Boats Against The Current

Chapter 1

16 Years Later

"Professor Granger!"

Hermione turned at the sound of her name, and saw a short, skinny black haired girl come running up to her. Amy Aston, 4th Year, Slytherin.

"Yes, Miss. Aston?" Hermione waited for the girl to catch up to her.

"Well, Professor, I was just wondering if you could extend my deadline for the essay you assigned today in class. I'm rather busy with Quidditch." Amy looked up at Hermione and nonchalantly tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. Hermione felt like rolling her eyes at the 4th year. If you were going to ask for an extension, at least do it sincerely.

"I'm sorry Miss. Aston, but I cannot do that. Quidditch is a privilege to play, and must be managed accordingly with school work. I'm sorry; you are just going to have to manage." Hermione turned and continued walking towards her destination.

"Oh bugger" The 4th year muttered, looking dejected before rushing off towards her dormitory.

"Geez Mom, cut the kid some slack"

Hermione turned, her 16 year old son walking confidentially up to his mother, a lazy smile that mimicked the one that was so rarely found on his father. The teenage boy swung an arm around his mother's shoulder with fondness and the two began walking to her room.

"Dimitry, just because she's your teammate doesn't mean I'm going to cut her some slack" Hermione replied.

"But mom, do you really want another team to beat your son's team? Especially since your son is the star seeker?" Dimitry said, a cocky grin dancing on his face. If Dimitry was an annoying asshole he'd be just like his father.

Hermione rolled her eyes at her son. He was just as cocky, but thankfully normally not as rude as his father. Although, his looks said otherwise. He was just as tall as she remembered Draco to be, had the same eyes and hair. His nose was hers though, and while he did have his father's trademark smirk, he had her smile and mouth.

"Seeing as the other team, is indeed my house…yes, yes I do" Hermione grinned at her son as they stopped in front of her room.

"Rice Crispees" Hermione said, and the portrait swung open. The mother and son made there way inside. Hermione dropped her bag, filled with papers to be marked and removed the stuffy robe to reveal sweats and a baggy t-shirt.

"Really mother" Dimitry said in disgust as he saw his mother's choice of attire and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Dimitry, don't you have friends to bother?" Hermione sighed.

"But I miss my mother." The boy said with a smile, "Besides mum, Amy Aston is one of my team's star players…and I need her to be focused and alert." Dimitry snuck the comment in, hoping to get through to his mother as he often could.

"Dimitry" Hermione said, taking on a warning tone.

"Fine, Fine, Gods mum, relax" Dimitry said, raising his hands in defense as he walked towards the door, "I'm off, I'm got Potions. See you at dinner mom." He paused at the door, "Mummy"

Hermione sighed, "Yes Dimitry?"

"I love you"

Hermione turned to smile at her little boy, "I love you too. Be good"

Her grinned, "Aren't I always?"

Hermione shook her head as her son stepped out into the hallway and disappeared. She sighed, she was 32. At 32, most women have 6 year old kids, she had 16 year olds. 16 years ago, I was 16. Draco and I had sex and I conceived. Gods.

Hermione shook her head, and picked up her bag to begin marking transfiguration homework her 7th years had handed in today. She had been teaching at Hogwarts since she was 20. Since she was a single mother, Harry, Ron and the rest of the Order thought it was better she remained at Hogwarts with Minerva instead of fighting the war. She had agreed, not wanting any child to grow up without parents, since the chances of her or anyone surviving a war so brutal was slim. When she was 29 the war ended, although Hogwarts had run all through the war. Professor Dumbledore's death had left some sort of sealing charm for all the inhabitants of the castle to be protected, thus making it the one school parents forced there kids to go too during the war. Hermione frowned slightly at the memory. How she had spent many nights rocking her baby, wishing she was off helping Harry or Ron. She wasn't though, she couldn't. Although she did what she could and spent many of her nights researching the Horcruxs. The night of the final war, Hermione had cried herself to sleep, knowing that since she had not discovered the last Horcrux, Harry was risking his life that night. Miraculously Voldemort was destroyed; the light triumphed and Hermione wiped her tears. It wasn't even a question of if the dark lord may return, because the Death Eaters marks had disappeared entirely. Unfortunately, that made it harder to track down the deatheaters, but three years later, Hermione figured it was safe to say that most deatheaters had been prosecuted. Although several were still missing, two in particular interest to the Order of the Phoenix and Hermione; Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape were yet to be found, dead or alive.

Gods, I hope Malfoy's dead. It's been 16 years, he must have been killed. I refuse to think of his return…it would mean that he would find out I conceived. And nothing good can come from that.

Hermione rubbed her temples. She had no other classes today, seeing as it was one more period and then dinner. Hermione sighed. Let's get a couple more papers done, hmm?

Suddenly there was a knock at her door. Hermione sighed, Opening the portrait door with a wave of her wand, Headmistress McGonagall walked through.

"Hermione, there is an urgent matter in our hands."

"Oh?" Hermione replied, her interest peaked.

"Professor Lobworm and Professor Myerson are no longer qualified to teach, according to the Ministry's new bloody laws" Minerva said, as she began to pace.

"Alright, hire replacements?" Hermione said, she was quite aware of the Ministry's new load of crap. Ever since the old minister had passed away quietly in his sleep, Percy had been royally screwing things up.

"I can only file for replacements when the two officially leave the premises, which they won't for another week. Which means for one week the students of Hogwarts will not be having Potions or Defense against Dark Arts."

"I'll teach Potions, and you can teach DADA. It's only a week, and we can get them to do desk work, so we can still have our prep periods. If required we'll ask other professors to step in and teach as well, I'm sure they will…we've got a pretty good staff."

Minerva sighed and looked at the young witch before her, "I just can't shake this feeling Hermione, and you know I am not one to normally fret."

Hermione patted Minerva's arm. The woman was old, and Hermione hated to say it, but she had lost her touch…even if just a bit. "Minerva, no worries, we'll make it work"

"Good" The elderly witch looked down at her watch, "Hermione, there is a Potions class waiting for a teacher, down in the dungeons…Do you mind?"

Hermione smiled, while her insides churned As if I didn't have enough papers to mark already. "Of course not, what year?"

"6th Years." Minerva said with a knowing smile, "Your house and the Slytherins."

"I'm on my way" The young professor responded, grabbing a hand full of papers to mark and her robe, she and Minerva exited her quarters.