Disclaimer: The story is mine…the characters belong to Marvel…as if you didn't know lol

Disclaimer: The story is mine…the characters belong to Marvel…as if you didn't know lol.

Achieve: Sure, just ask me first.

Note: This story will feature the X-men away from protecting the world. I've always loved it when the comics would focus on how they interact with each other…thus the title. This story will feature a lot of Remy and Rogue, but not necessary together. For those of you who don't like them, don't worry your favorite will not be ignored. As a matter of fact, a lot of them at in this first chapter.

Continuity: This is set in Comic-verse. X-Xtreme X-Men has not happened. Scott is not dead. I guess you can pinpoint it as months after the Trial. Gambit is back and all is well…maybe…


Chapter 1

Body Language

(The Full Cast)

It was 10:16 P.M. The mutants known as X-Men have returned from a mission, stopping big, bad, mutants from taking over the world. The eight sat around the War Room preparing for their post assignment lecture from their leader.

Remy LeBeau a.k.a. Gambit slouched in his chair with a deck of cards in his hands. His eyes were heavy, not because he was tired, but because he was bored.

Remy watched as Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, approached the front of the room to begin his speech. He knew what Scott was going to say before he opened his lips. How? Well because Scott was, in a nutshell…predictable.

He will begin by saying dat we did a good job of holding back de enemy, but den proceed t' say dat we need more practice. Remy thought as he flipped his cards, in between his fingers. He glanced up, just as Scott began his sentence…

"Blah, blah blah…" escaped the words from Scott's lips.

Damn! Remy thought. I mus' really be bored. I can't even bring myself t' listen to him tonight.

He glanced around at the faces of everyone in the room, and noticed that he wasn't the only person not paying attention. His eyes skimmed over the faces in the room; it stopped suddenly when it met the blue eyes of Ororo a.k.a. Storm, the Weather goddess. It was obvious she didn't approve of Remy's wandering eyes. He returned her stern frown with a mischievous grin and a spark in his red on black eyes.

Despite her best intentions, Storm smiled at the attention she received from her best friend.

Well, he always could make me smile. She thought.

Remy took her smile as encouragement and started to make kissy faces at her. She turned her head back to Cyclops before he could entice her to laugh at his antics.

After all, I am co-leader. I should set an example for the others. She suppressed her giggle and tried to focus back on Scott, knowing full well that Remy was probably pouting for not keeping her attention as long as he wanted.

Damn! He looked back down at his cards. Looks like Stormy don't want t' play. I was actually having a good time. He shifted his gaze back to Storm and then to his left, her right. There sat Henry grinning from ear to ear.

Man, does he look happy. Looks like he just found de cure to…to…to...ahh…let's jus' say he looks really happy.

Henry McCoy a.k.a. The Beast could feel the red eyes peering at him. It was clear to him that Remy wasn't just sneaking a glance; He wanted his undivided attention. Henry looked over at Remy, the smile still remaining on his face.

I suspect my announcement will have a monumental impact on my Cajun comrade as well. Henry thought.

Remy raised his eyebrows curiously at the furry blue doctor. In the body language dictionary his gesture would have meant: What de hell is up wit' you?! Remy smiled at Henry when he saw that his message came through as he had intended.

The doctor smiled and slowly tapped his index and middle finger at his wrists. This meant: You will find out in a matter of time. Henry smiled again as the Cajun nodded his head reluctantly, knowing full well that the wait would drive him crazy.

Remy's mind was already racing with ideas about what Henry had to say; he had to find another distraction. Across from Henry sat Jean. Remy watched as she stared wide-eyed at her husband.

Either Cyclops' recycled speech is really interesting or Jeanie is really horny, and I'm guessing it's de latter. I guess watching him up dere, talking our ears off is de perfect fore play for her. He has full control of de room, we have to follow his orders. De words 'Fearless Leader' should be flashing in neon lights above his head. Wit' de professor gone, for who knows how long, ol' Cyke is in full control. Damn!

