, it pained Jobs to know that this would probably be the end for him.

It was just him and 2Face.

The glowing bubble also suddenly shimmered, and shattered. 2Face floated down, and electricity lingered and sizzled along her entire ghostly body. The lightning was not silver, regular blue, nor fire red. It was now golden. Golden lightning for anger. Jobs almost giggled at his girly thought of that the golden lightning totally clashed with the previous silver one. He was too frightened to be making jokes now. He had to run.

But...there was no way out. No door. Nothing to protect him. The sword and sheild had disappeared, along with Billy's Ghost, who was now defeated.

"Leave me alone...please. I give up...please let me go back..." Jobs murmered, crouching, putting his head in hands. He had been too afraid and had dealt with Ghosty way too long. 2Face's Ghost stepped closer and put her ghostly hand to her chin, as if considering.

"Oh, come now, do you really think I risked my life charging up this energy, and getting all ecxited to get to you, and I waited 45 minutes in a bubble just to hear you give up and say no? I don't think so, Chicken. This is where the fun part begins. The big finale, the FIREWORKS. And aww, boo hoo, Big Macho Father wants to save his precious daughters, and then looks for the exit?" 2Face's Ghost was taunting. Those schoolyard taunts made Jobs want to cry. 2Face was losing it, once again, and no Fairy Godmother was coming to sing bippity-boppity-boo and wish him back home, back to his life, where he belongs. Back home, where there is no ghost warriors, or spiky bombs made out of ghosts.

2Face smiled sweetly, lunged forward, and put her hands none too gently on his chest. Jobs screamed bloody murder as the golden electricity scrambled into his heart, his lungs his brain...

He scream stopped as he couldn't breathe...

Couldn't move...

2Face was not kidding about that previous warning. This was it. He should have asked Tate's Ghost to take him home before she had given up on him. I t was the lousest scream a person could ever inmagine. He couldn't take much more of this. He couldn't move, and a that moment Jobs really had the horrible thought that it was the end.

A Few Seconds Later...

Jobs opened his eyes. No more pain. But then...He was in a white glow. Heaven? Maybe. But...he was still his regular self. Clothes, skin and all. Nothing different.

Then he saw a woman. She was beautiful. She was Asian, and looked about in her late or early thirty's. Those eyes...that hair! It all seemed so familiar...but, the woman was frowning, and she was in black-and-white ghost form, just like the others. Tears were running down her face. Jobs didn't know what was happening.

" my daughter...Essence. There isn't much time, young man! Save yourself and the one you call '2Face'. She has a heart in that body somewhere. Find it. Go now, and use your own help to fix what is wrong. I need you, Sebastian. So does Essence. And you need to dig deep. She is lost...please help..." The woman's meek voice croaked. She was fading by the second... The landscape of the white glow was beginning to recede back into the battlefeild, and the pain was beginning to rush back into him.

"Wait, miss! Who are you? Are you..2Face's mother?" Jobs called after her.

"Help...please...she is so confused and hurt. She is sorry and doesn't mean any harm. She...doesn't want to hurt you. She needs sympathy. More importantly, she is in need of friendship. You need to give it to her, now, so you both can live and be happy..." 2Face's Mother's Ghost sobbed unhappily. Then, the glow was gone 2Face's mother was gone, he was back in the real world in which he was dying in, and the scream returned, and now tears were streaming down his face. 2Face was in way more pain, and sobbing helplessly, but kept releasing the power she needed to into Jobs.

He rolled out of 2Face's electrifying grasp, using the last of his strength. His skin was hurting, itchy, and ashy. He could barely move. The air smelled of burned clothing. Jobs was lucky the first layer of skin was still attatched to his body. It was peeling, which Jobs found gross. He still remembered the ghost, the voice.

Then he realized the battle was not over yet.

2Face's Ghost was standing over him. She was gasping for air just as he was. Jobs realized if he was killed, her ghost was killed. This was why she had said that she was risking her life. Jobs gave a little whimper as she looked down at him. He was still on the now ashy ground in the huge battle pit. 2Face was not happy.

