Hello dear readers!

It's been nearly six years since I birthed this monstrosity of a fanfic. Yes, I said monstrosity. In fact, I think it SUCKS. And I have a very good reason to think that, since I wrote this thing when I was flippin' 12 years old. Holy Lord Almighty, what a morbid twelve year old. Yeah, I know. I'm eighteen now. But, that's not what I wrote this tiny little note for.

So, here's the thing. School doesn't start till the end of September. I'm currently lacking inspiration for my other stories, including my Hikaru no Go story (the next chapter is only about a third done), and so I was going through my old stories. This is the oldest one, and it is crap (no matter how many of you like it, I think it is CRAP).

So! I started doing a rewrite of it. Yeah, yeah, I know I tried to do rewrites of my other ones too, and ended up pausing them. But, can't say I didn't try. Anyways, after I post this note, I'm going to post the prologue for the rewrite. Hope you come and check it out, I tried to add some humor into it (just a tad). And the rewrite is going to be different, very different from the original. Less character deaths, and they'll probably be different, too.

That's all I really have to say. I just need to add in the line breaks to the prologue, then it'll be up. Feel free to write a review for this note if you want, or just save it for the prologue of the new rewrite.