Jean listened intently to what her husband was saying, however during the last couple of seconds she could feel eyes burying into the side of her head. Someone was watching her. At first she thought it was Logan, but then thought better of it.

There is no way Wolverine would to that to me in front of Scott. As she watched her husband, Jean raised her hands and gently pulled both sides of her long red hair behind her ears with her fingers. Now that her peripheral vision was clear, she spotted the Peeping Tom. She let her telepathic powers leak out ever so slowly in Remy's direction. Not so that she could read his mind.

No, that would be a violation of his privacy I would never do that. She just wanted to know why he was gawking at her.

You couldn't read my mind even if you wanted to, chere. Gambit thought. This startled Jean a bit because his voice was now in her head. She was not expecting it.

You took down your mental shields. Jean thought still looking at Scott.

Jus' a li'l bit, don't get too excited. Gambit answered back. He looked away from her knowing that it would look less suspicious, though still kept the mental link.

Finally I have someone t' talk wit'. No offence, but your hubby is boring de hell outta me!

None taken. There was a hint of laughter in her response. However, Remy you know that this mission wrap up is for our benefit. It's not like Scott gets his kicks from lecturing us…

Come on chere, it's me you're talking wit'. Gambit interrupted. Cyclops is talking about god knows what, and you're de only person listening.

I doubt that Remy. Contrary to what you may believe, you don't speak for the entire team

Yes I do.

No, you don't…

Yes, I do.

No you…Oh my god he's actually reduce me to arguing like a second grader!

I heard dat…and, No I didn't. He could hear her laugh in spite of herself.

You were not supposed to hear that. Her tone had mock disapproval.

Sorry, chere. He is sincere. Next time, talk a li'l softer, eh?.

I'll remember that. Anyway, you should be listening…I should be listening…we both should be listening to Scott.

I saw you listening…or should I say drooling over him.

Remy! He could see her begin to blush.

You can't tell me dat you aren't wet and dat ol' Scott doesn't have a hard on…chere?…chere? Remy could feel it. She broke their connection and her face was now bright red.

Damn, I guess I crossed de line. He thought with a smile. And for the first time of the night Remy could feel someone else staring him down.

Across from Jean to the right of Henry sat Logan a.k.a. Wolverine. By the look on his face, Remy could tell that he had been watching them a long time. Logan narrowed his eyes at the man he called Gumbo. It was clear to him that this 'punk kid' did something to Jean, a person he truly cared for. Though it seemed Jean suddenly turned red from embarrassment and not from being upset, Logan still wanted answers.

Remy looked at Wolverine and shrugged his shoulders. Remy's answer to the implied question was a definite: I don't know what happened. But even in body language, it's still hard to get a lie past the Wolf Man.

Logan moved his hand from underneath the table. If Logan had the ability to shoot lasers from his hand, Remy would have leaped from his chair to take cover. However, Logan did not have such power, so all he did was point at the Cajun, a simple gesture that meant: Watch yourself. To which, Remy smiled.

Remy heard someone let out a soft sigh and determined that it came from across the table. It wasn't Logan or Henry, not even Ororo. However, beside Ororo sat an angel. Remy's heart quickened its space despite itself. Rogue sat with her elbow on the table and the palm of her hand on the side of her beautiful face. Her green eyes were focused on Scott, but he could tell she was miles away.

Dere she is, my beautiful girlfriend…no wait, my heartless ex-girlfriend…no-no dat's not right either…my…friend. Jus' my friend.

It had been four weeks since their official break up. One week since they made up…made up meaning that they agreed to still be friends, instead of avoiding each other.

I remember dat day. Chere came up t' me and had her speech all ready, typed, and spell-checked. She knew exactly what she wanted t' say, however she had some trouble saying it. Every time tings start t' go well, she panics and calls everyting off. And now we're jus' friends. Dis is a change. Before we were either hopelessly in love, or ignoring each other. It is good…t' jus' for once, be friends. Dere is no pressure for either of us. We can go out, talk, and laugh toget'er all under de cover of being friends. Really it isn't much different den when we were dating, at least not yet, but soon. I still love her…I hope she still loves me.

