Rebel Fighters

Name: Anna Costillo Age: 17 Race: Caucasian Gender: Female Appearance: Anna has sandy brown hair, hazel/green eyes. She has a slim and attractive body. Flawless skin. She stands at five feet and seven inches.
Biography: Anna was always an outcast. She either had no friends or one. And what she means by friend is saying "Hello" when you see eachother in the hall. He grades where extremely low, and she had been beaten up a few times...On her own faults. She messed with the wrong people. For a statement she dyed her hair black and put purple, blue and yellow streaks in it. That didn't help any, although it did boost her uniqueness. But her new "look" made her more gothic and she was no where near that. Naturally she hand sandy brown hair, and instead of purple eyes she had hazel/green eyes. She never liked to where make-up except for some black, suttle eyliner. Her home life was okay. It could be better. Her father was cheating on her mother with the neighbor and her mom knew it, but was denying it. That was until one day she stood up to her husband. She filed the divorce baught a small "farm" and took Anna. Anna began school again, but it was different. Everyone there was nice and respectful. No dumb jocks, preppy cheerleaders. Just normal kids with the same interests as her. Horses.