Boats Against The Current

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) American writer.

Prologue Part 1

Hermione exhaled, as she let the warmth of the water surround her. It had been weeks since she had taken a warm bath. In the recent rush of events with Harry, Ron and Dumbledore, Hermione had not given herself time to relax and have the privilege of taking a long heated bath. Instead, the 16 year old would rush to get showered in the morning before rushing off to find her friends. While Harry and Ron had understandably not noticed the stress she'd been under, Ginny, who the trio had excluded from their plans, confronted her. 'Hermione, look, you are allowed a break okay…you are a prefect this year…you have authorization to one of the nicest baths in the school…take a break for Gods sake…you look like the living dead' The young Weasley had half teased.

Hermione, for once, had listened to her friend and had decided that her body could use a little break, and was now indulging in a hot and steamy bubble bath.

The curly haired girl giggled slightly and wondered what her parents would think if they knew how much hot water she was wasting right now.

"I mean, look at this place…its completely fogged up. Daddy would blow the roof if I did this at home!" she thoughtwith a slight smile on her face. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, it was wonderfully peaceful here, "Gods, if only I could spend the rest of my life here" The girl let out another moan of peace.

"My, my Granger, you are enjoying yourself aren't you?"

Hermione's eyes snapped open as she turned in the direction where the silky voice had come from. She gasped as she took in the sight of Draco Malfoy standing in nothing but a towel next to the tub.

Hermione's narrowed as she looked at his face, "Get out…I'm taking a bath!"

"I can see that" he responded, letting his eyes rake over her body.

Hermione blushed despite herself as she looked down to make sure there were enough bubbles around her; satisfied she looked up to meet the eyes of her nemesis.

"You are a pig Malfoy. Get out," She hissed.

"My dear Mudblood," Draco sneered, "You are in no position to be giving orders."

Hermione gritted her teeth, "Bastard. Get out."

"Again with the orders, I'm going to have to teach you a lesson." Draco tugged on the towel, letting it drop around his legs.

Hermione gasped, as her eyes took in the sight she had been so carefully trying to avoid. His body was a gift from god, there was no doubt about it. Hermione bit the inside of her mouth and forced herself to look back at his face, her own feature distorted by hatred for the blonde.

"I don't believe you understood me, you scrawny little ferret. Get. Out. Now!" she said loudly.

"Granger, I am anything but little, or scrawny…as I'm sure you can see for yourself." He replied, and stood his ground.

Hermione's eyes tugged down to his lower region and flushed lightly, he was, unfortunately, incredibly right. "Get out, you perverted pure-blooded, egocentric bastard"

Draco's eyes darkened, "I believe I said I was going to teach you a lesson, Mudblood." Hermione heard him lift his wand to mutter two quick spells under his breath, locking the door and placing a silencing charm on the room, before lowering himself into the tub.

Hermione tensed and then gave him a curt nod, "Fine, have the bath tub, you win. I'm gone." She reached over, as best as she could without revealing herself, to reach for a towel. She jumped slightly as she felt a strong arm move around her waist and a small bite on her shoulder.

"What-", Hermione gasped in horror as his body slid up behind her and she swallowed. "Let me go" She hissed.

"My dear, you just said I won didn't you? Winning means I get what I came for…and I came here for you." His voice was deep and husky in her ear as he pulled her into his lap.

She could feel his erection pressing against her bare buttocks and felt dread and panic begin to take her over. He was definitely stronger than she was. She glanced desperately at her wand, which was sitting atop her neatly folded clothes.

"Don't even try it, Granger," he said, his lips touching her ear and her body shuddered at the feeling of his hot breath on her sensitive skin. He chuckled at her movement. "Not completely unaffected by me, are you?"

"In your dreams, Malfoy!" she said through gritted teeth, trying to ignore his hand which was slowly sliding up and down the outside of her thigh.

"You have been in my dreams, Granger. Do you want to hear about them?" He pressed his lips into her neck and she leaned into the contact despite herself.

"I don't want to hear about your depraved sex fantasies, Malfoy." She said defiantly. His hand was now sliding up the middle of her two lets, which she pressed together tightly. She felt a heat deep within her and tried to ignore it.

"I think you do, Granger. You know, I've spent so much time over the last five years thinking that you are beneath me, but over the last few months, I've been dreaming about you being beneath me, writhing in ecstasy. I want to see what your face looks like when you come. I want to hear you screaming out my name." His voice was husky and labored.

