"I'm back to being wallpaper to you. What is wrong with me, Grissom? What did I do to you to make you hate me and ignore me?" she said. He took his glasses off and set them on his desk and rubbed his eyes.

"Well Grissom, tell me! Or can you? Do you even know? Huh? What is it? You give me these mixed signals and I don't know what to do. You said you loved me. Did you lie? You came to my house, had sex with me and said that you loved me. What is it? Am I not good enough for you?"

"I'm scared, okay!" he said agitated and a little angry.

"Of what?!"

"Of you, of the way I feel about you. I hurt you all the time, all the damn time, and I continue to hurt you everyday. That's why I always just wanted it to be friends and co-workers and nothing else because I knew if it was more than that I might hurt you and I didn't want to. I knew if I avoided you I couldn't hurt you that way."

"I hate you." She turned and walked out of his office. He sighed and sat down at his desk and put his glasses back on. He began looking at a case file, but he couldn't concentrate. He kept thinking about what Sara said and their night they had and her body and the way she looked at him when he told her he loved her. He closed the file and grabbed his coat. He went to his car and drove to Sara's apartment. He went to her door and knocked. She answered with a beer in her hand just like the time he had came to her apartment before.

"What do you want?" she said coldly.

"You," he said, "Can I come in?" She looked like she was thinking. "No!" She started to close the door.

"Sara please!" He begged. She looked at him.

"Okay." She opened the door. When she turned around he was standing very close to her. So close that their bodies were touching.

"I'm sorry Sara." He whispered into her ear. He kissed her cheek and kissed over until he reached her lips. He gave her a little kisses then kissed her deeply. She too started to kiss him back. When they broke apart he was out of breath and she was too.

"You take my breath away." He whispered.

"You take mine away too." She whispered in his ear.

"You're so beautiful." She smiled. He picked her up and carried her to her room and laid her gently down on the bed. He moved the covers and sheets so that they were under them.

"I'm so sorry Sara, I know I've repeated that, but I really am." An hour later Sara woke up in Grissom's arms to find him watching her and playing with her hair. She rubbed her eyes and smiled at him. She started to say something, but he put a finger over her lips.

"Don't say anything." He kissed her. "I love you Sara, I really do. I know how mean I've been, and I know that I've blown it with you, but I can't help but love you. I've loved you ever since the first day I saw you. I knew right then that I wanted to marry you and I wanted you to be the mother of my children."

"Yeah you were an ass to me, but you haven't blown it. No matter how you treat me, Gil, I somehow still love you. I don't know how, but I do." She said.

"I haven't?"

"No, you haven't… not yet anyway." She smiled and so did he.