Anna brushed a strand of her sandy brown hair out of her eyes as she dropped the dirty straw into the wheelbarrow at her side. She was almost done the morning chores. This was the last stall and she heard Andrew leading some of the horses towards the barn. She steered the wheelbarrow out of the barn and dumped it in the pile of dirty straw that would be taken away after today.

When she got back to the barn three horses where in the barn out of six. Two stalls where always empty. She spread clean straw on the stall floor then leaned against the pitchfork for a moment, wiping her arm across her damp forehead. She yawned and heard Andrew laugh as he put the last of the horses in their stalls.

"A little over worked are we?" Andrew asked moving closer to her. "Oh yea. When do I get my first lesson by the way?" Anna asked excitement present in her voice. "When do you want them to start?" Andrew asked smirking at her. "Do you have time now?" Anna asked almost jumping up and down. Andrew nodded. "Yeah. How about you start on Cansei. He is the calmest and most patient. Anna nodded and grabbed Cansei's halter and carefully opened his stall door.

Anna slowly entered and Cansei looked at her. He was around fifteen hands high and three inches, he was coal black and had a white blaze running down his face. She slipped the green halter over his head and fastened it leading him into the aisle and clipping him in the middle of it. "Okay. He's already been brushed so go get the saddle with his name on it, along with the bridle and blanket. Anna nodded and went into the tack room, returning with the saddle pad, saddle and bridle. Andrew showed her how to put each thing on the horse before she led Cansei out to the outdoor arena. She was wearing a cowboy hat, because she was old enough not to wear a helmet and they didn't own any so it was they best. He gave her a leg up and told her to squeeze her thighs against Cansei's sides and say walk.

Soon she was doing a posting trot around the arena, with a huge smile on her face. "Very good Anna!" Andrew said from the middle of the arena. "Do you want to try a canter?" Anna smiled and nodded. "Yes!" Andrew came closer and said, "Okay slide your left foot past the cinch and press lightly and cluck. It'll be a little bumpy at first but, tuck your seat under, and move your hips to his rhythm." Anna nodded and did what he said. Cansei immediately switched to a canter, his gate was smooth and Anna found her seat quickly, she tucked her bum under and started moving with him. They did a full circle of the arena before Anna pulled Cansei to a halt. Anna dismounted and led Cansei over to Andrew who was beaming.

"So. How'd I do?" Anna asked smiling brightly, her legs where a little sore but she didn't care at the moment. "You're a natural. A few more lessons and you won't need me anymore!" Andrew said, giving her shoulder a friendly squeeze. "Thank you!" Anna said. "Im going to go groom and feed him. I'll see you around." Anna skipped merrily off to the stable, unaware of Andrew's hungry gaze. Taking in the soft curve of her hips, and her long, lean legs.

After throughly grooming Cansei and giving him a bucket of oats Anna headed to the house. She hadn't realized it, but she had been with Andrew and the horses nearly all day. It was already twenty past six in the evening. She had so much fun today. as she sat down at the kitchen table her mother beamed at her. "What?" Anna asked. "I saw you riding. Your Good...Perhaps you want a horse of your own?" Her mom replied. Anna nearly knocked over her chair when she sprung to her feet. "Really!?! I can?" Anna asked all at once. Her mom laughed. "If you want to pursue this. Yes." Anna smiled and hugged her mom tightly. "That would be wonderful!" Anna said happily. "Oh and mom...Can I dye my hair back to my natural color?" Her mom smiled even more. "Of course. I have a bottle of that color upstairs."

Anna rolled over in bed to the sound of her alarm going off, strands of sandy brown hair falling in front of her eyes. She sprung out of bed and slammed her hand down on the off button. She pulled on a red checkered sleeveless button up shirt, and a pair of light wash boot cut jeans and an old pair of sneakers. Quickly putting her hair onto two braids on opposite sides of her head. She took the steps by two and landed on the main level with a quiet thump. Grabbing a piece of bread she shoved it in her mouth and walked towards the barn, only to see an unfamiliar green 1989 Chevrolet parked outside the doors. Slowly she approached it to see her mother talking to the most attractive, blonde teen boy she had ever laid eyes on. making her way over to them she eyed him curiously, her gaze sliding over his strong physique.

"Oh. Anna you're here. This is Dean. He's going to be Andrews second man." Heather said. Anna smiled warmly at him, and put out her hand, but her eyes where locked on his amazing golden brown eyes that made her melt on the inside. "Hi." She said meekly as he shook her hand slowly. He nodded and smiled at her.