"Fuck You Malfoy" She spat out.

He turned her face to his, "Dammit Granger, I need this, I need you to understand, it's not a choice right now. It's a must, this is it for me." His eyes, as dark as ever stared at her. They were not pure, they were not full of promises, and they very much still held the hatred he had shown to her for the past 5 years. But, despite her hatred for him, her body was responding to him. His hand eased her thighs apart and though she tried to fight him, he easily won and mewed softly as his fingers caressed the inside of her thigh.

"Why me, Malfoy?" she asked leaning her head back to rest against his shoulder. "You hate me." She tried to keep her mind from giving into the sensations he was causing.

"Passion is fuelled by strong emotions, Granger. Yes, I hate you. I hate that you constantly get better grades than me. I hate that you are friends with Pothead and Weasel. I hate your stupid bushy hair and I hate your whiney voice. I also love your long legs and wish I could feel them wrapped around my waist as I pound my cock into you. I love the way your tits jiggle when you put your hand up in class. I love your pouty lips." While he was saying this, he moved one hand over her breast and using the pad of his thumb, stroked her nipple so that the tiny peak stiffened. She let out a moan at the unexpected pleasure she received from his caress.

His other hand moved between over her mound and slid up and down the folds. Her mouth dropped open and she sighed loudly, her whole body tensing up at how wonderful it felt.

"I want to fuck your know-it-all brains out, Granger...just this one time" He said as his pushed one long slender finger into her tight passage. She moaned as he began to push the digit in and out of her, still fondling her breast with his other hand. He started to kiss and suckle at her neck and ear lobe. All her will to resist him left her and all she could feel was the longing deep within her. It wasn't enough, she needed more.

To his delight, she began to thrust her pelvis forward to meet his finger, moaning wantonly. The feeling of her smooth round ass rubbing against his throbbing member almost made him splash his seed all over her bare bum.

His thumb slid up and he began to flick that small bud. She cried out loud at the contact and he felt her tunnel contract around his finger. Her back arched out and she shuddered, gasping for air. As she came her head lolled back onto his shoulder and he watched as her face. Her eyes were shut tightly and her mouth fell open as she groaned.

"I knew that you'd look hot when you came, Granger." He said into her ear as her body gave its last few trembles. He picked her up by the waist and before she could catch her breath, had pushed her back in the water and entered her, breaking through her maidenhead. She cried out in agony and struggled against him.

"Stop, it hurts," she cried.

He stilled his movement within her, giving her a chance to get accustomed to him. He captured her mouth in a fierce kiss, pushing past her lips with his tongue and probing the depths of her mouth. When she started to respond to him kiss, he began to move in and out, slowly at first, then with her encouragement faster.

She could hardly believe she was doing this. If Harry or Ron found out they'd probably kill him, but here she was in the bathtub of the Prefects Bathroom, losing her virginity to her nemesis who hated her. And she was loving it. Despite the furiousness of his movements and the hate that was behind his lust filled eyes, he was being very generous with her.

She relaxed and let the feeling he was causing in her body consume her. Tentatively, she reached her hands up and gripped his shoulders.

"That's it, Mudblood, touch me," he stared into her eyes, daring her to explore him. She let her hands run down his back lightly and he hissed in pleasure at her soft touch. Emboldened by his encouragement, she slid them down further until they grasped what she knew was the tautest, most talked about ass in the school. She almost giggled at the thought, that she was now fondling that butt, when any girl in the school would have killed to touch it.

"Wrap your legs around me, Granger," he prompted her. She did what he asked and the resulting shift in body weight allowed him to plunge his cock even deeper. She let him know with a loud moan how much she approved of the feeling. He pushed deeper and deeper, the water splashing with the movements and cascading over the side of the tub. Her moans mixed with his and resonated around the bathroom, feeling the whole room with the sound of their coupling.

All coherent thought left her; there was only the building tension deep in her core.

"Faster," she urged him, running one hand up his back and snaking it into his hair. He complied and it didn't take long for her to reach her summit and come apart in his arms.

"Oh, God, Malfoy, Yes!" she cried out and he felt her whole body trembling and jerking as her channel tightened around him. He gave another couple of quick thrust to finish her off before giving in to his own pleasure and filling her with his hot juices.

He collapsed forward onto her quivering body, unable to hold himself up any longer. She let him lie there, her eyes closed as she tried to regain her composure.