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Part 21/21

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Six months later

Teyla leaned on the railing of her balcony and let out a relaxing breath, closing her eyes and allowing the cool ocean air to wash over her. It had been a stressful, crazy past six months, but she knew that she wouldn't trade any of them for anything in the universe.

After the events on Belkan, Teyla had started to feel the slightest bit of animosity towards Ronon, and, in a way, herself. She had known in some ways what Ronon was planning to do to his ex commander, but she had arranged for the meeting anyway because a small, dark part of her wanted him dead herself. She knew that she had aided and abetted a murder, but there was a part of her that she couldn't bring to care. The galaxy and what was left of the Satedan people were better off now that he was dead, and Ronon appeared to be more content now that it was done.

Teyla was still having a few issues with what she and Ronon had done; it was a side of her husband that she had never seen before but had yet somehow knew existed. In a way it scared her to know that Ronon harbored that darkness inside him, though it hardly ever surfaced and had only done so once around her and never around Kyana. There would always be a part of her that would hold the events of that day against Ronon, and herself, but she had forgiven Ronon long ago and vowed to forget it and never speak of it again. What was done was done, it could never be reversed, and she saw no point in continuing to agonize over it.

She shifted slightly and pushed out of her face the strands of hair that the breeze had whipped loose from her ponytail, firmly removing those macabre thoughts from her mind and turning them to something far more cheerful.

Kyana was growing steadily; she was barely eight years old and already she had caused endless trouble on Atlantis with her adventuresome spirit. Her favorite target of practical jokes appeared to be Rodney McKay; he was forever coming to Teyla and Ronon with complaints about "their devious daughter" and whatever new prank she'd pulled on him. Ronon found all of them to be immensely amusing, and the scientist's complaints even funnier, so he did little to stop his daughter's pranks. Even though they were harmless. . .except for the one time Kyana had nearly caused Rodney to blow up his laboratory by sneaking up behind him and rapping him soundly on the rear with one of her child sized Bantos rods. . .Teyla had decided to take a little more action to stop the pranks. She had spoken firmly with Kyana about it and was seriously considering lessening the time the young girl spent with Colonel Sheppard, for she felt that Kyana's godfather was the main source of Kyana's small devious streak.

There had only been two pranks pulled by Kyana since then, and neither of them had been anything too extraordinarily devious, though to hear Doctor McKay tell it the young girl had attempted to blow up the entire city.

Teyla smiled and shook her head, wondering if Sheppard's influence on her daughter would wane now that he was soon going to have another young one to train in the art of pranks. Doctor Weir had recently announced that she was two and a half months pregnant, much to the vast majority of the city's delight, and over the past three weeks Atlantis's leader had received a stream of good wishes and offers to help more around the city. Colonel Sheppard, as the proud father, could always be seen walking around the city with an insatiably large grin on his face. Teyla had told him that the long sleepless nights would soon erase that grin, but Sheppard had brushed her comment off with a smile and excited words.

In truth, Teyla couldn't blame him. Though a child was a large responsibility, Teyla knew firsthand that all the work, sleepless nights, and tears were well worth it.

The smile on her face grew wider, and she soothed her hand over her own still flat stomach. She had yet to tell Ronon, for she had barely found out herself, but she was pregnant again. She wasn't showing yet and Carson had told her she probably wouldn't for another couple of weeks, but Teyla had set up this rendezvous with Ronon on her balcony to tell him. She was planning on telling Kyana after Ronon, and then was going to wait until she was beginning to show to tell her dear friend Charin and the rest of her people, and the Atlantians.

The feeling of a small, new life growing inside her. . .her and Ronon's child. . .brought warmth to her heart and a grin to her lips. It had been a long while since she had carried Kyana, but that same wonder and excitement flooded through her now. Teyla would not have to partly raise this child alone, because her husband was home again and they were officially a family now, the fulfillment of her quietest of dreams. . .

The door behind her opened, and moments later Teyla felt Ronon's strong arms wrap around her in a warm, familiar embrace. "Teyla. . ."

She leaned back against him, tipping her head up so she could look him in the eyes. "Ronon, I wanted to tell you something. . ." She turned in his arms and pulled his head down to hers, placing her lips directly next to his ear as she whispered her exciting news: "I am pregnant."

Ronon pulled back and looked at her, a look of pleased surprise on his face and in his eyes. "Teyla. . .?" He sputtered for a moment, obviously not knowing what to say. "You. . . I. . . Pregnant?"

Teyla laughed at the look on Ronon's face and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "We are going to be parents again, Ronon."

A small, happy grin turned up the corners of Ronon's lips, and he let out a whoop of pleasure before grabbing her up in a hug, lifting her off from the ground and spinning her around in a circle before setting her down again. Burying his face in her neck, he whispered: "And this time, Teyla, I promise I'm not going anywhere. . ."

Teyla blinked back the tears in her eyes. "I know," she whispered softly. "I know, Ronon."

"I love you, Teyla." The awe in his voice nearly undid her, and she smiled over Ronon's shoulder as she responded: "I love you as well, Ronon."

Ronon pulled back, kissed her lips, and then got down on his knees and rested his forehead against her stomach. "Hear that, little one?" he whispered softly. "I'm never leaving you or your mother, ever again."

Teyla blinked back the tears in her eyes at Ronon's gentle words and threaded her fingers through his tangled dreadlocks, tipping her head up to the sky to look at the expanse of stars glittering in the heavens.

Thank you. . .

The End

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