Disclaimer: Many of these chapters will include episodes from Season 2. I take no credit for the ideas and some of the dialogue used in these chapters, except that relating directly to my OC.

Adiana leapt onto the couch in her apartment and pushed the power button on the remote. The television clicked on. She hurriedly changed the channel over to the CW. The opening credits for Supernatural had just started. Adiana sighed as Sam and Dean's faces filled the screen.

"I love this show." Adiana leaned back and let herself sink into the sofa. "If only it were real. I could use a break from school." Suddenly, pain flared in her forehead spreading across her skull like fire. She put a hand to her head, gasping as the sensation grew stronger. Everything was glowing, fading, gone.

Sam leaned over the desk his fists clenched. His head was pounding. A vision of a woman lying on a porch filled his head. She was about twenty, tall and thin with gold-blonde hair. She was wearing tight fitting jeans and a deep red hoodie with some school logo printed on the corner. Her eyes were closed, and she looked for all the world like she might be asleep. With the visions he had though, it was more likely that she was dead. As suddenly, as the vision came it was gone. Sam felt a hand on his shoulder. Dean was standing over him with concern etched into his features.

"You alright Sammy?" Sam flexed his hands, letting the blood flow back into them.

"Yeah, Dean. I'm fine."

"What was it this time?"

"There was a woman just lying on a porch."

"That's it?"

"Yeah. I-" Thud! Sam and Dean turned. It sounded as it if something had just landed on the porch. The brothers glanced at each other. Dean took a gun off of the dresser and flicked off the safety. They walked to the door, and Sam threw it open. The doorway was empty. Cautiously, they stepped outside, and that was when Sam noticed the body.

"Dean, it's her."