Jobs trembled as he watched as 2Face's Ghost's lightning had turned from an ultra-powerful gold to an unstoppable rainbow color. It reminded Jobs of utraviolet rays. It looked like the screen of the T.V when you turned it to a channel that you don't have.

"One touch with this and you're done for..." 2Face grunted, breathless. It was hurting her more than it was hurting him to experience the lightning. 2Face's Ghost must be exausted. Jobs had to stop her. He couldn't let that poor woman in the glowing light down. He had to stop 2Face, or else they could both die. He would have to reach into his heart, flip it around to that soft, romantic side he had been posessing for so many years, and help 2Face's Ghost calm down and find her heart. One touch with her pinky could explode his body in a millisecond!

2Face's Ghost surged forward.

"No!" Jobs screeched, held out his hands in front of him. Suprisingly, 2Face's Ghost came to a halt. "Wait. Please, 2Face. Don't you remember what we all went through together? You actually helped the Remnants. You weren't all bad! Now I know this sounds gross, but when we first met, I actually thought for a while that we would have a...friendship. Don't you agree? What did you feel?" Jobs knew he was just wasting time. He knew 2Face didn't want to kill him, but she had to transfer her energy into something else before her crazed energy collasped into 2Face herself. Now that was really a good example of pressure. 2Face's Ghost either had to kill or be killed, and there wasn't much time left. 2Face's Ghost's lightning power was too strong to just wave off, and forget about as it died down. That lightning wanted out.

"I...felt...I don't really know how I felt. Erm...Well, it doesn't matter now! You're going down, and there's nothing you can do about it!" 2Face advanced closer, showing very false bravado. Tears were still streaming down her ghostly face. Maybe this wasn't just a waste of time. It could save Jobs's life and 2Face's afterlife.

"Wait. Please. I knew you felt something. I know some of the Remnants had feelings for you. Kubrick was in love with you. He didn't want you to come even close to Billy. Why did you betray him five minutes ago? He agreed to help you. Don't you think that even he has true feelings? And Billy...he almost loved you as a mother or an older sister! They both did! I know that those people loved you, and you loved them too without even realizing it. Am I right?" Jobs still had his hands in front of him, protecting him feebly, nad he was still on the ground, trembling in fear. Just one touch...and it would be a painful, quick ending for him. Jobs could see 2Face's Ghost could not take much more of this. She was sniffling. She did have feeling, and had felt love many times before.

"What...are you talking about? I...didn't love them...maybe...well, maybe...I, um..." 2Face had now stopped coming torwards Jobs, and was crying freely. Jobs hoped this was helping the situation, and not hurting it. He wasn't trying to defeat 2Face's Ghost. Just trying to become friends. He now knew that 2Face wasn't a criminal monster, but just a kid in need of love and a friend, like all of the other Remnants. Back on Earth, she needed a kid who was her match, and those particular kids didn't give her a chance.

"You know. And I know that your mother loved you, too. And your father. I also know that your mother gave you a beautiful name. Essence. She didn't give you that name to tell you to look beautiful and win it all. That name just meant she wanted you to love, and to be loved." Jobs was now weeping, too. The words coming out of his mouth were clear and beautiful, and they were words he had never thought he'd say before.

"Stop...please..I can't take this!" The ghost was screaming. The lightning looked stronger than ever, and her electrifying, deadly hands were now moving torwards...

Jobs cried, "No!"

2Face was so helpless, she had to do something to stop the mental torture. 2Face's Ghost hit herself with the lightning, and there was an explosion, louder than the first, and it stunned 2Face's Ghost and Jobs. They were both sent flying on opposite sides of the battlefield. 2Face had taken ten times more damage than Jobs.

A few minutes later, Jobs raised his head. He saw 2Face's Ghost laying on her back, and Jobs couldn't tell if she was okay or not. Suddenly, the exit to the front of the ship finally opened, a dark hole leading to the outside world. He could escape, leave 2Face's Ghost to die and soul be exiled forever.

But he would never do such a thing.

