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Rose Gray waited anxiously in the depressingly cold small office, her pale blue eyes dancing around nervously for any sign that the Headmistress might be approaching. She had only ever been in any headmistress's office once before, and on that particular occasion, hadn't relished being told that her personal team of hair and beauty experts weren't permitted to follow her around during class time. To be fair, she had been ten at the time, and had only ever been home schooled previously.

Rose was also the daughter of one of the most celebrated and well known public leaders in the Land of Oz, Glinda the Good. Inevitably, Rose had always lived a life of luxury.

To Rose's left sat her father, a kind faced man in his mid forties with wavy locks of light brown hair, highlighted here and there by a few strands of grey. His features were warm and round; he had a fuller face, and his skin was lined around his mouth and eyes, suggesting that a glowing smile usually lit his features. Noticing her anxiously glancing round the bland room, he reached over and grasped her hand lightly, giving it a small squeeze.

"Everything's going to be alright. Don't worry; you'll see." He muttered towards her. She gave a shuddering gulp in reply. He turned away, his small smile unnoticed by Rose, and returned to his book.

Rose wished desperately that the clock fixed to the wall would stop going backwards, and would start moving in something resembling normal time, but it seemed that every time the second hand moved, it took hours to do so.

A small click signalled the entrance of the room's main occupier. Rose's head snapped towards the door as a severe looking lady in an immaculate red skirt suit strode purposefully into the room.

"Miss Gray, Mr Gray, I am sorry for the delay. My name is Madame Penny-Foster, I am the headmistress." She declared, issuing her hand forward for each to shake.

"Welcome to Elmsley School, I hope you enjoy your time here." the headmistress stated, matter-of-factly. Her eyes were dull and cold. "Now, I have your time table and a homework diary for your use. You should take note of the list of rules printed here on the first page. These include 'not running inside any of the school buildings', 'to respect the staff and your fellow students', and 'to obey staff requests.' A full list of rules are printed on the inside cover of your homework diary; may I advise that you take quarter of an hour or so to review them in full at your earliest convenience."

Rose gave her a slightly exasperated look at her language. True, her internal organs still felt like they had been shoved into a food blender and liquidated, but there was something about the way a person presented themselves, consciously or subconsciously, which Rose was not able to ignore. It was a talent derived from being one of the most popular and well respected girls in her old school.

"Well, Miss Gray, if you would like to follow me, I will show you to your first class."

Rose followed the formidable lady wordlessly as she led her out, and along a narrow grey corridor. The headmistress made idle chat as she walked Rose to her class, but she only half listening.

"I really hope that you settle in well here, Miss Gray. It must be quite a shock to be travelling so far away from your own land. Goodness knows, the people here are quite different from those in the Land of Oz. We are a tight little community. You might even call Elmsglade a village. I suggest that unless you wish to be the local outcast, you try your best to fit in. We already have a rather unusual family in that position. Now, I know that at Emerald City North School-"

" West School. I was at Emerald West, Madame...?"

"Penny-Foster. You were at Emerald City West School, were you? I've heard that to be one of the largest schools in all of Oz." It wasn't a question. It was more of a dismissive statement.

"Yes, it is, Madame Penny-Foster. There is one larger to the North, but Emerald West is the largest in the centre of Oz. The Emerald City itself has five secondary/high schools within its boundaries, and several other colleges and primary schools." Replied Rose with a slightly overly-enthusiastic air. She knew that life could be far easier if she had the power to manipulate the headmistress slightly. When you became the headmistress's teachers pet, you were often favoured by other teachers aswell. It was a trick she had learnt in her primary school. After all, being allowed only one piece of chocolate sponge cake for pudding can get quite irritating after a while, especially if they've of half decent quality.

"However, here at Elmsley School, we have very much higher standards, due to the fact that we have small class sizes, and have a very impressive teacher-to-student ratio…"

Rose tuned her out. She continued to follow a pace behind Madame Penny-Foster, and began studying her surroundings. The walls were covered in weird and controversial works of art, and she amused herself by wondering just what substances and herbs the students has been taking in order to have produced such works of violent imagination and colour. Probably nothing that was provided in the school canteen, that was for sure.

Madame Penny-Foster made a sudden right at a red door labelled 'Ash', and pushed it open without any notice. The door ricocheted off of a group of lockers beside it, and gave the class the warning they needed. Inside, it was complete havoc. Rose couldn't think of another word to best describe the situation which lay before her. She had been so worried about what such a small school would be like when she had been educated in one of the largest schools on Oz, and yet she had forgotten the one major thing- it was still a school. Be it little or not, schools were there to house and pester children during those precious hours of the day, and if there was one thing which didn't change in nature, whichever land you went to, that was the nature of a teenager. Or 20 of them, to be more precise, standing in groups, sitting on the tables, lounging on tables, laughing, yelling, chatting, and pretty much, just having fun.

