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Ch. 16


The door flung open and a sore and disarrayed Ming-Ming came walking out. She slowly walked out the door turned to say something but never got to say the words as Hiro slammed the door in her face.

With her shoulders slumped in defeat she turned around and was relieved to find no one in the office she found a mirror and quickly walked over to the mirror. She gasped as the sight that greeted her in the mirror was one of horror.

Her skirt was ripped from the side just enough to show the beginning trail of nail marks running up her thighs. Her eyes traveled as she quickly begin to unbutton her shirt to be able to start buttoning them correctly. She sighed as she saw the large marks on her stomach from where Hiro became rough with her during their sexual act. Her eyes slowly made their way up as there were numerous and painful bite marks all around her breasts. Ming-Ming let out a soft whimper as the grazed one of the bite marks and hissed as the touch brought her pain. Finally she moved up and finally looked at her face.

Ming-Ming dropped to her knees in agony as she saw her face full of tears and her make-up running down her face. She placed her hand on the mirror and cried.

'What have I done?' she cried in her head.

Ming-Ming unsure of how long she had been there crying gasped as the announcer on the TV began to speak.

She whipped her head around desperate to hear more.


Hilary stood staring at the entrance of the break room that she knew Kai would be in. She had been standing there for a good ten minutes unable to bring herself to knock on the door.

'He was so angry last night with me.' she reasoned in her head 'This battle is important to him, I should wait...'

Her thoughts were broken as she heard someone whistling down the hall. Unsure of her motives or why she felt the need to hide she quickly pushed the door open and jumped inside closing it fast but quietly.

Her heart beating rapidly waiting patiently for the person to move past.

Hilary kept her hands and ear close to the door as she listend to the person whistling getting closer and then getting further away.

She sighed in relief until she realized she had barged in on Kai.

'Oh great Kami.' she thought to her self. 'what if he was naked.. or changing.'

With her eyes closed she slowly turned around keeping her back tight against the wall and then slowly opened her eyes.

'What the hell?' she cursed mentally.

There was no one in the room, there were evidence that someone was here at one point, but there was no one here.

Hilary feeling her shoulders slump in defeat pushed herself off from the door and walk towards Kai's stuff.

She placed her hand over his black t-shirt that she knew he wore here and then changed out of. She grabbed the shirt not realizing that the smile was forming on her face as she pulled the shirt close and inhaled.

'Oh Kami.' she thought. It smelled just like him. She sighed into the shirt as she realized she always loved the way he smelled, he smelt of power, and strength. She knew then she always loved Kai ever since the beginning.

She slowly moved her body down until she was sitting in the seat still holding onto his shirt remembering the times that he had been there for her now and before.

So engrossed in her thoughts she almost missed the announcer over the TV speak.

Her head snapped up her eyes widened in horror, as she bolted out of the door running as if her life depended on it.

'Oh.. Kami..'


Kai stood there sweat tripping down his face. He had been here before, this was nothing new, but it was different. This was revenge.

He called out an attack, and his beyblade listened and did as he was told. Kai looked up as he clenched his fists tighter. Brooklyn smirked and called out an attack as well.

Kai cursed mentally as Brooklyn's attack spun Dranzer towards the wall. Kai cursed and lunged forward as if he could pick his feet up fly over and beat the ever living shit out of Brooklyn and launched another attack towards Brooklyn's beyblade.

'This is for Tala you bastard.'

Kai looked up and his eyes widened as he saw something in Brooklyn's eyes. It was small but it was there. Kai punched the air his scarf flying backwards as he launched another attack.

Kai watched hoping and praying that this attack would be the one to end it all. He wanted to go back into Tala's room tell him of his victory and then swoop Hilary off her feet telling her he was sorry over and over again for being such a jerk.

Kai's eyes widened in horror he screamed in pain as the whole world went fuzzy.


Hiro looked on with faint amusement as he held onto a glass of wine not really watching as the battle went on between Kai and Brooklyn. He swished his glass of wine around a little before bringing in it up to his lips for a sip.

His thoughts were on his latest conquest. Ming-Ming did put up a fight and was definitely a feisty girl in bed, but she was no Hilary. She was the one that got him so hard he could barely stand it.

Just thinking about how she would beg him with her eyes and scream out for help as she squirmed underneath him as he would shove his hard cock into her tight little body.

Kami the girl was tight and he knew it brought her excruciating pain, but that was what he craved, the power.

He cursed under his breath as he could feel his cock rising as he contiuned to think about his Hilary. He sighed as he realized that no one could see him, not that he cared and unzipped his jeans and began to stroke his manhood as he moaned out Hilary's name and imagined her being forced to suck his cock.

He groaned as he knew she would gag on his hard cock.

Oh Kami he had to have her soon, he was so close, he hated to spill himself with out her body or mouth to take all of his seed, but he was so hard.

And that's when he heard it. Hiro jerked up feeling his cock going limp without having an orgasm he silently cursed at the crowds gasp that took him away from his pleasure as he looked on his eyes widened with disbelief at first but then as he watched the scene unfold before him between Kai and Brooklyn he realized this was what he was waiting for. He smiled devilishly zipping his jeans back up finishing his wine and quickly exited his box office.


Hilary ran as fast as she could through the halls veering left here and right there not caring that people were getting angry at her as she zipped past them not giving them a "i'm sorry" as body would slam into them causing them to fall down. No one thing was on Hilary's mind and that was to get to Kai as fast as she could.

'Please oh Kami please don't let him die... I need him' she prayed over and over as she contiuned to make her way towards the arena.

As she got closer it scared her as she couldn't hear the cheers or jeers from the crowd. She forced back her tears of desperation as she pushed all thoughts of the man she loved being hurt so bad that the stadium was quiet.. or Kami forbid he be dead.

Hilary raced through the halls her tears coming down on full force blurring her vision, but she knew these halls like the back of her hand thanks to Tala. She didn't need to see where she was going. She had to get to Kai.

'Please Kai.. hold on just a few more minutes i'm so close.. please Kami be ok.'

She rounded the corner and stopped as she could see the light from the stadium. She couldn't see much as it was bright.

She could hear the faint rumblings of the crowd and knew that they had not left. She started to walk towards the stadium when she saw him.

She gasped as she realized he looked like he had been beaten severely over and over again. She watched in horror as he limply started walking towards her. Her tears streamed down her face, he wasn't out of the woods yet he could still die from his wounds. She willed her body to move she forced her brain to function but she couldn't move.

Kai.. her Kai looked so vulnerable so small. She watched in agony as he limped slowly towards her.

Finally her legs began to move on her own and she walked just as slow as he did.


She didn't even recognize her own voice filled with such sorrow, longing, despair. She watched as he looked up at her. And she cried out softly as his eyes were full of sadness.


All he managed as he fell to his knees. Hilary's body went into over drive as she leaped down and grabbed him holding him in her arms her tears and cries starting over again.

"Kai.. oh please god Kai don't leave me" she cried over and over as she cradled his head in her arms.

"I'm sorry" and then his eyes closed. Hilary began to cry again harder as she held on to him screaming.

"Somebody! Please help me!"


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