And suddenly, his love, Rogue was looking deep into his eyes. Time stopped, as her green eyes pierced his soul. Remy half expected classical music to play in the background as they ran into each other's arms in slow motion. Then it happened. She stuck out her tongue in a playful matter and let out a silent giggle. Remy returned the smile.

I guess she didn't hear de music. He thought with a chuckle.

Rogue rolled her eyes. She could tell Remy was picking up on what she was thinking. She was BBB; Bored Beyond Belief, and she knew Remy had to be as well.

Ah can't believe the Cajun is still awake.

Remy nodded his head in agreement of her perceived boredom.

Jeez, finally someone willing t' admit dey are bored.

Rogue flashed her fellow Southerner another quick smile and returned her attention back to the Speaker. Remy was a little bit annoyed. It's no secret he loved to be the focal point of a situation; Right now he just wasn't it. So, he turned his head to face Scott and despite his better judgment, kicked Rogue hard under the table. You see, he had to do it really hard because of her super strength; he wanted her to feel it. Rogue's head turned back in his direction in a flash, however her eyes didn't seek him out. She instead was glaring at the person next to him.

Bobby didn't know why, but he could feel Rogue's anger targeting him.

What did I do now? He smiled at her hoping to calm her down. She instead raised her index finger at him in a warning, which meant: Watch yourself. He knew exactly what it meant because he had seen Logan do it to him time and time again after one of his pranks.

I don't know what I did, but I can think of worst things, then having Rogue taking an interest in me…even if it does seem like a deadly interest.

But try as she might, Rogue could not hold on to her stern face. And slowly, but surly, a smile appeared to Bobby's relief.

Merde! I can't believe he's taking credit for my abuse! Remy noticed Rogue turn back to Scott. When Scott turned his back to the group pointing to something on the View Screen, he elbowed Bobby.

"What was that for?" Bobby whispered. For an instant, Gambit was a bit surprised. Bobby was talking; the little silent game he was playing just officially came to an end.

"I'm de one dat kicked her under de table! Now she tinks it's you!" He answered in a low voice.

"Then consider yourself lucky." Bobby responded with a serious smile. He turned his attention back to the front of the room as Scott faced the group.

"…When we improve on all that I've mentioned, we will then be working to our full potential. Any questions?" Scott asked as his speech came to a close.

"Noooo!" Remy yelled as if he was speaking for everyone.

Scott gave Remy a disapproving look. "Since there isn't any questions, I have one last thing to say." He heard all the groans coming from his teammates.

"You tink you can keep it under an hour dis time, homme?" Remy asked shuffling his cards. Scott chose to ignore the comment and continued.

"I've checked with the other Superhero Teams. We've been keeping track of the mutant crimes that could be dangerous on a National level and have found that everything seems to be calming down. According to our calculation there doesn't need to be so many Teams in active operation at once. And because of the luck of the draw, the X-Men have been chosen to take a break." Scott paused until the cheering of the group came to a stop.

"Don't celebrate just yet. As you know, we are not operating on full scale. With the professor gone with the rest of the team there are only eight of us on active duty. Because we have been given a break, does not necessarily mean we are taking a break. One never knows what the future entails. We are the X-Men, the elite as far as Mutant crime-fighters go; therefore we can never truly take time off. Consequently, we won't be going on missions for awhile, though this doesn't mean we stop working. I've seen what happens to this team when they feel like they don't need to practice. And so, while we wait through this break, we will train as if nothing has changed at all. We will continue to stay on Red Alert. Which means, no going off on solo missions." He said looking directly at Logan, "No spending time working on your latest prank." He said turning to Bobby, "And, no pretending that you forgot what time curfew is on your off nights." That one was directed to Remy. "Was that short enough for you, LeBeau?" When he saw that Remy was about to speak, he continued.