That was, until their undivided attention was attained by the echoing gong of the lockers and their headmistress, standing to its right, a look of mingled shock and horror on her face. The room was plunged into deafening silence. The dull 'clip, clip' of her stilettos crisply followed her movements as she strode forwards tentatively, as if submerging herself in a pool of water just slightly below that of what she would have preferred. Several girls slid off the tables they had been perching on; one who had been lying over two desks jumped up to a sitting position as if electrocuted and slid down, her face glowing deep red as Madame Penny-Foster's eyes singled her out and narrowed.

"You. What do you think you were doing? Do you not get enough sleep at night? Do you think that lying on a school table is suitable behaviour? See me after your lesson, I want to know exactly what you were thinking when you decided to act in such an outrageous manor."

She then turned her attention to the whole class. "Now, if you hadn't noticed, we have a guest with us- do not interrupt me, Master Faleap. Her name is Rose Gray, and she is to begin attending this fine school. She is new to the land, so I hope you all make her feel welcome, and that you all give her your help and support. Now, is there anything you would like to say, Miss Gray?" She gave a sweeping hand movement towards the class, and then without waiting, turned her heel and left. All eyes turned to the new girl.

Rose felt herself shudder and drown. Yes, there had been something she was planning to say. In her head, she had been rehearsing exactly how she was going to introduce herself for a week now. She had been formulating it since she found out her family was moving, and she was to be forced into a new school. This self introduction had been practiced in her head for hours upon hours last night, whilst she tossed and turned in her soft bed. But now, as she surveyed the teenaged boys and girls staring back at her, she found herself temporarily unable to address them.

"I am Rose Andretta Gray," she faltered. "Daughter- um, daughter of Glinda the Good, High Ruler- no," Her eyes jumped to the second door to the classroom, as two suddenly silenced girls slipped inside, "Er, Ex High Ruler of the land of Oz." She drew a ragged breath "I am from the Emerald City, capital of Oz." Their bodies started to bounce with half suppressed laughter. Rose wrenched her eyes away. "I will be 16 at the end of October. And I, I will be studying Art, Politics, and History as well as, er, the usual um, topics…" She stammered, and trailed off. One of the girls who had just entered was giggling so badly, that she had stuffed her hand into her mouth to try and stop the noise. Her face had become bright scarlet, almost indistinguishable from the varying shades of violent red hair which flowed down her back as her friend tried in vein not to burst out laughing herself due to the look on her face.

Rose stood rooted to the spot. Her body began to shake as her eyes danced from one incredulous face to another. Several people started to whisper shamelessly to each other, throwing Rose furtive glances. She felt her breath hitch raggedly in her throat as her pulse rate increased phenomenally, her heart pounding in her chest. She suddenly realised her mouth was devoid of all moisture.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. She was the daughter of the respected High Ruler Glinda the Good. She was known and feared by many in Emerald City West, the largest school in all Oz. She was supposed to be adored, respected, feared.


Some mental switch in her head snapped, and she did the only thing she could. She turned suddenly on the spot, bodily shoved the young lady behind her away, and ran to the door.

Her hand was just about to grasp the knob when the door was flung open from the outside, and the body of a tall male student blocked her way. He started yelling out towards the class; Rose jumped backwards in shock and then screamed.

He was green. A rich emerald green, it covered all visible skin. He was a very angry green young man. It was a green that Rose had only heard stories of, and seen fewer treasured photos of.

" PHOENIX! Phoenix where the hell are you, I know you're here. You turn me back right now, you bloody raving lunatic!" He roared. He seemed at first oblivious of the public reaction to his skin tone- or perhaps, was he just fuelled by it? But, as Rose watching him, she saw his eyes become uncertain, even frightened, as his attention became drawn to expressions and emotions, rather then just identities.

Rose was backed up against the wall. The whole class was laughing. She knew it wasn't at her, but it still sent chills running down her spine. They were all laughing with such passion and cruelty in their gazes, but there was one laugh which distinctly rose above all others. It was the sound of a high cackle. A cackle which pierced ears and travelled over all other noise.

The class suddenly quietened, leaving the cackle to resound around the walls for a few seconds with ominous flair. Several students shifted themselves out of the way, and the source was suddenly revealed. Vibrant red hair, flowing past her shoulders and trickling down her lower back, a wickedly cruel yet satisfied smile lingering on her lips. It was the girl who had fought back laughter at Rose's self introduction. All watched in vicious fascination as the angry man with the green skin challenged the fiery young lady.

"Phoenix, I know you are the one who did this! You change me back. Now! You did this, now undo it!"

There was silence as the entire room turned in unison to look at Phoenix. "Well, Master Radford, you shouldn't have told that new Drama nitwit Madame Pritchard that I would be green for her!" She declared silkily, relishing the looks of dismay and horror on his face. "Just because I go out with you on a few dates, doesn't mean you can determine if I will do something I have refused to do. This is what you get for going behind my back; for setting me up. You laugh behind my back, now we laugh at yours. So now, Master Radford, enjoy your time being 'Wicked'!" Phoenix cried triumphantly. The class began to applaud.

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