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Warning: I do NOT condone Rape, or anything this is just pure fiction. And we all know the Disclaimer: I don't own BeyBlade just this twisted messed up plot haha

(Chapter One: Hell)

He pushed her up against the wall as his lips came crashing down on hers. He pinned her hands against the wall, and pressed his whole body against hers so she couldn't move. While he continues to attack her swollen lips, his hands began to move down her body. He growled in frustration as he pulled her panties down from her skirt. She closed her eyes knowing this was inevitable. He moved his hands up under her skirt and grinned cocky as she squirmed at his touch. He leaned in real close to her while beginning to kiss her neck rather hard.

"Don't fight it Hils." He cooed in her ear. He had already had his pants undone and she had noticed his growing erection. She knew what came next. She stared at the man before her as he continued to attack her neck, his hand not ever moving from under her skirt.

'God, please help me.' She prayed silently as his other hand began to undue her shirt. She pushed back the tears that were begging for freedom; she knew if she did he'd only want her more. She winced as she felt another finger slide in her. She trembled at how hard and coarse his touch was to her. He took a moment to lean back, still with his body hard against hers, and with his other free hand he pushed a strand of chocolate hair from her face.

"Hiro, please." She begged.

"I love it when you say my name." he growled as he pulled his finger out and threw on the bed. She wanted to scream, she wanted out of this hell. He then climbed on top of her still pinning her hands down, he adjusted himself so he was in between her legs. He pushed she skirt up a little so he could have better access.

Hilary closed her eyes and again fought back the tears she knew would come later, she screamed in pain as his whole throbbing manhood was thrusted into her. There was nothing loving, or gentle about this situation. Hiro, the older brother of Tyson, has and has been raping Hilary in secret.

"Baby." He cooed. She winced at the thought of him trying to make this into a session of love making, and not a crime. "Don't fight me." He finished. His hands roamed her body as he moaned while pushing harder and faster into her. Again she kept her eyes closed as she felt his lips crashing down on her lips. He forced her mouth open and forced his tongue in her mouth. His hands finally resting on her breasts as he squeezed hard. She yelled in his mouth, but it came out in a moan. She cursed herself for moaning.

"That's right baby, moan for me." He said after he pulled away from the kiss. She hated this; she didn't understand what made Hiro do these things. Since the start of the third tournament, this had been a weekly ritual. He would bombard her as she was going into room, he would rape her.

He continued his attack on her, as he continued to push all of him in her, finally his seed spilled into her. She sighed inside with relief, it was over, she hoped. Sometimes if he really was in the mood he would rape her again. And sometimes she was overjoyed when he stops after his orgasm and leave. He pulled out of her and stood up while dressing, leaving her there naked on the bed. She didn't want to move, she wanted to die.

"Get dressed." It wasn't really a "will you do this' it was a "you better fucking do what I say." With that he left her alone again, and then the tears finally came. She cried so hard and loud. It wasn't a concern for her to wake the other players. She realized in the beginning she had played right into his hands. Hiro was the one who had to book the rooms; he booked her in a room in hall by herself. Yes, there was no one down the hall. His excuse was, "So you don't have to be bothered by stupid hormonal boys."

She laughed through her tears at that memory. "No I just have to be bothered by a raging lunatic."

Sure in the beginning it was fine, she would sing loudly in the hall, it was fun. Or she would run down the hall and do tricks like a cartwheel or back hand spring. No she wasn't a cheerleader, far from it. But she had loved gymnastics, and had taken it up as a young girl. Now she was probably good to go pro, if she wanted to be a cheerleader that's for sure she didn't.

She finally pulled herself off the bed, again this was their ritual, once a week he'd come in have his way with her. He would leave, and she would take a bath. Then until the next time he wanted her, he would not give her time of day. She didn't care, that was heaven. When she was around the team, he acted like she was just part of team, and nothing more.

There were many times that she wanted to go to Tyson and tell him what Hiro has been doing. But she couldn't, she knew once she told him he would look at her crazy and call her a crazy fan girl. She wasn't a fan girl by any means. And she really wouldn't blame him for that either. Hiro was Tyson's hero from the beginning, so Hiro could do nothing wrong in his eyes.

She sighed as she laid down in the hot bath. Sure Hiro was attractive and maybe even she did have a crush on him in the beginning I mean who wouldn't? He was wise man, very attractive knew what he wanted. It started out innocent. Sure they would flirt, but she just thought it was like two friends flirting. She didn't think any thing of it.

That was until the fourth night they were there he had walked her back to her dorm. At her door he started to kiss her. At first she was thrilled; she couldn't believe Hiro would give her the time of day. I mean for heaven sakes, she was only 17 and he was 29. At first the kiss at her door seemed so real, with such passion that she even began to kiss him back. That's when everything had gone wrong. He had slid his hand under her shirt. She of course not wanting to go that far stopped him, and that's when it happened. He had pushed her into her room closing the door and that's where he raped her first.

She again sighed as she got out of the tub. She looked at her naked form in the mirror and was down right disgusted with her.

"I need an escape." She said, before she dried her self off and let sleep over take her.

Hiro came into his room that was beside Tyson and his team mates. He stripped down to his boxers and got under the covers. There was no remorse for his actions that he did with Hilary. Before he let sleep over take him he smiled almost evilly.

'You are mine Hilary, and mine alone.' And with that thought he closed his eyes to the darkness.

Also before i forget, yes this is a Kai/Hilary story, but it's a little different then normal. See neither of them know they have feelings for the other, they just see the other has like a friend, it's the people around them who see the attraction between the other two, does that make sense? lol