"That was a rhetorical question!" He stated as Remy smirked. That smirk was enough to drive Scott up the wall. "You are all dismissed!"

Most of the X-Men jumped out of their seats and started working out their cramps. Remy was already out the door; he was never one to sit still for long.

"Bobby Drake, Ah'm gonna kill you!" Rogue yelled with a hint of laughter.

"Just give me a ten second head start." Bobby pleaded.

"Ah-hem." Henry interrupted with a fake cough. "Rogue if you are not too busy, though committing Homicide might count as being busy, I would like to have a talk with you in my laboratory?"

"Sure Hank." She answered a little worried. Going to the doctor's office wasn't her idea of fun. "Count yahself lucky Ice-boy!"

"Well, Mr. Drake, it looks like at the moment of your execution, the Governor has granted you a stay of reprieve." Henry called out to him as he headed out the door with Rogue.

"Yeah Beast, thanks a lot." Was Bobby's response. However, as far as Henry was concerned, for a man that has been taken off death row, Bobby did not sound happy.

Surprise, Surprise


"Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…" Henry sang as he walked toward Rogue with a medium box topped with a bow in his hands. Rouge was sitting on one of the medical beds looking really confused. Though, seeing a crazy smile on Henry and witnessing him singing, was enough for her to let out a laugh.

"If Ah tell you it's not really mah birthday, can Ah still have the present?" She asked with a slight grin. Henry knows that it's not mah b-bay.

"Well," he said thinking. "Yes, I guess so. I'm as anxious to give this to you as you will be to receive it." Rogue continued to stare at the box. "Go a head, take it."

"Okay, okay." She picked up the box and started to shake it, with shouts of protest from the doctor.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Ah'm tryin' to guess what's in it. Ah always use to do this with mah presents." She sounded very much like a little girl despite herself.

"Open it already! You just might damage it with your super strength."

"Take a chill pill, McCoy. It's not like Ah'm throwin' it across the room!" She said sharply.

"I apologize. Will you please open it." He begged. Rogue couldn't help but giggle. She almost felt like handing the present back to him.

It seems like he really wants it for himself. She began to pull the bow off the box, and caught the spark in the Doc's eyes. She slowly began to take off the cover, knowing that she must be driving him insane. Once the cover was removed, she caught her breath.

"Oh…mah…gosh…!" In the box sat a little bracelet. She gently reached in the box and took out the bracelet and threw the box over her head. It was a little thick and was sliver…no, platinum; she could tell. On the bracelet sat three diamonds and a display screen. She looked up at him, "But Ah didn't get you anythin'." There is a hint of laughter in her voice.

"It is better to give then to receive." He joked, however it is clear that Rogue didn't want to continue this line of banter. What she wanted, was answers.

"For a extended period of time now, I have been toiling away on a side project. Now, I did not inform you of this earlier because I was fearful that if I did not succeed it would cause you unnecessary anguish. After countless nights of never ending equations, faulty hypothesis and failed experiments, I have finally found the answer to your…dare I say… prayers. I was able to devise an apparatus that has the capability to nullify your deoxyribonucleic acid X factor!"

"Huh?" she stared into his eyes. "You're not a good story teller sugah. You want to run that buy me again…in English maybe?"

"Let me start over. You cannot control your powers." He pointed to the bracelet in her hand. "Now you can."

Author's Note: Congratulations!!! You've made it to the end. I hope you enjoyed it.

I read a fanfiction awhile ago with Gambit bored in the War Room annoying Storm but the scene did not last long. Anyway, that's how I got the idea for the first part, everything else is different. I would like to mention the fic but I cannot remember the name.

I know many people heard the bracelet idea before, but I first read it a while ago in a fic called, Always His Women by Linda McWray. I recommend it if you are over 17.

I have more written already, but I want to know what you think so far. So tell me what you think, thanks in advance. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!!!

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