Tke: Yes, I'm back with another new fic…

Roxas: How many fics are you going to do now?

Tke: well, the thing about drabbles is I can just stop and it wouldn't be left hanging…

Sora: well… it kinda would…

Tke: not if I said I was just doing these certain ones and stopped.

Roxas and Sora: …

Tke: you two look so happy.

Roxas: We are…

Sora: … we think…

Tke: …

Roxas and Sora: shrug

Tke: just do the disclaimer!!

Roxas: Tke doesn't own a damn thing

Sora: it'd be kinda creepy if she did.

Tke: HEY!!!!


Title: Ocean Blue and Sapphire

Authoress: Tysonkaiexperiment

Couplings this drabble: RoxasSora and slight LeonCloud

Dedication: Mina-chan

Warnings: yaoi, humor, just a tad bit of stripping

Notes: This is an AU, so meh, it'd be kinda creepy if it wasn't and Sora and Roxas didn't share one body.

Summary: It's times like this that Riku needs to babysit Sora and Roxas. A bunch of AU RoxasSora drabbles about things such as stuffed toys, fruits, video games, dippers, strip poker and so much more… Dedicated to Mina-chan



Strip Poker


It was a normal day for Riku so far, kept up with all his classes, played soccer during the newly extended nutrition, presented his anatomy presentation with flying colors (except for the fact that Sora and Roxas wouldn't sit still even though he needed them to. It had Roxas sitting on the teachers desk and Sora sat in Roxas's lap and if Riku even poked Sora's stomach to point to a part of the body, Sora would laugh since he was ticklish and Roxas would have to grab him to make sure he was not falling) and seemed to be the first one of his friends done with all their homework.

It was now their fourth period, the teacher allowed them free time, and everyone in class seemed to be busy doing an activity.

As class president (every class in a Japanese school has a president to represent them and honor their class) he was checking everyone to see if they were obeying the school rules.

Kairi and Naminé, talking about some guy in a magazine that Naminé could've bet she'd drawn…

They were fine…

Tidus and Wakka talking about Blitzball and their new moves for the upcoming game…

Nothing harmful…

Cloud and Leon were talking (cheerfully, might Riku add) about some random concert that's coming up. (Since Cloud really wanted to go and Leon would do anything to please his boyfriend…)

Well, that would be more worrisome during the weekend it happened…

Hayner was asleep on his desk, Olette and Pence poking him and drawing on his face…

Riku wasn't in charge of some humor, not his problem…

Roxas and Sora with a small pile of their personal items between them, a deck of cards next to that, five cards from each being dropped into a smaller pile of cards on the other side of the deck as Roxas dropped both his rings in the pile…

Okay, that was fine—WHAT THE??!!?

Riku stomped over to them, pointing an accusing finger, "What are you two DOING?!"

"Playing strip poker." Roxas and Sora answered together in one voice, as if it were normal. (Which for these two, it pretty much was.)

"Cards and gambling AREN'T allowed in school!!"

Roxas simply shrugged, "The teacher said—…"

"… We have free time." Sora shrugged now.

"… To do what…"

"… We wanted…"

Riku hated it when Roxas and Sora finished each other's sentences…

"Put it away NOW!!"

Sora set down his new cards—two pairs, "Go ahead Roxy."

Roxas laid his cards gracefully on the table, hitting the silver chain of Sora's crown necklace, "Sorry Sor, flush."

"Shit." Sora answered.

Riku eye twitched, they were IGNORING him!!


"Pay up." Roxas answered boredly to Sora.

Sora removed the standard school tie around his neck (he always had it undone during breaks or free periods) and dropped it into the pile.

"I drop three." Sora answered, quickly placing three cards down from his new hand.

Roxas passed him three new cards before fixing his own hand, "I drop two."

There was a silence as Roxas and Sora glared at each other.

"Three of a kind!" Roxas dropped his cards down.

Sora smirked coily at Roxas, "Nice try Roxy, four of a kind." Roxas sighed and dropped his checkered bracelet in the pile. The cards were red, dimonds too…

Dammit!! What was Riku THINKING!! He was supposed to be STOPPING this, not noticing card colors and symbols!!

"I'm giving you both detention if you don't quit!!"'

Two more hands were delt and more cards dropped.

"Two flush!!"

"A royal flush!!"

"WHAT THE HELL!?!?" Sora scream, scooting his chair back, hands slamming into Roxas's desk, and eyes wide as he stared disbelievingly at Roxas.

Riku glanced around… no one was even paying attention

This did happen normally after all…

"Give up now or we can continue." Roxas answered, monotone, he raised an eyebrow to the pouting Sora, "Well Sor…?"

Sora sighed, beginning to unbutton his white shirt. (If anyone knows, the male school outfit is the same as Kairi and Selphie's in KH2 except the guys have to wear pants).

"WOULD YOU TWO FUCKING STOP!!" Riku slammed his hand down on the desk.

Roxas blinked innocently, staring at Riku as if he'd done nothing wrong.

Sora blinked innocently, his shirt half way off by now.

Riku's eyes were closed but he was eye twitching, madly.

"Roxas, Sora, you two have detention."

The two boys shrugged and began to play cards again.

"With separate teachers."

Both paused and glanced questioningly at Riku.

"Why would we need two different teachers??" they asked in union.

"You two don't remember that time?? It was just last week!!"

Roxas and Sora glanced at each other.

The last time they spent detention together…?

"Oh." Sora gave a sheepish grin and Roxas sighed.

Riku could remember the teacher's screaming.

He'd been sitting and having a normal talk with his homeroom teacher when that teacher popped out of nowhere and began to yell at him.

"Never put Sora and Roxas in detention together!!"

"Why not?" Riku and his homeroom teacher chorused.

"Because Roxas and Sora are pretty much making out on my DESK!!"

"Now put the cards away." Riku sighed, rubbing his hurting temples.

"Hai, hai…" Sora muttered, grabbing the cards and starting to put them in the box.

Roxas began to separate his items over Sora's.

"I win." He answered as Riku began to walk away.

Sora's eyes widened, he gave Roxas a rather surprised look, "How do you figure that??"

"You've got three more things in this pile than I do." Roxas answered.

Sora blinked twice before groaning and pushing his seat back slightly to bury his face in his hands. "Kusooooooo…"

There was a small silence.

Roxas stayed with his eyes trained on Sora.

Sora glanced up quickly to his blonde lover.

"Winner gets to be on top." Came the answer.

The groan from Sora came louder.

Riku was just eye twitching as he made his way to his desk.


Tke: well, THAT was funnnnnnn…

Roxas: we seriously played for THAT??

Sora: kinda surprising.

Tke: if a reviewer can give me another drabble theme (such as my strip poker) I'll write that chapter and dedicate it to you.

Sora: ooooohh fun

Roxas: maybe you'll get shit loads of reviews.

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