Jobs ran over to the ghost, who was as still as ever, lightning disappeared and no longer lingered from her body. 2Face's Ghost's chest was moving slowly, weakly, and Jobs knew if he didn't help soon, then she would die.

But, there was something weird about her chest. It was a glowing, red ball, underneath her black dress, and her ghostly skin. It was split in the middle. What was it?

Suddenly, and very slowly, the glowing ball began to move back together, recover. Jobs knew what it was.

It was 2Face's heart. And Jobs had helped her find and fix it.

Jobs smiled. 2Face was going to be okay. But, for now, he had to bring her gently back to the Alpha-Remnant-Marauder colony, and get her fixed up. He gently picked up 2Face's Ghost, and was suprised. 2Face's Ghost was just as heavy as a regular teeneage girl. Weird. She was also very warm. 2Face's Ghost wasn't a cold little thing like Jobs had ecxpected. He carried her to the exit, out the door, and the enviornment of the ship had once again changed to it's cold, metal, dead default version of a ruined ship.

It was dark once he had exited the ship and entered the colony. The village was asleep. 2Face's Ghost lay limp in Jobs's protective arms, but her heart was still glowing strong, which helped him see. He considered what the other members of the colony would do when they woke up, and found out Jobs had brought a heartsick ghost back home as a souvineir to take care of. Jobs didn't want to be a nag, but he had to get the other doctors and scientists to nurse 2Face back to full ghost health.

The Next Morning...

"Jobs!" Violet, Mo'Steel, and the other Remnants all ran to hug Jobs as they woke up and saw him in the morning outside of his house. Jobs had taken in 2Face and lay her unconcious body on his bed. He had been up all night trying to convince Echo and Tate and Lumina to not go in there. He had told them he had spilled grape juice all over the room and he had to clean it up, and it would take all night.

"Um...hi, guys. Listen, all of you guys, I need to show you something. No matter what you see, do not tell the other Marauders and Alphas. They may take it a bit too hard." Jobs stammered.

"Well, we're just happy that you're safe and alive Jobs! So, did you wipe the floor with all of those weird ghosts?" Mo'Steel laughed and slapped Jobs on the back. Boyd had tagged along with he and Noyze and smiled politley.

"Ghosts? Yeah, I heard about that. So what happened? Did'ja win?" Boyd pressed. He was Mo'Steel's mini-me, Jobs had to give the kid that.

They all followed Jobs into his house. He led them to his room. Echo still could barely get over the fact that Jobs was still alive. She just stared for a moment, then followed, only to be told to stay calm when he saw 'her'. Jobs had left out the other colonies because the Remnants were used to seeing weird things. He had to just trust Echo to keep her cool when they had opened the door and saw the sleeping ghost.

"Ohmygosh! What is that!? Is that Ghosty? Did you bring back her dead ghost just to show us?" Violet stammered as they all entered the room and gawked at 2Face's Ghost.

"What are you...Oh, my god, is that 2Face? How did...did this what you, Edward, Violet and Romeo were talking about the other day? I never thought this possible!" Olga stepped to examine 2Face's Ghost. "It's a real, actual ghost! I...have so many questions! I mean, wont this solve our 2Face and Billy mystery?" She asked curiously.

Olga shreiked and stepped back as 2Face's Ghost mumbled and began to wake up. Everybody else did the same and shrank back. Jobs hoped she was changed for good. Jobs had felt his heart change in the experience, so 2Face's Ghost should be changed, too.

2Face's Ghost turned onto her stomach, started to cry and sob, and clutched her pillow for dear life, and whimpered, "I...No...please...Jobs? I...lost, didn't I? No...can't lose...I feel so...out of place. I thought I couldn't feel at all..." Poor 2Face. She was really wiped out from the battle. Jobs was pretty upset and tired, too.

"No, 2Face. You didn't lose. We both lived, and that's not what the rules were. The rule was, one man left standing. We both are still standing. It was a draw. Don't be upset. You can feel, and you will be happy, and that's all that matters," Jobs said gently. "you're heart is in it's rightful place." He smiled.

"Wow, so I was right! She did die of a broken heart! And now the battle you guys all actually helped?" D-Caf had decided to join in the conversation.

"Does...this...mean you're coming back to life and living with us?" Noyze asked the ghost. Most of the Remnants were taking this pretty seriously, and none had really freaked out. Even Echo was curious enough to come close to the doorway and listen. Jobs thought she'd run for her life.

"I lost...and I feel so lost...I can't focus..." 2Face's Ghost was really unable to awnser any of the Remnants' questions. "I mother...I need to ask her rid...of the end.'m so lost..please, me..." She gasped uncontrollably. Everyone had tears in their eyes, but they were full of joy. It was good that 2Face could experience emotion once more. Her emotions were just coming back to her, and there wasn't much to worry about.

"Maybe...we should let Ghosty-...I mean rest a while..." Violet said softly, and gestured the others out of the little room, but motioned also that she was going to stay behind, along with Mo'Steel and Edward. They watched 2Face's Ghost stammer and plead for awnsers from people that were not there, and she was talking about people the Remnants never knew. 2Face's Ghost was still huddled onto the bed. She looked so small and fragile as she clung to her pillow and cried. It was horribly sad and horribly reliving.

"Hello, Essence. I wish to speak with you and your companions..." A voice echoed. Jobs instantly remembered. It was the woman in the dream while 2Face had attacked him! It was 2Face's mother's Ghost. And then 2Face acted as if a Cyclops had just walked in the room. That pillow of hers was practically squished to a pancake in 2Face's Ghost's arms. She was hugging it.

"Mommy? W-what...are you going to do...? sorry...I never meant...did I...?" Once again, 2Face's Ghost and her pillow huddled back to the edge of the bed, farthest away from her mother's ghost.

"It's, okay. But, my daughter, all you needed was to talk, and listen, and we would have understood...But, in the -battle- you did the right thing in the end, and held on, yet got rid of the evil energy that you summoned. I am...very proud of you." Even 2Face's Mother's Ghost was all choked up, and delicate tears were running down her face. The two black-and-white ghost's looked, stared at each other. It was pure love.

Then, 2Face's Ghost clutched her pillow even tighter and cried out in awe as she began to lift up, and her face was beginning to was turning into Essence's face! Jobs, Mo'Steel, Edward, and Violet all cried out in awe, too. 2Face's face was finally was back to normal. A reward for doing a good thing. After all, if 2Face hadn't conducted the lightning to go her way, they would both be done for, but now, 2Face was feeling true pride, and it was not the self concious pride. It was finally the pride that warmed the hearts of Jobs and the other Remnants.

Two Hours Later...

"So, you have to leave us, huh? Like, forever, now? You guys will come and visit, right?" Jobs was asking the ghost's hopefully. Shortly after 2Face's Ghost's face recovering, Tate, Billy, Kubrick, and Charlie's Ghost's were all there, too, wishing the Remnants good luck. Billy and 2Face had finally made up greatly, and they realized they had had lots in common, and Billy had even placed a kiss on 2Face/Essence's cheek. And though it sounded silly, Jobs had insisted 2Face/Essence's Ghost to have the pink pillow she had hung on to while she was recovering. It was just a reminder of home, and of the other Remnants.

Jobs could understand why the ghost's had to leave. Why stay on Earth? It would be too sad, and when the living Remnants passed on, they could spend it with the ghost's. And, Jobs could see 2Face and Billy's ghost's standing together, modestly, and shooting shy, happy, nervous glances at one another. Their fingers were slightly touching each other. They were considering if they should hold hands, and Jobs found that adorable. Young love. Jobs knew from now on they would have a beautiful friendship.

But now, he had to get back to his home, and resume his care and love for his friends, and especially his daughters. The ghost's and the humans said their goodbyes and hugs, and 2Face thanked Jobs personally and quietly, and Jobs promised that he would always be her friend.

As the ghost's happily floated away, Jobs now knew he had nothing to worry about. Now he knew that the peaceful, Regreened world would be his completed living and breathing heaven.